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    Are you going to add attack variations for the bosses? Because it won't be the "full SAO experience" if it's just a giant monster that tackles you. Something like the mutant creatures mod will be awesome.

    How will the levels work? I doubt you can prespawn a whole tower as the lag will be horrendous. Maybe at the end of each level, you can go through a portal that takes you to the next level? So you only load up a single level at a time.

    For combat, will the swords have a block and a cool animation? Because a boring old repetitive verticle swipe is, well, boring. Maybe just both vertical and horizontal slashes would be nice. And please please please please please add duel wielding. It makes everything 100x better.

    What you are doing is amazing and ambitious but your work matches your ambitions. I'm sorry if i;m asking too much with this^.

    PS. Uhm, your post is pretty messy, and is quite difficult to read. There are random signs I see frequently. Just reporting :)
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