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    posted a message on How to use the ID for Cocoa Beans or any dye in particular in a crafting recipe in Forge

    No worries! Was hoping you'd catch on to that. Programming is a skill that comes with time, just like anything else - it might feel like you're getting in over your head, but just keep practicing like this and you'll start to catch on to newbie mistakes like that.

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    posted a message on How to use the ID for Cocoa Beans or any dye in particular in a crafting recipe in Forge

    Give this guy's tutorials a read, you're making some very fundamental coding mistakes.

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    The identifier comes before the dye. It should look something similar to this:

    GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ItemStack(itemChocolateCookieDough, 1), new Object[] { 
        " C ", 
        " D ", 
        " S ", 
        'D', itemDough,
        'S', Items.sugar, 
        'C', new ItemStack(Items.dye, 1, 3) 
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    posted a message on Looking for help or mentoring on a mod!

    Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted here. Hey all!

    Anyhow, after getting 3/4 of the way through college, about to graduate with a CS degree, I've decided to take up Minecraft modding. Specifically, there's this one mod that I've always wanted to make but never felt ready for - a Monster Hunter mod. Now, it has been done before. I'm not the first nor the last to think of the idea, but I mostly want to do this as a proof of concept. I want to make the mod as faithful to the series as possible. To do so, I've got a few objectives in mind:

    • To make the weapons as similar as possible to the originals (which will be difficult with Minecraft's limited combat engine, but doable!)
    • To make the monsters more immersive than just randomly spawning.
    • To add travelling Caravans to villages, complete with quests of all sorts!
    • To add unique quests that take the player to specialized dimensions, such as Great Sands, the Tower, the Arena, etc., for certain big fights! These dimensions would place the player in Adventure mode, so there's as little cheese as possible

    These are some lofty goals, and while I most likely won't be able to get even two of those bullet points done this summer, I want to incrementally add on to this mod as time goes on, really building it up into something special. I want it to be the most immersive Monster Hunter mod on the market. I've already got a small amount of back-end done, but I'm awful with graphics, and it's tough not having people to bounce ideas off of. Even if you just want to exchange ideas and have no programming experience, please, send me a line! I'll probably be relatively inactive here, but I do have a Skype, Steam, and Telegram (which I vastly prefer), so PM me and I can send you any or all of those. Happy hunting!

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    posted a message on [3.1.2] Small Tekkit Server [8 slots][All Mods][White-listed]

    IGN: Dragonfyre173

    Age: 17

    What you plan to do on my server: Perhaps make fun challenging dungeons and the like for players to traverse. Tekkit's not all about industrializing.

    Experience with Tekkit: Fairly good. I've been playing around with it since June.
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    posted a message on [Tekkit 3.1.2] [Crystalcraft] [PvE] [30 Slots] [EE!]
    Could you add me to the whitelist? My IGN is Dragonfyre173 :D
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    posted a message on Colugo Survival - Tekkit - Friendly and Professional Staff
    Minecraft Username:
    - Dragonfyre173
    Your Age:
    - Seventeen.
    Where did you hear about us?
    - Browsing the Servers section.
    We have rules. Did you read them?
    - Yep!
    Anything else you would like to add?
    - Nothing in particular. :D
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    posted a message on Build-A-Dimension!
    Quote from dmillerw

    Dude... Mystcraft.

    I'd seen that earlier, but I don't believe that allows the same degree of customizability as this does. This is specifically made for pocket dimensions, and is made to allow seamless transition - think of how a pokemon center is bigger on the inside than the outside. You'd touch the anchor, which would look like a door, and that would transport you to the Pokemon Center inside. The loading would be remarkably quick if the dimension size is limited, which would mean easy recreation of game areas, or other fun things.
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    posted a message on Build-A-Dimension!
    Basically, this idea combines several other ideas: Pocket dimensions, new dimensions, and an easy way to make new ones! Essentially, it would be a block you create that, when placed, would leave behind a 'dimensional anchor' - when you touch this item for the first time (or right-click it), it would open a dimension creation or linking interface. This lets you either create a dimension from scratch, or link this anchor to an existing dimension! Upon entering the new dimension, you will be given a 'tether' to link you back to your anchor in the other world. Where you place that tether will be your entry and exit point between those two portals. These created dimensions are fully customizable as well! You would be able to modify nearly any feature of these dimensions - basic generation (maybe even something like Phoenix Terrain Mod); sky, grass, and foliage colours (either through basic ingame generation or through the inserting of your own .pngs in the dimension folder); monster spawns and spawn rate (even things like withers and end dragons, if you're that suicidal!); AND the size of the dimension, whether you need a fixed space (40x40x40, for example, good for building interiors) or an infinite world. Since this is turning into a textwall, I'll give you a detailed rundown of the features in a less textwally way! (If someone wants to make images for this, I would love you forever)


    With the option [ CREATE A DIMENSION ], it would lead to a screen with these options:
    DIMENSION NAME: >_ (This is exactly what it looks like! Name the dimension, this will show up on the loading screen.)
    [ SKY COLOUR ] (Clicking this would open an RGB slider for the colour, along with possibly a preview.)
    [ FOLIAGE COLOUR ] (Same as above! Note that the simple option bars biomes.)
    [ GRASS COLOUR ] (Same as above! Note that the simple option bars biomes.)
    [ GENERATION TYPE ] (Be it superflat, normal, nether, sky, end, or some other fun presets like caves!)
    [ ADVANCED SETTINGS...] (Clicking this will open the settings display below!)

    These would be the advanced settings!
    DIMENSION ID: >_ (This would be a numerical ID for the dimension, probably 3-65535, because three dimensions exist already.)
    [ DIMENSION SIZE ] (You can specify any X, any Z, and a Y between 1 and 256)
    [ ADVANCED GENERATION SETTINGS ] (These would lead to something like PhoenixTerrainMod)
    [ ADVANCED BIOME SETTINGS ] (In these, you can specify variable biome colours (not sure how it'd work, though) and the max/min humidity/temperature of the dimension, for things like rain.)
    [ MONSTER SETTINGS ] (With these, you can change which monsters spawn, when, and how often)
    [ OTHER SETTINGS ] (This is where things like weather types allowed and day-night-cycle would go.)

    So, there are your essential settings. With these, you'd be able to create a near-infinitely customizable dimension! But, now to the next factor, getting one anchor to link to an existing dimension:
    Upon clicking [ LINK A DIMENSION ], you would be directed to this screen:
    ^ (Fail Scrollbar)
    || AETHER - ID00003
    [] LINK'S HOUSE - ID00004
    || ...
    || HYRULE CASTLE - ID00241

    Essentially, you would be given a scrolling list with your dimensions, either in alphabetical order or ID order. Generally, the scrolling list would be more user-friendly. But if you've got 241 dimensions like the guy in the example, maybe typing the dimension IDs would be easier! Point is, you can link an infinite number of points (Well, depending on the size of the dimension in question) to one dimension, allowing you to make a complex web. Yume Nikki? Easy! Earthbound? No problem! You would be able to make any pocket dimension you want, allowing for a truly customizable world in which you don't need to limit or unnaturally expand your structures to accommodate the internal features. And now, you can comment. Suggestions, criticism, or better yet, support from a modder is all welcome!
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    posted a message on Dungeoncraft! - Medieval Survival!
    Could you add me and my friend to the whitelist? I'm Dragonfyre173, and he's Blizzard9434. Thanks!
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    posted a message on PC to Pocket, The Fully Skinned PE Experience! (Jolicraft Sunny 0.4.0 Released!) (2038+ Downloads!)
    I'm having trouble with RetroNES; when I try to download it, my file browser, be it 7zip, winrar, or winzip, returns with some variant of "The archive is corrupted." Could you reupload it, or use a mirror? Because it seems the current link is borked.
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    posted a message on [*TEMPORARILY CLOSED*] [ROLEPLAY] ~*Tales of Loroth*~ [FANTASY] [HEROES] [RACES] [HAND MADE] [SPOUT] [SEXY] [MAGMA]
    Quote from UmbralCat

    It's about time :P Nice bio by the way :)

    Thanks XD And, I'll give a cookie to anyone who can recognize which book I borrowed his name from.
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    posted a message on [*TEMPORARILY CLOSED*] [ROLEPLAY] ~*Tales of Loroth*~ [FANTASY] [HEROES] [RACES] [HAND MADE] [SPOUT] [SEXY] [MAGMA]
    Well, after much urging from Flynt, I've decided to make my character! He's partially based off of someone from a book, but I don't plan on stealing much more than this from said character.

    IGN: Dragonfyre173
    Timezone: EST (GMT -5)
    Name: Aren Silverleaf
    Race: Lu'nox-Human Hybrid (For purposes of documentation, regard Aren as a Lu'nox.)
    Primary Class: Rogue
    Secondary Class: Miner
    Bio: Now, I'm a firm believer in "learning through RPing" - I don't want to reveal everything about my character. So, my bio will be rather rudimentary and short.
    At the age of nineteen, Aren lives a very "human" life - He was born to a Lu'nox mother and a Human father. However, his mother had left for unknown reasons days after his birth, leaving Aren to live with his frail father, who was sick with a crippling disease. He'd learned to fend for himself quickly, practicing hunting outside the village with both sword and bow. Once his father passed away shortly after his seventeenth birthday, rumors begain circulating around the darker side of the sity, saying that Alec is an acquaintance of a mysterious thief who specializes in getting rid of incriminating evidence - for a fee.
    Alec has striking, platinum-blonde hair and fine features, 'prettier' than many other boys his age in the city. His eyes are a clear hazel, and he sticks out like a sore thumb in crowds. To combat this noticeability, he tends to wear plain clothing (besides, he can't afford nice clothes). He also has a dark secret - a flare for romance. But alas, I've said too much! You'll have to ask him about the matter.
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    posted a message on Color Craft Version 1.5(1.2.5)
    Could you actually tell us what it is before you post it? Maybe even some pictures?
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    posted a message on Convert SMP to SSP?
    The problem is, servers now save each part of the map individually, as "world", "world-nether", and "world-the-end". At least, with the bukkit version I'm using it does. I tried just putting the "region" folders from world-nether and world-the-end into world and using that, but it didn't work.
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