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    I'm here to showcase my upcoming server, Frosteria. It's a PVP server with no kits. To obtain armor, swords, bows, and arrows, you must go around the 500x500 area (blocked off by a worldborder) to find all these resources, and to make it even more intense, you must hunt your own food down, and cook it WHILE being hunted down by other players. There are bosses which you can find in certain boss arenas around the map, and by killing them, you get 10 kills, while killing normal players gives you +1. To exit the boss fight, you must either defeat them, or die.

    You can be added to the whitelist by giving me your name in the Discord server which news and updates will be posted in.


    Screenshots as of the date of this post:

    -In the tablist, the numbers in yellow are the amount of kills you have.

    -The stand with a banner and a button is one of the platforms in which an item is given to you.

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