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    posted a message on βœ”οΈDaylight MCβœ”οΈβ˜€οΈplayerβ˜€οΈandπŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»staffπŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»recruitmentπŸ’―

    I'd love to talk about this if there are still some positions, my discord is Carter#8324.

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    posted a message on EXTREMELY NEW MINECRAFT SERVER | Taking full staff team in recruitment! anyone can join! | Admins, Head-admin, Moderators etc.

    NAME: Carter

    AGE: 17

    IGN: DrPengu

    DISCORD: Carter#8324

    POSITION OF CHOICE: Head-Mod/Mod, maybe admin if they are still needed.

    WHY CHOOSE YOU: I think I am a pretty calm person who is also understanding. I can listen to both sides of a story to figure out who was in the right and wrong then see if a punishment should be used in the situation. I know how to handle most situations and how to engage with a community. I think I am a very approachable person who tries to remain as friendly as possible with everyone that I meet. I am also pretty easy to talk to and am usually available for people to message.

    PAST EXPERIENCE (IF ANY): My experience is pretty outdated at this point as I have been away from being mod/admin on servers for quite some time. Most notably I have been a head admin, though it was 3-4 years ago. I have also been admin and mod on many servers.

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    posted a message on πŸ§‡ πŸ§‡ πŸ§‡ Need staff for a DEVELOPED CUSTOM PLUGIN NETWORK! Survival /skyblock /creative/minigames! [Now accepted over 30 staff!]

    Hello I just saw this, if you are still in need of staff my discord is Carter#8324.

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    posted a message on Staff needed for completely custom Survival server

    name: Carter

    age: 17

    IGN: DrPengu

    discord: Carter#8324

    Experience: I have been away from being staff on servers for some time now, was a head admin on a factions servers a few years ago as well as admin on another about 1-2 years ago.

    position wanted: Mod/Admin

    favorite game mode?: Survival

    what do you do when two players disagree?

    Listen to both sides, see who is in the right and who is in the wrong, then see what punishment (if any) should be applied.

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    posted a message on -= STAFF RECRUITMENT =- DynoFaction!

    I added you on discord if you want me to write an application here instead I can.

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    posted a message on πŸ’Ž Gaming Hard Network πŸ’Ž PAID POSITIONS πŸ’Ž CO-OWNER AVAILABLE πŸ’Ž SERIOUS PROJECT πŸ’Ž

    In Game Name (IGN): archie2249

    Name: Carter

    Time Zone: EST

    Age: 16

    Applying for?: Staff Manager

    Describe yourself: I am a kind person and know how to handle myself in different situations. I do not have as much time on my hands currently as I am busy with school but I am still fairly active.

    Previous experience: I do have previous experience though it was a somewhat long time ago, my highest rank being a head admin.

    Hours you can spend on the server (daily): Depends on the way the week is looking but usually 1 at least a day.

    Why should we accept you?/What makes you different?: I think I have a good idea of what I am doing and I love having a good relationship with communities and like being apart of communities.

    Discord (In case you would like it): Carter#8324

    Have you answered all the above questions truthfully?: Yes

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    posted a message on πŸ“£πŸ“£πŸ“£Satracraft MMORPG Tribal EditionπŸ“£πŸ“£πŸ“£ Looking for staff in many position // Builder // Lore Creator // Gamemaster

    β—ˆ Name β†’ Carter
    β—ˆ Age β†’ 16
    β—ˆ Gender β†’ Male
    β—ˆ Position wanted β†’ Mod (If you still need some)
    β—ˆ Experienced β†’ I am experienced though it was a somewhat long time ago. My highest position was head admin on a server that is now closed. I think all servers I was staff on have now closed and I cannot remember the server names.
    β—ˆ Personality β†’ I am pretty kind or friendly I do tend to get along with most people.
    β—ˆ Your Good β†’ I think I am a fairly calm person, have a good sense of humor, and I am a pretty happy person.
    β—ˆ Your Bad β†’ I do not tend to talk as much in voice and I would say I am sort of a procrastinator.
    β—ˆ Reason for wanting this position β†’ I love being apart of a community and to help in anyway I am able to.
    β—ˆ Dedicated Time β†’ EST
    β—ˆ anything else? β†’ I am still in school.

    Discord : Carter#8324

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    posted a message on recruiting staff all posistions
    • plugins you know
    • I don't know many/how to add any.
    • experience
    • I do have experience just a very long time ago, my highest rank was head admin.
    • what you can bring to the server
    • I bring experience and I would like to think that I am a kind person and interact with communities well.
    • why we should hire you
    • I bring a good amount of experience though from a long time ago and know how to handle myself in different situations.
    • Age
    • 16
    • Where you are located
    • East Coast
    • Times you can be on
    • Depends on my schedule but weekends I can usually be on a good bit.
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    posted a message on REMOVED

    Applying for Moderator

    1.) Real Name? Carter
    2.) Age? 16
    3.) *Discord? Carter#8324
    4.) *IGN? archie2249
    5.) *How important is this to you? It is pretty important, I love hanging out with people and being apart of a community.
    6.) *Any past experience in this field or something similar? Yes though the servers are now down and I have not been doing it for a while.
    7.) *Have you ever managed a server / network before? I have never owned a server if that is what you mean. I was a head admin long ago though.
    8.) *Would you still want this job even if it had high stress? I'd be fine with high stress, I know how to manage it.
    9.) *How many hours are you willing to dedicate a day/week? I play two sports but I should be able to get at least 8 a week if I am not too busy.
    10.) *How can I trust that you are going to be a dedicated staff member? I am usually very dedicated to things that I intend on doing, being a mod on a server would be no different.
    11.) *Describe your personality to us? I am very kind honestly but I do love to just be joking around with people. I do have some experience so the job would always come before having fun however, though I think having fun and moderating would line up together.
    12.) Anything else that we should know that may earn this application some consideration points? I am usually strict about the rules seeing how they are there for a reason, you should follow them.

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    posted a message on Brand New Server Coming Soon! Looking For Reliable And Active Staff! Dont Let This Oppurtunity Pass Up!

    IGN:(Link Your Name-MC Profile Here) archie2249

    Age 12+: 16

    Timezone: EST

    Previous Experience: Somewhat long time ago, head admin, builder, admin on a few servers that no longer are up.

    How Many Hours A Week Can You Dedicate: Depends on how the week is for me but at least 8.

    Can You Record: I never have really but I can try to work it out.

    Working Mic: (Yes/No) Yes

    What Rank Are You Applying For: Admin/Mod

    If There Is A Glitch Someone Is Abusing. What Do You Do? Ask them to stop, if they continue doing it after multiple warnings then I would temporarily ban them.

    If A Player Tells You Someone Is Hacking What Do You Do? First investigate, then (if evidence says they are) I would most likely ban them.

    What Will You Do To Improve The Server Community? I will do whatever I feel is necessary, I am usually active on discord and I would enjoy talking with people that would be apart of the community.

    Discord: Carter#824

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    posted a message on Aerial Fights // Recruiting Admins. Managers & Builders

    Name: Carter

    IGN: archioe224

    Discord: Carter#8324

    What can you offer?: I have been an admin though a somewhat long time ago, and also a builder previously.

    How did you find us?: Looking through the forums.

    Any other information?: Nope

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    posted a message on The PlatinumRealm Network [99% CUSTOM] - HIRING ADMINS, YOUTUBERS, BUILDERS, AND MORE!

    1. Carter#8324

    2. Staff Coordinator

    3. Yes (Recording is limited on the computer I'm on however)

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