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    Thanks for the head's-up on new power systems. I'll see if I can make that happen.

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    Power Advantage API now updated to 1.9.4:

    Power Advantrage v2.2.0

    The add-on mods are not far behind.

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    Minecraft Mineralogy

    A Forge mod for Minecraft 1.9 (Compatible with "Biomes O' Plenty" since Minecraft-Forge 1.8.0)

    Because you won't find "stone" in a geology textbook.

    The Minecraft Mineralogy mod replaces the generic underground stone with real-world examples. The underground world has geological "biomes" of either sedimentary, igneous, or metamorphic rocks. Most of the new rocks can be crafted into polished versions by crafting 4 blocks of the same rock in a crafting grid.

    Downloads & Links:

    Mineralogy for MC 1.9.0 and Forge-1.912.16.0.1865 or later: Minecraft Mineralogy 3

    Mineralogy for MC 1.8.9 and Forge-1.8.9- or later: Release Build 2.6.0
    Mineralogy for MC 1.8.0 and Forge-1.8- or later: Release Build 2.5.1
    Mineralogy V1.00 for MC 1.7.10 (Forge 1.7.10-10.13.1): Release Build 1.00
    All Versions: All Builds
    Source Code: Minecraft_Mineralogy

    CurseForge Page: Minecraft Mineralogy

    Resource Packs:

    high, medium, and low resolution textures

    Put into your resourcepacks folder.


    A house/temple made with polished rocks:

    An evil shrine made of stair and slab blocks:

    Screenshot from user Grimmliberty:

    Caving with Minecraft Mineralogy:

    Update Log:

    - added config option to disable gravel smelting
    - added a bunch of new config options so you can change which blocks spawn as rock layers
    - fixed a bug that caused a crash when you interact with half-slabs
    - added chert to the creative tabs
    - made gypsum spawn as ores instead of as layers
    - updated sulfur and nitrate textures (there's also a new texture pack)
    - fixed graphics bug that caused ugly shadows to appear on stairs
    - Bug fixes and added a new sedimentary block
    - Improved ore textures (I hope they look better than before)
    - Updated textures to be compatible with my new Base Metals mod.
    - Added stairs and slabs for (nearly) all types of stone!
    - Fixed a bug causing multiplication of chert blocks
    - Added German language translation
    - Fixed the appearance of drywall so the corners don't look so ugly anymore.
    - Fixed the appearance of strange lines across the landscape (for-real this time)
    - Added more sanity to crafting recipes. Previously, some rocks were considered "stone" and some were considered "cobblestone". Now, all rocks are equivalent to cobblestone and can be smelted into stone. Also, all rock types, including chert, can now be crafted into vanilla cobblestone (2 rocks + 2 gravel = 4 cobblestone).
    - Added translations for English, Spanish, and Chinese
    - Fixed the gravel to stone smelting recipe
    - Made the rock+gravel=cobblestone recipe apply to more types of rock
    - Made some terrain-generation parameters customizable in the config file
    - Updated to Forge build, which has fixed the bug that caused the dry wall (and all pane-type blocks) to render incorrectly.
    - Updated to be a Forge mod instead of an FML mod. Note that there's currently a bug in Forge that makes all pane-type block connect in the wrong direction.
    - In this version, I fixed the bugs preventing it from running on a server.

    This mod is open source. You may include it in your mod packs, but remember to give credit to me (Cyanobacterium aka Dr. Cyano aka Synechocystis).

    Crafting Recipes and Items:

    Stone and Cobblestone

    The new rock types can be used in the place of stone and cobblestone in vanilla Minecraft recipes.
    If you need cobblestone, use this recipe (or you could make a cobblestone generator using lava and water):
    craft 2 gravel blocks + 2 rock blocks = 4 cobblestone blocks

    You can now smelt gravel directly into "stone" blocks.

    Stairs and Half-Slabs

    All rock types that have polished versions can be crafted into stairs and slabs (the polished blocks can also be made into stairs). Stacking polished slabs on top of each other makes for nice stone columns.


    These panels are crafted from gypsum and paper and can be colored like wool.

    Gun Powder:
    1 Saltpeter + 1 Sulphur + 1 Charcoal = 4 Gun Powder
    1 Saltpeter + 1 Sulphur + 1 Sugar = 4 Gun Powder

    Mineral Fertilizer:
    Mineral fertilizer is even better than bonemeal for growing crops because a single use fertilizes a 3x3 area.
    1 Saltpeter + 1 Phosphorous = 1 Mineral Fertilizer


    All Mods by DrCyano:

    Power Advantage & Steam Advantage (MC 1.8)

    Base Metals (MC 1.8)

    DrCyano's Lootable Bodies (MC 1.8)

    Minecraft Mineralogy (MC 1.7.10, 1.8)

    DrCyano's Wonderful Wands (MC 1.8, 1.7.10, 1.6.4)

    Tombstone (MC 1.6.4)

    Cyano's Basic BuildCraft Machines (MC 1.6.4)

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    posted a message on DrCyano's Base Metals

    I haven't had any problems changintg the texture resolution (see the Minecraft Mineralogy resourcepack, which includes Base Metals textures). Maybe you have a typo in your folder names? Try extracting the Base Metals .jar file (rename as .zip and then unzip it) and use the assets folder as your starting point.

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    Sorry, was out of town for 2 weeks.

    Update to 1.9.4 coming soon.

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    I don't have the graphics programming expertise to implement something like paralax rendering. :(

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    Finally, I updated this mod to MC 1.9: Minecraft Mineralogy 3.0.0

    Now all of my active mods have been updated.

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    Another round of updates for Base Metals, Power Advantage, Steam Advantage, and Electric Advantage.

    The new Base Metals version adds platinum, cupronickel, metal rods, and gears, thanks to assistance and proding from GitHub user JRIwanek. The other updates are to fix a bug related to getting achievements for smelting items.

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    @Werff & Landau_TST: I'll do another balancing update in a bit.

    However, I do not set the damage on a per-metal basis (except for lead), but use a mathematic formula to convert the metal's hardness into armor and damage values and convert the metal's strength into durability. The default metals in Minecraft used to kinda do the same, but in 1.9 it appears they were re-balanced based on game fairness considerations (i.e. make gold not useless). This makes it tricky to do any fine-tuning of the balance because if I make bronze worse than iron, then steel will probably be worse than iron too. If you could come up with a list of equivalances for the most useful metal/alloys (such as bronze damage/protection equals iron and bronze durability equals stone), than I can calibrate the formulas to match expectations.

    Also, it is NOT my goal to make all metals useful. I want metals to be generally balanced against the rest of Minecraft, but some metals just suck (e.g. copper and tin).

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