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    I'm loving the Nether update so far. The Nether has become a place I'm excited to explore and interact with, rather than just a place I use for fast travel and blazes/wither skellys. The new music is one of my favourite parts; it does't really sound like anything done in the past for Minecraft, but that's okay. It gives the Nether and the biomes a lot of personality. I really, really like the idea of biome specific music and hope it sticks around for more.

    I'm thinking they could do something to make the two new forests stand out more. I understand there are differences, like Enderman in the Warped and the Piglins in the Crimson, but for the most part they seem like a red and blue hell forest. I like them both a lot, though. Maybe add a unique structure to each?

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    Hello all, I'm going to keep this brief. I'm getting back into Minecraft after a period of absence, and I'm asking for help to find a server, or a type of sever at least. I remember playing on this sever where you would spawn in a randomly generated world with many other players, and then you were set off on your own to build, fight, and survive. Last player alive won. It was kinda like The Hunger Games. Anyone know a sever like this?

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    Hello all. I've been wanting to take advantage of the mods available for older versions of Minecraft. I've tried installing these mods but with the way the Minecraft directory has been remade, I don't think it's possible to install mods on versions of Minecraft older than 1.6, when the launcher was revamped. I've been wanting to install mods for Minecraft 1.2.5 but whenever I touch the jar file, it simply restores it to it's default state once launching. If someone could show me how to get and use the pre 1.6 launcher so I can install these mods or teach me another way to install mods on these older versions of Minecraft, it'd be greatly appreciated.

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