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I'm Kyle Gombas and the reason I am here is for one thing, mods and modpacks. I am currently working on my own custom modpack and it is almost strictly based off of exploration, adventure, and RPG mods. I continued to see modpacks that did not have the RPG feeling and I had played all of the modpacks that consisted of RPG already such as Hexxit, Hexplore-It, Survival Stories 3, etc. I am excited to announce this modpack. What do I need from the community? I would like many mod suggestions for my modpack, I currently have 40 mods in my modpack and I am aiming for around 100 to 150 mods in total, I also would like help for the name of the modpack and what to call it, I enjoy involving the community in many of my projects sense it makes almost endless ideas from you guys. I would love to make this public in the next few months but my computer is not the best computer in the world, I will be getting a great running computer soon and hopefully a group of testers to help me finish and publicize the modpack. I am not even close to finishing the modpack as for I will need to edit many of the config files and continue to test and make sure all mods are compatible with each other, I look forward to this most likely long project and hope all of you! join in for the fun.

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