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    Texture Pack Updated.

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    Having Issues Installing?
    Click Here!

    Honestly, this entire section is a link <3

    This Texture Pack is a full conversion of the Nether and all of its Items.

    That includes, Particles, Mobs, Plants, Mob Sounds, Everything....
    The New Major Update Is Here!

    ENJOY ALL NEW MOBS - Does not Include Regular Piglin or Piglin Brute.


    Thanks For 3,800 Downloads! :o

    This Pack is a Add-on for S&K Photo-Realism,
    How to Download:
    Click the Link and you will be taken directly to the latest version of this pack.

    If you have any issues the Current version is:

    Nether Addon - 128x

    Nether Addon - 256x

    Nether Addon - 512x
    Nether Addon - 1024x


    New POM and PBR Textures in progress, If you wish to support me leave feedback in the comments. The Download Link to the 512x POM & PBR pack will be shared within the month

    Graphics Settings for Best Experience (May be demanding for low end Computers 4GB+)

    To enjoy intended quality please use following settings:
    For minecraft 1.16.1 and above:
    You need OptiFine! (1.16.1+) (Minecraft + OptiFine Settings)
    If you don't have OptiFine, Download it. Optifine Download

    Minecraft Launcher Options

    1. Click “Installations” in MC Launcher
    2. Edit Java Launch Arguments (Show More Under Resolution) “JVM Arguments”
    3. Change “JVM Arguments” (-Xmx1G) to your memory size (RAM) - Recomend Setting it to 3500m or Higher.
    EXAMPLE: (-Xmx2G) OR (-Xmx4G) OR (-Xmx8G) and click “Save Profile”

    Ingame Settings:
    Graphics: Fancy(Options -> Video Options)
    Lighting: Off (Options -> Video Options)
    Dynamic Lights: Fast (Options -> Video Options)
    Entity Shadows: On (Options -> Video Options)
    Dynamic FOV: On (Options -> Video Options)

    Detail Settings:
    Clouds: Off (Options -> Video Options -> Details)
    Trees: Fast (Options -> Video Options -> Details)
    Sky: On (Options -> Video Options -> Details)
    Sun & Moon: On (Options -> Video Options -> Details)
    Fog: Off (Options -> Video Options -> Details)
    Translucent Blocks: Fancy (Options -> Video Options -> Details)
    Droped Items: Fast (Options -> Video Options -> Details)
    Vigentte: Fast (Options -> Video Options -> Details)
    Entity Distance: 100% (Options -> Video Options -> Details)
    Cloud Height: Off (Options -> Video Options -> Details)
    Rain & Snow: Fast (Options -> Video Options -> Details)
    Stars: On (Options -> Video Options -> Details)
    Show Capes: On (Options -> Video Options -> Details)
    Fog: Start: 0.8 (Options -> Video Options -> Details)
    Held Item ToolTips: On (Options -> Video Options -> Details)
    Swamp Colours: On (Options -> Video Options -> Details)
    Alternate Blocks: On (Options -> Video Options -> Details)
    Biome Blend: 5x5 (Normal) (Options -> Video Options -> Details)

    Quality Settings:
    Mipmap Levels: Off (Options -> Video Options -> Quality)
    Anisotropic Filtering: Off (Options -> Video Options -> Quality)
    Emissive Textures: On (Options -> Video Options -> Quality)
    Better Grass: Off (Options -> Video Options -> Quality)
    Custom Fonts: On (Options -> Video Options -> Quality)
    Connected Textures: Off (Options -> Video Options -> Quality)
    Custom Sky: On (Options -> Video Options -> Quality)
    Custom Entity Models: On (Options -> Video Options -> Quality)
    Mipmap Type: Nearest (Options -> Video Options -> Quality)
    Antialiasing: Off (Options -> Video Options -> Quality)
    Random Entities: On (Options -> Video Options -> Quality)
    Better Snow: Off (Options -> Video Options -> Quality)
    Custom Colours: On (Options -> Video Options -> Quality)
    Natural Textures: Off (Options -> Video Options -> Quality)
    Custom Items: On (Options -> Video Options -> Quality)
    Custom GUIs: On (Options -> Video Options -> Quality)

    Performance Settings:
    Render Regions: Off (Options -> Video Options -> Performance)
    Smart Animations: On (Options -> Video Options -> Performance)
    Smooth FPS: On (Options -> Video Options -> Performance)
    Chunk Updates: 1 (Options -> Video Options -> Performance)
    Lazy Chunk Loading: Off (Options -> Video Options -> Performance)
    Fast Render: Off (Options -> Video Options -> Performance)
    Fast math: Off (Options -> Video Options -> Performance)
    Smooth World: Off (Options -> Video Options -> Performance)
    Dynamic Updates: Off (Options -> Video Options -> Performance)

    Shader Settings:

    ON internal shaders (Options -> Video Options -> Shaders)
    Antialiasing: OFF (Options -> Video Options -> Shaders) - This Option is Optional, If you use a laptop, KEEP IT DISABLED! -
    Normap Map: ON (Options -> Video Options -> Shaders)
    Specular Map: ON (Options -> Video Options -> Shaders)
    Render Quality: 1x (Options -> Video Options -> Shaders)
    Shadow Quality: 1x (Options -> Video Options -> Shaders)
    Hand Depth: 2x (Options -> Video Options -> Shaders)
    Old Hand Light: Default (Options -> Video Options -> Shaders) -
    Old Lightning: OFF (Options -> Video Options -> Shaders)

    SEUS Shader Pack Settings - Continum Shader Pack Settings will be added another time.
    Seus Renewed 1.0.1

    Lighting & Shadow Options:
    Shadow Resolution: 2048
    Sunlight Intensity: 1.0
    Variable Penumbra Shadows: On
    SSAO: Off
    Torchlight Colour Temp: 3000
    Held Torchlight: On
    Shadow Distance: 120.0
    Coloured Shadows: On
    Global Illumination: On
    Torchlight Brightness: 0.5
    Torchlight Fill: 1.0

    Advanced GI Settings:
    GI Quality: 0.5
    GI Resolution: 1
    GI Artifact Reduction: Off
    GI Radius: 1.0

    Atmospherics Options:
    Atmospheric Density: 1.0

    Surface Options:
    Texture Resolution: 512
    High-Precision Parallax: On
    Parallax Depth: 2.0
    Rain Splash Effect: On
    Water Parallax: On
    Entity Status Colour: On
    Parallax Occlusion Mapping: On
    Parallax Self-Shadows: Off
    Force Wet Effect: On
    Rain Splash Tex Filter: Off

    Post-Processing Settings:
    Bloom Strength: 0.3
    Tonemapping Curve: 6.0
    Exposure: 0.8
    Gamma: 1.0
    Saturation: 1.0
    Temporal Anti-Aliasing: Off
    TAA Softness: 0.0
    Micro Bloom: Off
    Tonemap Operator: SEUS
    White Clamping: 0.0
    Luminance Gamma: 0.7
    Motion Blur: Off
    Aggressive TAA: Off
    Image Sharpness: 0.4

    Sildurs Vibrant Shaders V1.281 Extreme-VL - WIP

    TAA: OFF
    TAA Quality: Fancy
    Adaptive Sharpening: OFF
    Sharpening Amount: 0.5

    Brightness: 1.0
    Contrast: 2.2

    Colors --> Water Colors:
    Water Texture: OFF
    Water Color red: 0.0
    Water Color Green: 0.175
    Water Color Blue: 0.2
    Water Alpha: 6.0
    Water Texture Blend Factor: 0.12

    Colors --> Lighting Colors:
    Light Brightness: 1.0
    Red Amount: 0.0
    Green Amount: 0.0
    Blue Amount: 0.0

    Fog Options:
    Fog: ON
    Morning Fog: OFF
    Underwater Fog Density: 25.0
    Overworld Fog Density: 100.0
    Underwater Fog: ON
    Underwater Color Tint: ON

    Normal Map:
    RP Support: Parallax
    Water Parallax Mapping: ON
    RP Resolution: 512
    POM Depth: 1.0
    POM Render Distance: 48.0
    Water Height: 2.0

    Sky & Lighting:
    Lens Flares: ON
    Rain Drops: ON
    Godrays: ON
    Volumetric Lighting: OFF
    Clouds: Volumetric
    Sky Blur: OFF
    Default Skybox: OFF
    Shader Stars: ON
    Moonlight: Default
    Lens Flares Strength: Very Strong
    Godrays Density: High
    Cloud Quality: 8
    Cloud High: 256.0
    Skybox Blend Factor: 0.75
    Sun/Moon Angle: -40.0
    Alternative Weather Angle: OFF

    Please note that this pack was intended to be used with Minecraft Shaders but is perfectly usable when used without :)

    Pack currently includes the following:

    • Lava (Includes Animations of Both Still and Flowing)
    • Netherrack
    • Nether bricks
    • Red Nether bricks
    • Quartz Ore
    • Obsidian
    • Soul Sand
    • Nether Portal
    • Magma Block
    • Glowstone (Direct from S&K's Pack)
    • Honey Block
    • Honey Comb Block (Will Be Redone)
    • Netherite Bar
    • Netherite Scrap
    • Ancient Derbies
    • Redstone Block
    • Stone Slabs
    • Gold Nether Ore
    • Redstone Lamp
    • Normal And Blue Fire
    • Netherite Block
    • Warped/Crimson Logs
    • Stripped logs - Warped/Crimson
    • Crimson/Warped Planks
    • Soul Soil
    • Blackstone
    • Gilldied Blackstone
    • Polished Blackstone
    • Polished Blackstone Bricks
    • Polished Blackstone Bricks Cracked
    • Crimson Nylium
    • Warped Nylium
    • Nether Wart Block
    • Warped Wart Block
    • Soul Torch
    • Lantern/Soul Lantern
    • Crying Obsidian
    • Crimson and Warped doors
    • Crimson and Warped Trap Doors
    • Oak wood Doors and Birch Doors
    • Basalt Block
    • Polished Basalt Block
    • Bone Block
    • Beacon
    • Brewing Stand
    • All Stained Glass
    • Quartz Pillars
    • Chiseled Quartz
    • Quartz Block
    • Smooth Quartz
    • Quartz Bricks
    • LodeStone
    • Smithing table
    • Flint and Steel
    • Blaze Rod
    • Respawn Anchor
    • Bedrock
    • Chain
    • Daylight Sensor
    • Quartz
    • Glass (From S&K Pack)
    • Glass Pane (From S&K Pack)
    • Shroomlight Block
    • Target Block
    • More Realistic sounds - Rain, Lava, Water Splashes
    • Total overhaul of Zombified Piglin sounds
    • a Few changes to Piglins and Ghast sounds
    • Portal Sounds (WIP - I don't know how to code it correctly)

    Planned to be added Textures:

      • Basically everything that has anything to do with the Nether

    USE S&K Photo-Realism With This Pack, It's Intended As An Add-On

    Legal / Terms of use (Read if you want to distribute or mix):

    Legal Stuff:

    This texture pack is created by DoubleDerp92 In accociation with SavageStyle and Kabaluna.

    THANK YOU FOR USING OUR TEXTURE PACK! We all love Minecraft!

    Please read this terms of use:

    This pack contain unique textures and weeks of hard work. You are allowed to use this pack for your own joy,
    you are also free to use any textures from this pack for any mix you are creating for PRIVITE USE by yourself only.

    * upload this texture pack or ANY part of this pack anywhere.
    * use ANY part of this pack in your own pack and then upload it without our permission.
    * make money of this pack by ANY ways (exception is YouTube).

    * Share this texture pack anywhere with this DOWNLOAD link:

    (insert Link here)

    (This link is always updated to the latest version, so you can "set and forget")
    AND you also have to provide a backlink to
    if you CAN NOT post (Ad link removed) links on your site, that you can use just link to our main post:
    [header=r]* Create any YouTube video with this pack (and monetize it), but you have to provide proper backlinks with credits.
    Please include one of the links below:

    Followed By:

    Do not forget to show us your video :)

    We are welcome any suggestions and feedback!
    For any other questions you are free to write us an e-mail!

    # Homepage:

    # YouTube channel:

    # E-mail:
    [email protected]

    For better gameplay experience, please use OptiFine
    (it is strongly recommended)
    With OptiFine installed you will get doubled FPS, and much, much more better texture look. Also you will get access to hidden video options, custom skies, and more! And it is very easy to use!
    We do not recommend to enable "Fancy Grass" option (use "OFF")

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