About Me
Here i am filling out "About me" Fields on the interweb sites in which no one will ever read anyway. I could just type about random **** here and no one will really read it. You see me typing about stuff no one will ever bother to read.Blah Blah Blah Bleh Bleh blah bleh, yup just typing nothing. I couldve misspel **** or make up a!

Like im really going to take this field seriously. Didnt you read what i said up above? Discoveress?! That sounds like a credit card company!
Go gold with Discoveress! Free rewards if you join NOW!!!!11!1

This has to be the most boring profile of all time. OF ALL TIME! I can't beleive that you read this far and are still reading. What the hell is wrong with you?

Seriously? Go outside and do something. Oh by the way stalker friend, my favorite animal is the pokemon.
Interests Derpie Birds