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    Quote from jj8131

    which one do i copy

    What they're saying is that you should make an account on something like imageshack or another image upload site, pull up the picture once uploaded, right click and choose "cop URL" or the like, and use the following code to add it to your post: "" (no quotes, of course). Also, press F2 for screenshots, though I'm not quite sure where they're saved to.
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    posted a message on New boss ideas
    How about this:


    A human, just like you, but corrupted from exposure to the end/endermen. He would look like Steve, but his clothes would be dark, and we would wear dark armor. He would only have 20 hearts, but he would be wearing armor that's stronger than diamond (end armor, if you will), and has a sword of the same material that ignores half of your armor. He would also be able to jump (to avoid pits, lava, traps, etc.), and can destroy blocks with tools to get to you. This includes obsidian. He also carries a bow to attack you from range, again just like yours. (Skeleton-like accuracy, but the damage of your bow. He regenerates health at the rate of one heart per minute or so. (open to change) The idea for this came partly from C418's Minecraft Alpha album, where there's a song called "Chris". A sort of Anti-Steve, if you will.
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    posted a message on Suggestions to Refix combat!
    Quote from supa1337killa

    As you all know armor practically makes you god in mine craft (especially if enchanted) so i came up with some things to re-balance the way combat works! Also mixed with a couple of suggestions. I am very unsatisfied with combat after the 1.0.0 update, so i decided to put some things that might fix some stuff, and maybe add a little things here and there.


    1: Hitboxes! Durr!

    Hit in head: 5 Dmg
    Hit in chest 2 Dmg
    hit in arms 1 dmg
    hit in legs 1 dmg( if hit in legs with crit you cant sprint for about 10 seconds
    With different types of armor it will differ

    Personally, I would like to have a head hitbox and the rest of the body to keep it balanced, but that's just me. I'm not sure if it can be implemented, but I'm relatively sure.

    2: Armor nerf!

    Leather armor should be defined and have a use.
    Leather: does not affect your speed and protects you minimally
    Iron: affects your speed by half but protects you normally
    Gold: **** speed BUT is in between leather and iron when it comes to protection
    Diamond: lightweight and good protection (since its the rarest it could have a unique ability to be lightweight, but i have another suggestion)

    Maybe you can't jumpcrit if in armor other than chainmail or leather? I like the speed ideas, but I think diamond should be as slow as iron, personally, and chainmail should slow you down half as much as iron. But that's my opinion.

    SO PEOPLE WONT JUMPCRIT YOU TO DEATH! I like this, because it's one of the biggest reasons to not wear heavy armor.

    Heavier types of armor should make it more difficult to swim Again, makes sense. I like it.

    3: Reinforced/ Light armor!

    Reinforced armor is basically normal armor combined with more of its ores to create more protection, but in cost of your speed

    Reinforced leather:
    Leather + wool = reinforced leather (makes reinforced helmets), greater durability (different look!)

    Reinforced Iron
    Iron+Iron = Banded Iron
    banded iron armor = stronger but slower armor, greater durability (different look!)

    for the love of god no reinforced diamond Thank you!

    4: Legit way to get chain mail!

    chain should be stronger than iron BTW Yes, I know its a game, but I feel it should be the other way around. Just look at medieval history. Knights in plate armor were like tanks. Just my 2 cents.
    IT takes 4 iron ingots to make a chain circle or square thingy, craft it and you get 4 iron rings
    Craft 8 iron rings to make an iron ring slab
    craft the iron ring slabs to make armor
    Chainmail could also serve as under armor, chainmail is lightweight compared to gold and iron, but if combined with gold or iron you move slow as hell and are unable to sprint. Although your armor is durable as diamond and protects about 75% the protection diamond gives.
    chainmail underarmor can be crafted by mixing 3 iron rings together forming an underarmor slab
    underarmor can only be combined with iron, gold, or diamond

    This seems too complicated to me. Here's my idea: one iron ingot equals 4 rings, 2 rings equal a chain section, and chain sections are used to make armor. Chailmail is in between leather and iron, and is its own separate armor, with no combined wear, though it may work out with balancing (even slower speed?).

    5: wool armor

    doesn't do ****, just looks nice, ideal for civilians and they wool can be colored :biggrin.gif:
    (WOOL ARMOR WOULDNT LOOK LIKE NORMAL ARMOR, it would look more fitting but i don't have a design idea) Like clothing? Okay!

    7: Steel (a new ore)

    Stronger than iron and chainmail, but weaker than diamond
    Basically a new ore, durable as 75% of diamond, darker than iron, rarer than iron, instead of crafting a steel sword, it can craft a steel KATANA! :biggrin.gif:
    Steel armor is the second heaviest, but is the second strongest, and is the second best looking C:

    Steel is an alloy, so maybe if there was a way to combine it with something else? I don't know.... It would be a bit strange for me to see a "steel ore" in my inventory. But again, that's just me.

    8: Give each armor and tool a different look
    I know we can use texture packs, but i think a wood sword shouldn't look like an iron or diamond sword :sleep.gif: The swords are different enough for me, but I agree that the armor could use some texture edits.

    9: Make tool crafting slightly more in depth
    For certain types of tools, some tools like stone should require string to craft ( so i can hold the part you hold to the part you use to hit stuff with)
    Just a small idea someone could add onto to make better Meh. Personally, I like the current system fine, and though it makes sense, crafting shouldn't get overcomplicated/require killing spiders. (There is peaceful mode out there...)

    10: Weapon nerf!
    For certain swords make the swing speed slower, per-say a wood sword you could flail everywhere, but an iron sword will slow down your swinging speed
    Because were all tired of everyone jumping up and down swinging everywhere and critting!!! I like how it connects with the armor, but the following weapon suggestion makes this seem redundant. (To me anyways)

    11: More weapons in vanilla!(not sure if this is a suggestion)
    for the love of god we need more weapons!
    when we PVP we only have swords and arrows, and sometimes potions. But we require more weapons for variety!
    Katana: good speed:good damage
    normal sword: good damage: moderate speed
    Dagger: low damage: fastest speed
    WarHammer: Highest damage: slowest swing speed
    waraxe: moderate speed good damage
    Crossbow(NON ENCHANTABLE): cant charge arrows(NO CRITS), but faster than the regular bow and arrow, but harder to craft compared to bow(DEGRADES FASTER

    Someone actually made a mod somewhat similar to this, I think. But a good idea nevertheless.

    12: poison-able weapons!
    crafting any poison with an arrow or a weapon poisons it.
    Self explanatory It would connect potion making with crafting even more, and it makes sense. And, it should be easy enough to implement, with the current mobs and such.

    13: Villager guards! :tongue.gif:
    Basically armored villagers with swords ranging from:
    wood to iron
    and armor ranging from
    Leather to Iron ( we cant have them running around with gold and diamond :tongue.gif:)
    Basically a little challenge if you want to massacre them all :>
    and when you hit innocent ones they make the old "OOH"" pain sound, so you can remember the old pain sound :> Fun idea for the NPC villages, and it would make them more in-depth. Me like.

    Now feel free to add on to any of these suggestions to your liking! and say which ones should be approved. and if you dont like any please explain and give a valid reason not like: "NOTCH SED NO HURR" or "NO IT SUX". Just give me a decent reason why it's bad, or how it should change to be better.

    An overall good idea, methinks, and with some tweaks, it could become very balanced and an even better suggestion. Oh, and by the way, I think its a great suggestion.
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    posted a message on Living in the Superflat
    Quote from Whiplashr

    I love the way this mode unintentionally has turned into a survival challenge! (I'm guessing it's original intent was just for easy creative mode building).

    I am looking forward to some of the custom versions.. As others have said, just giving a few basic things in a starting chest really open up the possibilities. A sapling. A couple buckets of water. A bucket of lava.. It could be very interesting.

    If you think about it, It's basically Skyblock survival, but without the lack of room. It may actually be more difficult.
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    posted a message on Anyone Else Extremely Happy With The New Update?
    Quote from RandomWyrm

    Is that a beach?!! T-T

    And wait- is the seafloor not all random dirt and sand splotches?!
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    posted a message on What do you want in the mod API
    Quote from Rakmon_

    I think I'd want it to be like the texture packs Directory. You just drag in the Mod folder, and boom, the mod is in the game.

    And that you can choose which mods you want to use, again like the texture pack selection screen.

    On another note, I also think that it shouldn't limit the advancement of Minecraft.
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    posted a message on Boat Hitching
    While I find that it's not much of a problem to build a dock, this idea of a fencepost would be much easier, faster and work with docks.
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    posted a message on Kid's Mode
    This would work pretty well as a sort of "Tutorial Mode", it seems from what I've understood. I also support cutting out cave sound on this mode.
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    posted a message on jeb should try playin minecraft and figure out what's boring
    I like almost everything in 1.0 except the new terrain generator being generic and boring, though I quite enjoy the larger biomes.
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    posted a message on Bring Back Beaches!
    I support this. I mean, I'm glad that I can find way more clay, but I sure wouldn't mind beaches (and seeds like gargamel in 1.7). I don't even use brick much.
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    posted a message on ~ | THE LORD OF THE CRAFT | ~ - ENTER ATHERA - ~ Officially the #1 Minecraft Roleplay Server
    I think we just wait until they set the website up along with everythinh else. I'm pretty sure that they own the domain (I mean, seriously, they pay for the server, which isnprobably more expensive!) Until then, just do nothing. I hope they have a backup of the website....
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    posted a message on What's a Perfectly Spawned World to you?
    Quote from EpicCookieMan

    A chest that has food and diamond tools right infront of where you spawn!

    Mcedit can help with that!

    I personally love deserts, snow biomes, and mountains, though I seem to have trouble finding the latter often enough for my liking.
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    posted a message on Awesome All-Around Seed
    As awesome as Gargamel was back in 1.7!
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    posted a message on Village-Kingdom
    Some of us have yet to find an NPC village...

    But what you did sounds fun, I must admit...
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    posted a message on Smarter Mobs
    Well, considering that Mojang's going to be getting a new coder who focuses on AI, improvements to mob AI wouldn't be out of the question.
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