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    Looking for Partner Servers!
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    Hello, I am a fairly new server owner, and am looking to use the Transporter mod to link with another server. If you are interested PM me.

    The name of my server is DragonStrike. I have a thread in the Survival Servers thread.

    Types of Servers I'm looking for.
    Prison Server (My server will be where players go when they are free)
    Creative Server
    Hunger Games Server
    Other non-survival server.

    If you have a survival server and really want to link, then PM me. Depending on how your server is made we may be able to work something out.
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    We had several problems but now they are all fixed. Come check it out!
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    We use a bukkit server here are the permissions

    We use modifyworld but that isn't the problem, I made sure the only command restricting crafting was given to everyone. Thanks for helping!
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    This sounds so cool! Would be awesome to do this and then get it. Does it register entities? And does it work for servers?
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    Sorry if this is in the wrong place.

    On my server (dragonstrike.picklehosting.com) players can't craft.

    When players put things in a crafting table there is nothing in the crafting box where the finished product should be. Do I have a permission wrong.
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    This is a server up 24/7, so you'll never not be able to get on! Currently it is not a very powerful server, but we're working on fixing that. We have helpful and friendly staff and we aren't rich people who have enough money for a 200 slot minecraft server. We are just normal minecraft gamers that are paying to own a small server. Come check us out.

    LogBlock Equivalent.
    Transporter (there is a portal to every biome and one to the nether)
    Towny (We are willing to use a different faction mod)

    And more!

    Vote for the server and earn cash!
    ip: dragonstrike.picklehosting.com (I know it's weird but that is who hosts us.)
    Website(This isn't quite done): dragonstrike.enjin.com

    How it Works

    You start as a Guest with limited permissions, but this doesn't last long. You only have to register on the website to get the rank of Member (Are server is very memory limited currently and we can't have auto ranking so please be patient with us. We will make you a member before the next morning). When you are a member you may make a town with towny and a few other perms. Then after a week and three vouches from people you helped you will attain the rank of Regular. As a Regular you can make nations with Towny and create chestshops. This is a PvP server so from there you can begin making your name known.


    I don't like to stress this part but I think I need to put it here. As said above the server owners are not rich. However we do want to have a good server and so have a donating system. There is a paypal donate button on the website, which is here: dragonstrike.enjin.com. We have two ways to donate. A monthly payment and a one-time payment. If you want to pay more than five dollars a month or 50 dollars one-time send an e-mail to [email protected]

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    Good luck Sarah! This a great sever, put you really should have a way to view all the game commands, (not info commands. You use /help for those) in game.
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