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    A while back notch said that water bodies would not all be located at y=65. And they arent. They are somewhere between 64 and 66. When I heard this I thought it would be some 30 block difference between water bodies, but nope. Sometimes we get a glitched pattern when the water level does down by one but thats it.

    We need waterfalls that look something like this

    Picture from inHaze's custom world

    Input Needed

    Fill in the poll and a comment with what size you think waterfalls should be. Do you want to see waterfalls that are as humongous as the one above or do you think they should be somewhat smaller?

    According to the current poll results, it looks like roughly 22% want waterfalls that are not quite as big as the one above and almost 100% support adding waterfalls.

    Support the thread

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    It looks like this

    Thanks ObscuryT for the banner

    Current Supporters

    Supporters up to 8/20/13

    -World Hopper


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    I started around Beta 1.1 and still use the same main world. I just keep expanding it, and my main house is still at the land generated in beta 1.1
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    I love this thread being here and I love the suggestions I see, but it is sad that the achievements never get updated at all.
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    If you're like me and you want an actual product at the end of your mining excavation, then you'll make an entire cave. I started this from an underwater dome, made a quarry mine down to level 9, and then just expanded in all four directions as far as I could. It's not the most efficient, but it looks a lot nicer/cooler than a couple of tunnels and it spawns a ton of slimes.

    This is the top view from the ocean

    These are other photos taken from the center

    The distance is so far that I actually had to install a mod to take away void fog, so the little bit of fog you see is from the distance maxing out on "far" render.

    And like I said I get a ton of slimes

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    Quote from treeco123

    I used to do it. Then I stopped.
    Actually, they weren't very intricate, but it was the best I could do at the time. It was quite a few years ago.

    Cool. This is a (low quality) picture of another maze I drew, back when I was in middle school. Its not the clearest image to stare at for a while, but it does have 2 solutions. It has more than one solution because it is part of a single 20 page maze. One of the two paths ends 4 pages later, so if you choose the wrong one you have to go all the way back and find the other answer.
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    I like to draw intricate mazes. Nobody else seems to do that.
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    Its been long enough, we need to add the rest of the potions. All these look great.
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    I like it. I dont know about the sponges, but I have nothing against it
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    The volume has always been the most annoying thing about jukeboxes to me. If I cant hear the jukebox playing 2 rooms over, theres a problem
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    I agree they should be less frequent, but not because of the 'excitement.' Sometimes there is a lot that gets added in a single snapshot. Other times, not much at all. When it comes to the point that Mojang has to go out of their way to figure out a new feature to add to keep up with the standard of expecting new content every week, it should get pushed back a week. Sometimes Mojang is working on something that does not yield a large product during or after working on it.
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