About Me

  • First off, I'm an outcast, since I don't own a Xbox or PlayStation, I don’t play Call of Duty or GTA. Instead as shown below, my hobbies are more artistic.

  • Art

  • As a kid, I always loved to draw, filling quite a few sketchbooks with random drawings of everyday things. At that age I was a bit of a perfectionist, so everything had to be right. Now, instead of sketching with pencil and paper, I’m painting with laptop and tablet (by that I mean texture-packing).

  • Music

  • For the past 2 years, I’ve been a tubist (tuba player) in my school band. Don’t laugh, but it’s actually quite fun! In fact, playing in a band gave me a newfound respect for classical music. I actually will sometimes turn on the stereo real loud, put on some music and just sketch what it makes me think about. It’s sounds dumb, but its amazing how much inspiration you can get from the sound of a violin.

  • Track and Field/Cross Country Running

  • I love to run. It’s the only athletic thing about me. Especially since I’m one of the top runners at my school, I actually have a reason to join a sports team, instead of being that person who has no athletic abilities and is out of shape.

  • Wow, you actually read all that?! Good for you, because now your brain has to cram all this useless knowledge into your head,that could be used for more important things!

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