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    Good suggestion, I think this would be useful in very specific situations


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    There are many problems with this.

    Some servers have minigames where you can double jump. Does this trigger the anticheat? Hypixel has a duels gamemode where there is no hit cooldown and you can literally hit other players over 5 times a second. Does this trigger the anticheat?

    Not to mention that if an innocent person glitches and gets caught by the anticheat they can play on basically no servers anymore since every server would install this.

    no support

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    He might look good, but on the inside he's evil

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    What's next? every blocks will have gravity in it? Iron blocks becomes rusty overtime?

    Please read this:

    A slippery slope fallacy is an argument that assumes that if one thing happens, something else happens which leads to something else happening. Example: 'If Mojang adds colored wood, people will want colored stone and leafs too! What's next? Colored air blocks?
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    [b]Welcome to Better Lighting[/b]


    • Better shadows
    • Colored Lighting
    • Lanterns
    • Spotlights

    [b]Better shadows[/b]

    Shadows will be the shape of the mobs, will point to the opposite direction the light is coming from and will stretch if the light comes from a low place, and become smaller if the light source is above the player.

    [b]Colored lighting[/b]

    Lighting can have colors. Lighting can be colored by colored glass or colored lanterns. Torches and glowstone will have orange light, sealanterns blue light, and Redstone lamps red light.


    the textures (side & top)


    how to craft it:

    Now we need something that uses the colored lighting

    Lanterns. They can be placed on solid blocks and can be crafted with all colors of glass.


    now that we have something that uses the colored lighting, we just need something that is good at creating shadows. The Spotlight.

    Since I am bad at creating pixel art / 3d models I can't create a Minecraft style spotlight, but it would look something like

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor spotlight

    but with a wooden outside. It would be crafted like this:





    w = wooden planks

    r = redstone

    l = redstone lamp

    x = nothing

    It needs to be powered by redstone, and shines to where the person who places it stood and shines at a 10-degree angle. Its light reaches 50 blocks, and give light level 15 to wherever it shines


    Idea by Clen_:

    Shine :[/b]

    In minecraft, there is no shine, and it makes some blocks very ugly (gold, iron, stone...). Like in other games, the texture of the blocks should tell wether the pixel reflects light or not.

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    By The8BitMonkey

    First make a scoreboard that will track people logging off and on to the server.

    /scoreboard objectives add isOffline stat.leaveGame

    Next you need to set up a fast clock, I would suggest a simple fill clock as they're the fastest (as far as i'm aware)
    Top commandBlock:

    /fill ~1 ~-1 ~ ~ ~-1 ~ redstone_block

    Bottom commandBlock:

    /fill ~1 ~1 ~ ~ ~1 ~ air

    Then add your first commandblock to the clock, make sure you start closest to the fill clocks start (where the two command blocks you just placed are), in the first commandblock add this:

    /title @a[score_isOffline_min=1] title {"text":"","extra":[{"text":"W","color":"red","clickEvent":{"action":"run_command","value":"/tp @p ~ ~10 ~15"}},{"text":"e","color":"dark_blue"},{"text":"l","color":"dark_green"},{"text":"c","color":"dark_aqua"},{"text":"o","color":"dark_red"},{"text":"m","color":"dark_purple"},{"text":"e","color":"gold"},{"text":" T","color":"gray"},{"text":"o","color":"dark_gray"},{"text":" T","color":"blue"},{"text":"h","color":"green"},{"text":"e","color":"aqua"},{"text":" S","color":"light_purple"},{"text":"e","color":"yellow"},{"text":"r","color":"white"},{"text":"v","color":"red"},{"text":"e","color":"dark_blue"},{"text":"r","color":"dark_green"}]}

    (this will make the message Welcome To The Server with each letter being a different color)

    Next commandblock place it beside the one you just placed (making sure it's further away than the last one from the start of the clock) and add this to it.

    /scoreboard players set @a[score_isOffline_min=1] Offline 0

    And thats it, if you've done it right, it will look something like this and will work perfectly fine.

    If you want to make your own text for it a really useful website is http://ezekielelin.com/tellraw/ it will allow you to make titles and add your own colors, just make sure you add the title @a[score_isOffline_min=1] to the begining or it won't work how you want it.

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    posted a message on When Did Minecraft Go Bad?
    Quote from Skill117»

    I don't know, i actually only played 1.9 once and never again, im at 1.8 most of my time. Thats why i started creating a "New 1.8 Version" with Community Based Ideas but i'll always keep an eye on if things even fit into Minecraft

    In my opinion terracotta blocks don't fit to minecraft, they are to colorful

    Almost the same i think about the Concrete Blocks they added, Block Gravitation Physics only were used for Sand/Gravel, not for Solid Blocks

    Also i don't think the Elytra fits into Minecraft, maybe if they would have done their work different and not implement Rocket Elytra Flight it would have fit

    But well, when they first introduced hunger and sprinting into Minecraft i tought the same.

    only concrete powder (which basically is colored sand) has gravitation physics. Concrete doesn't have that
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    or you just transform in a orange

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    Quote from BoomBap»

    Couldn't agree less. Automatic farms is what this game is all about for me. When I play survival I start as guy with nothing and have to do a lot of manual work. I put in this work to make my future easier, automate everything, so I can focus on building instead of tedious farming. Manual item sorting is like the most tedious thing, but unavoidable for a long period when you start to play. Making an automatic item sorter is more like a goal of the game rather than a design flaw if you ask me :P Just like with any farm. You need to collect lots of items, understand game mechanics, do a lot of manual work to even get your farm going. And once you do you no longer have to worry about that single resource and can start on a new project. Sounds like fair game to me. Keeping your farms manual is like refusing to use a pickaxe better than wood imo.

    I think item sorters and automatic farms are okay, as long as they don't abuse the game's design flaws, one of which is the bad liquid physics. An automated mob farm is okay in my opinion, but you'll have to find something more clever than floating lava above signs with hoppers, because, in my opinion, you are then exploiting the bad physics. There are loads of other options, like cacti, arrows, potions, or suffocating or drowning them, and many more.
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    posted a message on New water physics announced at Minecon Earth

    How does making the game more realistic a good thing? Realism < Gameplay. And can you explain on how breaking countless farms opened up more possibilities? This feature limits them.

    Mob farms are structures abusing the game's design flaws for free items. Why should they be possible

    Except that no one cares about underwater build. They are breaking water and ruining the game just so a developer can put shipwrecks underwater without airblocks.

    So YOU are telling ME what I do or do not care about? I care about underwater builds.

    Quasi-connectivity is also an "irritating game design" and the community finds a way to use it. There are so many irritating game design in Minecraft but guess what? it what makes Minecraft a very unique game.

    "Quasi-connectivity is also an "irritating game design""

    If it is irritating game design, it should be removed. Even if people find a way to use it

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    I like it. Now you don't have to use complicated plugins anymore! Support!

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    Maybe you could play this with the librarian villager, where you can wager 1-64 emeralds, and if you lose you lose it but if you win it doubles, but if you wager more emeralds the ai becomes better

    edit: nvm I just read till the end of the suggestion and you already said something like this

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    Quote from C1ff»

    Of all of the possible political insignas that you could put on a banner, why are we only choosing a Communist symbol?

    Not only that, but I think that placing a banner with this icon in your base on a multiplayer server would result in a lot of dispute and division. Mojang already specifically tried to remove all possible swastikas from the new Glazed Terracotta blocks, and I'm sure they're not ready to put the symbol of a political party that the United States was at war with for at least 60 years in the game.

    The impact of putting a communist symbol in the game whilst it's being sold to the United States would probably be similar (albeit not quite as revolting to a younger audience that didn't understand) to the impact of putting women in crop-tops whilst selling the game to the Middle-East, or adding gore-y animal butchering and fighting into the game whilst still selling the game to... Turkey? (Something that actually happened, believe it or not, back in 2015.)

    No Support.

    But did they remove killing animals because 1 country is over-sensitive about that? No. Why would they not add something just because 1 country doesn't like it?
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    No I am the winner !!!

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