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    posted a message on Bears!!!

    Since all biomes have different rabits, why not this.

    My support

    But there aren't bamboo forests, and making it for 1 mobs is NO

    I'm still hoping mojang will release a "more biomes" update, but until then no pandas :(

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    posted a message on Luck potion crafting

    It only affects fishing now, so if it added other things like mob loot it'd be better. But a really good idea!

    My support

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    posted a message on Fog In Minecraft

    I really like the idea of exploring a jungle filled with fog, not knowing what is in front of you. It really improves exploring because now you can look hundreds of blocks in front of you. Maybe a gamerule too set how dense the fog is and too disable it.

    My full support

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    posted a message on A New Taiga Structure
    Quote from Alakite»

    I like it. However, can you reverse-engineer jukeboxes like you apparently can with tools now? If you can, free diamond for whomever finds it.

    I didn't know you could reverse engineer tools. I think that's from mcmmo and not from MC
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    posted a message on A New Taiga Structure
    Quote from Mastermined»

    Is that floor made of wool? You might wanna change that, otherwise that whole structure is gonna burn down if the fireplace is lit.
    Otherwise, it's a pretty neat structure, I wouldn't mind seeing these.

    I've had the fireplace burning for over an hour, the wool can't get on fire because the blocks next to the fire have iron bars on top of them and all the wood above the fire is changed in to cobble
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    posted a message on The Most Annoying Mobs. Ever.

    No. I did a week's worth of tests, even giving myself Strength 256 and Looting 3000. I killed one... Nothing.

    Looting 3000 shouldn't drop nothing. And sure enough, a different world made me get a shell without Looting almost every kill.

    Probably an error in the world files
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    posted a message on Dream and Nightmare realms [added Poll]
    Quote from Florezkids»

    when teleported to the nightmare real your inventory would be stored in minecrafts memory but not accessible until you find an exit portal or die. your nightmare realm inventory would be then added to your real world inventory or dropped onto the ground if you don't have space. thankfully the nightmare realm would have dream roots hanging from the ceiling to allow for survival.

    There are 3 thing I got to say about this:
    1. If your inventory is stored, so how will you survive in this dimension.
    2 What are those dream roots that allow for survival
    3. If you can't lose anything it basically is free items. Maybe you should lose half of your xp if you die.
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    posted a message on A New Taiga Structure
    Quote from DieHardTeam»

    could we get a .schematic file

    MCedit doesn't work for this world, because this is 1.11.2 so I decided to make use of the new structure block. Paste the nbt file into the structures map in your world's map and use a structure block too paste it in. I don't know if it could cause trouble with the map art because the places the map looks for aren't in your world.

    The file: http://www.filedropper.com/taigahouse

    edit: the amount of items in the hidden chest aren't right because I changed it while writing because it was too overpowered but I didn't change the chests in-game!!

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    posted a message on A New Taiga Structure


    Once upon a time, a lumberjack lived in a taiga forest. He was obsessed with the end. He crafted some endere eyes and ventured into the end. Some say he's still in there...

    The structure:

    The structure is a lumberjack house wich spawns in the taiga forests.

    Disclaimer: I'm not a proffesional builder, nor a proffesional artist. The custom paintings are map art. Don't say how ugly it is in the reactions.

    A top view of the house

    A top view of the structure

    A side-view

    side view

    The inside:

    the inside

    The attic:

    The stairs

    the stairs

    The basement

    The basement

    The hidden chest

    hidden chest

    The first floor has a simple fireplace, a chest, an anvil and a jukebox

    the basement has 2 paintings, one showing how to find the endportal and another one wich shows you the dragon, two chests, one in plain sight and another hidden chest


    The loot is what you'd expect fro a lumberjack's house. In the chest next to the fireplace you find

    15 -35 spruce logs (100%)

    10 - 19 spruce sapling (100%)

    An iron axe with sharpness 1 - 3 (40%)

    An iron axe with efficiency 1 - 3 and unbreaking 0 - 2 (100%)

    Music disc ward (100%)

    In the chest underneath the painting you find:

    6 - 13 eye of enders (100%)

    There is a hidden chest underneath the logs wich contains:

    1 - 3 eye of enders (100%)

    1 - 5 chorus fruit (30 %)

    1 - 2 end rods (10%)


    - We don't have a taiga structure yet

    - In the igloo you find a zombie villager, a splash potion of weakness and a golden apple. This is to teach players how to cure villagers. This is for the same reason. Many new players don't know how to get to the end. This teaches them how and encourages them to go to the end.

    Wouldn't this be too op!?

    If you think this is too op because you could get to the end without going to the nether, no. it isn't. This structure will be very rare. You will probably get around 10 ender eyes. And even if you are extremely lucky and get 16, there is a big chance some will break before you arrived at the portal and you still haven't got enough

    The map art

    Map art 2

    Map art 1

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    posted a message on chests in boats
    Quote from Chameleonred5»

    Donkeys already fulfill this purpose within the game, and it would disrupt balance to create a more easily-found duplicate of them. There's a reason why movable transport is not easily accessible, and it's not an oversight.

    This does not have my support.

    Can boats travel over land? Can donkeys travel over sea? We already have minecarts and animals with chests. Now that boats have a second entity slot, why wouldn't you be able to put a chest instead of an entity slot

    OP: support
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    posted a message on Dream and Nightmare realms [added Poll]

    Do you mean that, if you lay in a bed, you get transfered to another dimension?

    How would this work in multiplayer?

    What would those dimensions look like?

    Are there any new mobs?

    Is this meant for early-game or late-game?

    I need more explanation. It sounds like a nice idea.

    Partially support

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    posted a message on What world size!?

    I am starting a survival server, but I have a question. The server I host will have 10GB storage. How big should the world borders be. Should the world be 3000x3000 blocks, or could I make it 5Kx5K, or 2Kx2K. What size can I make the world.

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