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    Usually I see mods for PE asking to have the PC crafting, but frankly the PE crafting is amazing. People say it takes away from the experience because you know how to craft everything, but let's be honest, who here isn't going to just google the crafting recipe? Why not cut the middle step out

    Is it possible for someone to mod in crafting, with support for outside mods, which functions like the crafting on Minecraft Pocket Edition? Here's an example:

    When you go to craft something this GUI pops up. Perhaps someone could use a mixture of the creator GUI with this functionality? The whole system is you choose what you want on the left and the right shows you what materials you are going to use and what the end result is. Clicking the button beneath the text "fence" crafts the item.
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    Quote from milococo1

    You may find it easier to build a large enclosed area in the overworld, fill it with wyverns and just kill them all until you get an egg. Also, to see what they look like go to the moc file in your minecraft file and open the texture file in assets. It will show you what they look like, and what types there are

    I think something's wrong with my game too. I'm using 1.7.2 but I haven't gotten any Wyvern eggs despite raising the spawn rate like crazy and slaughtering hundreds. There is certainly something wrong.
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    Has anyone figured out how to use the custom mob spawner correctly? I am in need of some help with that. I am running 1.7.2 with both the most recent version of this mod and the most recent custom mob spawner. I need help understanding the configuration files and setting them up so I get the following results:

    -No mythical creatures (other than wyverns in their own world)

    -No big cats/elephants/ents.

    -The vanilla mobs to spawn at the appropriate rate as they would in Vanilla minecraft.

    -Mobs to despawn when I exit a chunk and it unloads.

    -Mobs to spawn again when visiting an old chunk.

    -Untamed Creatures (not hostile monsters) to despawn when it is night time (possibly using the light options) and then spawn again in the day time.

    Also, I need some help understanding how to get a tamed Wyvern. I have tried killing them but none of them drop eggs. Is there a way to edit the likelihood of them dropping eggs? Also, is it possible to tame wild Wyverns?
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    Is this compatible with the Mo' Creatures mod? I am using that mainly for the land animals. I noticed that this one actually has the fish appearing in all bodies of water which is waaaaay nicer.
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