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    posted a message on Great Vanilla PVP Server
    Are you looking for a great Vanilla PVP server? If so, this is one for you.

    - No Plugins

    - No Cheating Allowed

    - Friendly Admin

    - Please respect other players, although it is not required.

    PS. I'm leaving a full set of diamond tools, along with enchanted iron armor at these coords:

    X: 500
    Y: 100
    Z: 1000
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    posted a message on Looking for people to join my server.
    Hey, I'd love to join your server. I am looking forward to playing with you.
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    Hello Everyone

    This is a vanilla Minecraft server, which means the server has no mods at all.

    PVP is allowed/encouraged, as well as stealing, looting, and anything else in-between.

    I do ask that you don't use and hacks/mods that give you an advantage over another player.

    the IP is

    also, this server is online 24/7, and don't complain about getting killed and losing all of your stuff. Play it smart!I also suggest that you stay away from other players until you are fully armored and equiped, that is a HUGE advantage!
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