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    posted a message on What would you do for Notch to be main Again?
    Jeb is doing amazing work.
    He's already started putting things into the game and working on things Notch has been promising up since alpha.

    So nothing.
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    posted a message on New Prerelease is Available
    @Daimoth It takes away any reason to worry.
    Before you would be an idiot to leave crops in the open because you'd lose them. It wasn't some super hard challenge to overcome, but at least it gave you some small reason to actually protect your crops.

    Now I could just start up a new world and within seconds start throwing down wheat all over the ground with almost no worry.
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    posted a message on Hardcore Mode
    That's why in hardcore mode you don't act like a complete dumb ass. Sure in regular survival you can charge head first into a Mineshaft with no armor and stone weapons, or just jump in front of creepers and take leaps of faith down 50 blocks into water. Not even worry about food because if you die who cares?

    You can't do these kinds of things in Hard core. It's about logical thinking and planning, being careful. You have to stop and examine the situation and think about what you are doing and the possible out comes and if it is even worth it at all. When playing hardcore you don't just run head first at a creeper just because you can, even if you have full diamond armor. That's just stupid.
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    posted a message on Has Notch/mojang gone too far?
    The only thing in Minecraft that ever "went too far" is beds.
    Beds are for pussies and made the the majority of the only real challenge in Minecraft skip-able on the first night and every reoccurring night after that.
    What is there to worry about surviving when you can just sleep through every bit of worry the game brings to your attention.
    Even in the "oh so scary Nether" bring some cobble, make a tunnel, problem solved.

    The survival part of Minecraft is way to easily avoided.
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    posted a message on What i get so far out of The End and The Nether
    Quote from Badprenup

    You're wrong.

    Your post was filled with such heartfelt knowledge. "You're wrong."
    Your explanation and reasoning is so flawless that I'm going to have to agree with you instead of the OP's decent reasoning.
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    posted a message on Do you miss 1.7?
    Quote from FailedToOpen

    I miss jungle biomes and snow. I also miss the somewhat difficult time finding ores. Now it is way too easy. (for reference it took me around 2-3 days to find diamond and almost a month to collect around 400 iron. This was through 1.3 to 1.7. In 1.8 I found 10 diamonds and 100 iron in 30-60 minutes.)

    I could be COMPLETELY wrong, but to me the fact that they have made ever current resource in game 10x more common is just a hint at what may come in the future. (New resources, if I wasn't clear enough before).
    Once again that's just a complete out there guess, and slight hope.
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