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    Quote from Razre »

    Tripwire bombs.

    Explosive Paste.


    Let me know what you guys think!

    I think these are great ideas, although the Tripwire Bombs and the Explosive Paste could probably be combined into the one item, as attaching a trigger plate to the Explosive Paste is essentially a Tripwire bomb. In addition, I think being able to instantly cover 5 squares with the Tripwire bomb is a little over-powered. You're on the right track though.
    As for the Bolas, I think a knockback isn't necessary and 10 seconds is a bit too long, but again, it's a great idea and would work great with a little game-balancing.
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    Quote from GreyAcumen »
    I would be more inclined to believe you if you weren't suggesting things like club hammer and spear a few points later.

    I was simply pointing out that if knives were added, they'd be more aesthetic than anything else and logically, one might as well add other aesthetic items (and added examples, but probably didn't need to go so far).

    So what? I'm unlikely to craft leather armor once I get access to iron, but leather is still in the game. The knife can also be thrown for a ranged attack, but still be used effectively in melee.

    I've been crafting leather armour, because I prefer to save my iron for other projects. It's called resource management. Also, if the knife is throwable, it's looking far too superior to the sword; even if it does do less damage. If the damage is too low, it wouldn't be worth the bother; it would be more 'moving parts' to break for a very minor feature.

    Okay, this part actually does make me wonder if you were reading, maybe you just skimmed over this. Sling can do a total of 2 damage per piece of gravel. Arrows can do a total of 8 damage per piece of gravel, arrows go twice as far (and therefor can be aimed more easily) and yes, special arrows can be implemented, I believe there already is one in this list called a Light/Torch Arrow.

    Yep, I read it. Slings and bullets, even at 2 damage and half the range of bows would provide a significant advantage, simply because they are too easy to make and the materials are too plentiful. Anyone who knew how to kite would never fear creepers again. With some extra game balancing they could work, but the same thing can be said about bows.

    No. No it doesn't at all. The sling would be more likely to fall into the category of SNOWBALLS, seeing as how it doesn't do any damage to mobs, it only incurs knockback.

    If I saw a boomerang in Minecraft, I'd raise an eyebrow and shake my head. Only incurs knockback? Are you serious? I'm going to leave that one there, because I'll just end up ranting. Suffice to say, I think flowers currently have more uses.

    You can't mine snow by hand, nor can you farm by hand, nor can you mine by hand, and if the Hatchets were implemented, it would be because you couldn't mine logs by hand (but saplings could be crafted into sticks and then into wood to still let people make tools)
    And while I'm sure you used Minepedia from day one, or had someone else show you how to make the workbench, not everyone does that, nor should need to go that route. Options are a good thing. A learning curve should be "it's going to be rough until you figure out some strategy" not "you don't get to play the game until you make this specific item"
    If the Hand tools were implemented, you might very well not even NEED a manual to show newbs how to get started.

    If trees were only harvestable by axe and saplings were required to make a tool necessary to cut them down, then I could see the need for such hand tools.

    Shields don't automatically block everything in front of you. You have to actually guard with them, hence the sneak button.

    I was merely proposing an alternative, although either suits me.

    A)Moving light sources are things Notch DOESN'T like doing, and :cool.gif: If you can make light at a distance AND set enemies on fire for just the cost of a piece of coal, that's overpowered.

    I forgot to mention that they should break on contact, so the light source would be a mere blink. I also think the duration of being on fire should be reduced significantly so that such things aren't overpowered.

    That's like saying Lightstone wont get added since it just provides light, just like torches do. Heck, they aren't even needed in Nether, since it could have just been set up so a bunch of Hellstone blocks would always start out on fire to provide the same amount of light. If you're still not convinced, that's fine. They probably wouldn't be useful to YOU, but I'm sure that there are a number of people who can find the use in pretty much everything here.

    As this game is still in Alpha, I always assumed Lightstone would offer additional functions in a later update. Currently though, I think they're nice decorations.

    The workbench itself, the Flint&Steel, Levers, Buttons, Torches, and powered minecarts all defeat your argument that the 2x2 crafting grid should only be for converting material. You don't just "convert" a furnace into an engine.

    Being a game, I'm not going to get into the concept of 'realism'; especially since someone always ends up throwing it right out of proportion. In any case, I like how 2x2 crafting is about simple concepts, while 3x3 crafting ensures the requirement of a safe haven of some sort. Having to go back to the crafting station (or bring one with you) is a good distraction that makes you feel like you've done more to accomplish something. The same can be said about fighting/fleeing the mobs.
    Let me put it this way, is the game broken without hand tools? WIll it deter players if they're not available? Will it offer anything other than more of the same? I'm telling you now, the concept is inefficient and unproductive. What is in place now is fun and obviously works well. If it's not broken, don't fix it.
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    Quote from sabata2 »
    Quote from Disordah »
    What, read 12 pages in the 5 or so minutes I might have spare? Yeah right. :SSSS:

    I was simply explaining my vote. I don't care what anyone else has written before me.

    Good job. Then you brought absolutely nothing to the table.

    "These people are fleshing out ideas and explaining the logic? **** that, Hand tools aren't cool/seem useless so I'm going to vote against them. You know what would be cool? A 3X3 SUGGESTION IN A THREAD MADE FOR THE 2X2 GRID"

    Correct. I'm simply supporting one side of the arguement. Just because I agree with what's already been said, doesn't mean I have to keep my mouth shut.

    2x2 crafting is there as primarily a means of converting items/materials, as opposed to actual crafting. Log to planks, planks to sticks, sticks to torches, minecart to engine, etc. If it's going to be expanded, it should remain consistent with this; leave 2x2 for converting and 3x3 for crafting.

    FYI: my 'Club' idea is of value and fits in with 2x2 'converting' (as it is essentially a bigger stick, requiring no shaping, fitting or turning, etc), providing the effectiveness of fists in combat is reduced.

    If you want to get into a flame war, I could ask why I'd have to explain this to someone who claims to be in the gaming industry; but I won't. :wink.gif:
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    What, read 12 pages in the 5 or so minutes I might have spare? Yeah right. :SSSS:

    I was simply explaining my vote. I don't care what anyone else has written before me.
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    I don't agree with any of your suggestions, although some are not far from what I think could be great ideas. The 2x2 crafting square does need more love, but I think the current simplicity of the game adds a lot to the fun factor.

    Knives: While a 2x2 weapon would be a great idea, knives are unneccesary. Sure a wood or stone knife might be useful in the early stages of the game, but the only reason why someone would craft an iron, gold or diamond knife would be for purely aesthetic reasons or to save on resources, which I think is great, but then more types of weapons will need to be added to be fair on other aesthetic tastes; for example...
    :|: []
    :|: []
    :cobblestone: :|: :cobblestone:
    [] :|: []
    [] :|: []
    [] [] :cobblestone:
    [] :|: []
    :|: [] []
    etc. In any case, these are only aesthetic, as I believe giving them specific functions over-complicates a simplistic game.

    Sling: Why would anyone craft a bow if they could simply craft a sling to get the same advantage?! Bows are currently hard/risky to craft, because ranged combat provides a massive advantage. I think slings would ruin the bow (unless special arrows were implemented).

    Boomerang: falls in the same category as the Sling.

    Hand tools: I do not agree with any of them, as I feel they are totally unneccesary. You can already dig dirt and hack a tree down with your fists and everything else spawns from there (craft a crafting station, craft tools, etc); it's simple and is the first learning curve for any new player. I'm sure once the game is officially released, a manual will walk newbies through this.

    Shields: I like the idea of shields, but I think having small AND tall shields is going too far. One type of shield would be more than enough. Also, I think shields should simply negate incoming frontal attacks at the cost of durability.

    Arrows: I think Fire arrows would be better than Light arrows. Crafting one could be as simple as...
    :--+: []
    [>>-i>] []
    Not only would they temporarily light up a darkened area during flight, but they would also set mobs and combustables on fire. Hit two birds with one stone.

    The charm of this game really comes down to its limitless simplicity. Adding too much or over-complicating things will ruin part of its fun factor. K-I-S-S (Keep It Simple Stupid). Yes I think 2x2 crafting needs more love, but it should be consistent with the game's current simplicity. Adding craftables that do more of the same is a waste of time and resources.
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