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    posted a message on Apply for staff for a survival server [No name No confirmed ranks]
    Quote from DTF_MC

    awesome ive been looking for a forum manger although we didn't have an app here for it but ya that would be awesome you would have to create the whole entire post for the server you know that right? and you will also have to listen to some forum post formatting directed by me and the main admin. if you could show me a forum post you made or something or make an example of some stuff u can do that would be awesome. add me on skype i will PM you my name

    Why don't you inform me a little more about the job as forum manager and what you need me to do.
    It will make it a lot easier for me (and others who would like to apply but maybe don't do it becouse they don't know what you all are looking for).
    What do you mean by making a post for the server? Do you mean creating the entire forum from scratch, or maybe just writing down the rules you have?
    There is a lot to be done in between all of this but i am not sure what you mean....
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    posted a message on Apply for staff for a survival server [No name No confirmed ranks]
    What position are you applying for? forum manager

    Previous bans? none

    Have you ever played a Minecraft hardcore survival server? no

    How often do you plan to be on? everyday (i hope)

    How old are you? (prefer not to say?) 27

    Do you have Skype (required) if so Skype name? yes, Disir1984

    do you have a mic?(preferred) yes

    Minecraft in Game Name: disir1984

    Tell us a bit about you: I'm a stay at home mom of 2 kids.
    I can log on whenever i want, but the backdraw is that my kids will always come first.
    I may suddenly have to leave becouse the kids require my attention.
    I can spend a lot of time reading posts on a forum and will probably find time too
    look through all of them...
    If you have a set of rules, i will follow them (unless i don't understand them, but then
    i will ask what it means).
    I am friendly and mature, but can also have a sense of humour you might
    not understand...

    Any other information you would like us to know? Not that I can think of, but feel free to ask me anything...
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    posted a message on [MC 1.12.x] Minecraft Comes Alive v6.0.0 (MILLIONS OF PLAYERS!)
    Found my problem lol
    will be testing the mod now...
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    posted a message on [TEMP CLOSED]Taking Skin Requests!
    Hi, are you still making skins?
    I've been looking all over for some good female skins but most of them are not the type i want.

    I would like a female goth with black, long, curly hair, low cut shirt, short skirt and high heeled black boots if possible. Clothes should be in black and red maybe, or what you think look best.

    Btw, is it possible to make boobs?

    No rush :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Brand new skyblock survival server
    Minecraft Username: Disir1984
    How experienced are you with skyblock: Not at all....
    Why do you want to join: Sounds like a great idea and would like to test it out
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    posted a message on Looking for mature, active players.

    Unlike you i like to play on both vanilla and bukkit servers with many plugin, if they are set up the right way.

    Would like to have some friends to play with, but there isn't that many ppl my own age (27) that enjoy playing computer games, at least that i know.

    What kind of gameplay are you interested in? There is a lot under the word "survival"...

    Anyhow, seems like a good idea, i only played on my own server with my cusin (who is 14....) locally at home.

    When will you have it set up if you decide to go forward with your server idea?
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    posted a message on Your recording program
    I've been looking around the internet for a good recording program and a easy way to edit your recordings. Both cut parts of your recording and add text and pointers.

    I have downloaded Debut Video Capture Software myself but haven't tested it out yet.

    So the question is, what program do you use and is it any good?
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    posted a message on ~~Telkom~~ {Whitelist} Jobs, iconomy, , shops, lwc, plots for sale!
    Ign(Ingamename): Disir1984

    Name one of the rules: No griefing

    Age: 26

    Why do you want to join the server: Got some hefty plugins and hopefully reliable

    What do you plan on doing on this server: Build a house and make some minecraft friends

    What job do you plan on having: My own store after making money mining or chopping trees

    What does Rule number 7 State: Break rules = JAIL

    Ps: on the first page, could you add a list of your members and their ages? Or just an average of the age of ppl on the server?
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