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    IGN - Eth_
    Age - 18
    Country - U.S.A

    About you - Trying to enjoy a lot of things life has to offer even the worst. I have a decent chunk of hobbies, from watching shows and critically acclaimed movies (just watched Kill Bill Vol. 1, great movie) to simple things like reading and writing, and I play an assortment of singleplayer games as well. Although, most of my games are rather difficult and I'd like Minecraft to relax from the hectic lifestyle that we're currently living in and break from the consistent dying in Dark Souls.

    Discord - eth#7817
    What is your preferred building style? - Rustic/Medieval and Abstract

    Picture of previous builds - I'm in love with the idea of living in unnatural spaces/caves in a simplistic sense,
    Redstone experience (1-10) - Before comparators when repeaters used to be the only big thing, I used to be really good, but now there are a ton of ways to simplify those bits and bobs tenfold, I would confidently say I'm a 4 but working on it :) .

    Question for you: Are there different districts in the server? Like a shopping/gaming district etc. ?

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