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    Jake, don't quote Math's message, Also welcome back Math.

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    Quote from Nickwrecks»

    1. I doubt it.
    2. I have no idea.
    3.I have no idea.
    4. He was kidnapped by a gang of flying squirrels.
    5. I doubt it, but it could be in the 0.9. If it is, the model will be easy to make, 'cause the texture is just plain white.
    6. He answered it before, he said there's more to them, but said that he wouldn't spoil it.
    7. I don't know.
    8. I think so!
    9. I think a small gap in strength, speed, and defense. That's just a guess though.
    10. It bloody better.
    11. At least the three that Kankuro has. I think so, I don't know why they wouldn't.
    12. I doubt it.

    I always do this to people... make them answer my questions then I end up adding more. Now there are 51 questions to the message you replied... so sorry. I just have too many questions.
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    I got questions and suggestions again.. .as usual. I'll keep it shorter this time I promise. (I lied) .-.


    1. Since Sharingan has no other use than just Genjutsu maybe you can add something else to it? I noticed that Sharingan also increases your reflexes and physical and thinking abilities. So I thought that if you added a way to maybe think faster when you have the sharingan then the sharingan would have more uses then, maybe like a feature where you slow down time or something, maybe slowing down tickrate when there is a dangerous situation going on and so you have time to escape with substitution or smth.

    2. Maybe add a little box slot where you put your weapon in, and once you put your weapon in there then that weapon will display on your body, like Samehada on your back... Also make it so you can't sprint with these either...


    1. Will 3D Rasengan be in 0.9?

    2. Do you plan on adding Byakugan vision at all? like the super static white looking effect?

    3. If you're from Kaguya clan, Will Bones stick out from your body like Kimimaro? Will you throw them too?

    4. You have been offline for almost a month, and you said 2 weeks you would be finished... wut happened?

    5. Will Deidara's Explosive Clay Dragon be in 0.9?

    6. Will Genjutsu just give you negative potion effects or is there more to that?

    7. How will Tengai Shinsei work?

    8. Will you be able to do the Ice Release jutsu Haku did where he went from Mirror to mirror throwing needles at Naruto and Sasuke?

    9. What would be the difference in power and abilities between someone with 1 tomoe sharingan and just a normal person?

    10. Does Kyuubi Chakra mode look really awesome?

    11. How many different puppets are there? Do they have their own unique abilities and stuff?

    12. Can you become a puppet in 0.9?

    13. Is Lava Release: Ash stone seal technique going to be in 0.9 or in the mod at all?

    14. Is there another way to get Lava Release besides DNA and Tailed beast?

    15. Is Lava Release: Scorching Armored Fist in the mod/going to be in the mod/0.9?

    16. What are all the ways to get Puppets?

    17. Is Lava Release: Rubber Wall in the mod/going to be/0.9?

    18. Is Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals jutsu in the mod/going to be/0.9?

    19. ^ How will that work ingame?

    20. If you get any Kekkei Genkai DNA and transplant it into yourself then will the chakra upkeep for it be higher?

    21. What Release/Kekkei Genkai has the most jutsu in its arsenal?

    22. Will Top Transformed Buddha Wood release punch everything in its path and destroy anyone?

    23. Is Wood Release: Wood Dragon Technique in the mod/going to be/0.9?

    24. Will Susanoo with wings allow you to fly? and will it look amazing?

    25. How will Magnet Release work in the mod? I'm really curious.

    26. How can you get Dust Release?

    27. How will Dust Release: Detachment of the primitive world technique work in the mod?

    28. Is Swift Release in the mod? and will you go super fast?

    29. Can you sense or see any players/mobs when you have Sage mode?

    30. Can you become a sensory type ninja?

    31. Will Jugo's Piston Fist be in the mod?

    32. Can you use Sakon and Ukon's Kekkei Genkai? like splitting apart and stuff...

    33. When you have jinchuriki cloaks for Kurama Jinchuriki, will you have the cool fox eyes?

    34. Will Adult Boruto and Kawaki's Glowing Tattoos be in their arm and face be in the mod?

    35. Will Dance of the Seedling Fern be in the mod/ going to be/0.9?

    36. ^ How will that work/look like in the mod?

    37. Will Rihna clan's Kekkei Genkai be in the mod? how will it work in the mod?

    38. How will Iburi clan's Kekkei Genkai work? Becoming smoke.

    39. How will 64 Palms Trigram work in the mod?

    40. Can you tell the difference between a clone and real body with Byakugan enabled?

    41. How will Izanami work in the mod?

    42. Can you show us how Obito's Mangekyo looks like?

    43. I'm still waiting for that Kyuubi mode screenshot. ;3

    44. How powerful is Indra's arrow?

    45. Can you use both Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu with Itachi's eyes?

    46. Can you distingish Amaterasu with your Itachi/Sasuke Mangekyo?

    47. Can you warp jutsu to Kamui Dimension? since jutsu are entities I'm pretty sure you could.

    48. Can you turn rinnegan on/off? I hope not tbh.

    49. Do you get infinite Black reviever poles when you have rinnegan?

    50. (Last one, sorry Math...) How will Body Flicker work?

    51. Can you turn sharingan on/off if Uchiha DNA is transplanted into you?

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    Well, if Mathioks doesn't reply, there will be 3 answers:
    1) he's very busy
    2) he's working on the mod
    3) Emh....Well...See 1 or 2 and choose what you prefer

    1. How can someone be busy in summer? .-.
    2. Wouldn't hurt to drop by on the forums for a little while.
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    When Math doesn't say nothing at aaall... (Ronan Keating reference)

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    Quote from shadowofgrim01»

    Just real quick note here.
    When this mod comes out, it will no matter what
    be THE most complete Naruto mod TO DATE.
    Sekwah 41's Naruto Mod?
    This mod is going places that most mods don't even dream of touching.

    So thanks Mathioks. For making dreams reality.

    This mod doesn't have an animated tailed beast "yet" xD
    and yeah this mod is the God of all Naruto mods.
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    I have a question for everyone.

    What clan would you like to be in?

    I would like to be Senju and be Hashirama's blood related son or smth... I want wood release is all. ;3
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    I got another list of ideas! and questions of course...

    1. I had a good idea recently, So I thought if you wanted to be all secret and stuff in a server with your mod. You wore a mask to hide your identity and stuff, but when you slaughter people...Even if you have a mask, your name will show up that you killed that player. Can you maybe add a feature where if you kill someone and you have a mask in the chat it appears as "Unknown Killed Player"

    2. Maybe you can try and make Amaterasu much cooler instead of it looking like normal plain old fire... Maybe since fire is an entity you can kinda stretch it out and make it cooler taller and much more cooler. Idk I just think the design for it rn is really plain and boring.

    3. Maybe to get Mangekyo you have to have a companion, then you can choose to keep the companion or kill it for Mangekyo. Pretty much you will need an item that is called "Start Fight" or smth like that. Then you hit the companion with it. He will then ask you "You wanna fight huh?" then you fight. The companion will be very hard to defeat and once you do defeat the companion you have the choice to kill him or leave him alive. Kill him and he will say his last words "You were a nice friend" then you will go blind for 2 seconds and it will say "You unlocked Mangekyo Sharingan" in the chat.

    4. For Hiraishin or Flying Rajin seal you should be able to mark 6 places/players/mobs with it and you can give those places*players/mobs names and stuff, then when you hold the Hiraishin seal item you will see a playlist show up, navigate through those marked things with the arrow keys then press a Numpad key to teleport there. You don't always have to open the playlist, you can remember all the names and you can just pick whichever one you wanna teleport to with Numpad numbers.

    5. An idea to get summons, when you have high summoning stats then you will get an item that will allow you to go in the creatures/summon dimension, once you spawn in that dimension you will have 2 scrolls. There will be alot of summons in that dimension, so you can use those 2 scrolls to put any summon you want in the scroll. Then once you capture that you will have to go back to the normal world and you will have 2 summoning scrolls that can't be summoned yet because you need high summoning. Level up your summoning and reach that goal and then you can summon the creatures you've chosen.

    Now for the questions!

    1. How will Kotoamatsukami work exactly?

    2. Will Summoning: Rashomon have the same function like in the anime?

    3. Will there only be certain clothes/armor that will remove double jump? or is it all of them?

    4. What are the missions for Sage Mode? Are they tough or nah?

    5. Will each boss/mob in your mod have a smart AI that won't just go up to you and start punching you? do they actually keep their distance and use their jutsu?

    6. What can Inuzuka Dog control do other than spawn a dog companion? Can you do like techniques for it?

    7. Tenseigan mission is to defeat Toneri right?

    8. Can you shadow clone Explosive Kunai? That would be amazing.

    9. When you have the Tailed beast that enable you to fly and stuff, do you actually grow wings?

    10. How will Jinchuriki final form gonna be like? is it like for example: You're 8 tails jinchuriki and you can go on the final form of 8 tails. Then you can use his tentacles and slap someone with them and they go across a lake.

    11. Will you be adding music to the mod? like enviromental music? If you wanna avoid copyright I can make the enviroment music if you want... I'm pretty good in using all that music stuff.

    12. Will 8 Tails jinchuriki scream "WEEEEEEEEEEEE" (This is when you know I ran out of questions...)

    13. So actual sword techniques will be in? Like you can do the little thing that all swordsmen anime characters do where they vanish and appear behind the target, the cut doesn't appear yet until he puts away his sword and BAM!

    14. Can you take control of someone with Kotoamatsukami? or is it just a permanent blindness effect?

    15. Maybe you can add a minigame to Sage mode training, where you have to click a bunch of buttons and be super fast.

    16. Can you use 3rd Hokage Monkey thing?

    17. Can Truth Seeker Orbs Insta kill people who don't have Six Paths?

    18. How will Sasuke's Rinnegan switching ability in the mod?

    19. Explain how True Several 1000 Hands Wood release will work in the mod?

    20. Explain how Nine Tails Chakra mode will work in the mod and the kind of buffs it gives you.

    21. Is Golden Reincarnation Wheel in? and care to explain how it works?

    22. How exactly are you going to add several headed dog Pain summon?

    23. Will Sage mode be really hard to obtain? Because in the anime Naruto had some difficulty getting it
    24. When you're going to get Sage mode, will you be "Reverse Summoned" into that Frog world?

    25. How long will it take to get Sage mode from the moment you meet and Fight Jiraiya... I don't want it to be too easy.
    26. Will Almighty Pull, Pull Targets slowly because in the current online version of the mod Almighty Pull was really bad since it allows enemies you pull to hurt you more...

    27. How long can you use Sage mode with Uzumaki clan/chakra?
    28. How long can you use Sage mode with a Normal Clan like Hatake clan?
    29. Can you do the "Merging" thing that the old frog came up with where he stands on your shoulder.
    30. Are Naruto's Clothes when he fought Pain with Sage mode in the mod?
    31. Can you read Icha Icha Tactics? ;3

    32. When you have rinnegan ability can you do the ability where you make clones of yourself like Pain did, Its your skin but with Piercings and stuff.. ;3
    33. Can you summon that Huge Centipede that the Pains Summoned?
    34. Can Almighty push also push/stop Jutsu?
    35. If you have Sage mode, can it alert you when an entity is near you?
    36. So the transformation bar... So once that runs out it will then move on to chakra and drain that...
    37. Will you need a shadow clone in the Frog Dimension to get Sage mode back?
    38. How much Chakra does Sage mode take out?
    39. Can Rasenshuriken actually slice things? Like what comes in contact with it?
    40. So each Jinchuriki to be able to take full control they have to fight their tailed beast?
    41. Will the hood that Anbu have be in the mod?
    42. Will Senju Sage increase wood release techniques?
    43. How can you get Wood Release?
    44. How much jutsu for Storm Release?
    45. How will Storm release work? Will it all be connected to lightning?
    46. So what you said about some lightning jutsu being 3D, what did you mean by that?
    47. If you're a Jinchuriki and you try to do the Merging technique will the Tailed beast not let you do it?
    48. Will you turn into a Frog when you do Sage Training?
    49. How Many Frogs can you summon?
    50. So when you spawn in a new world with a clan and everything will you also get a random Element?
    51. How will 64 Palms Diagram work?
    52. How will Tengai Shinsei work?
    53. So will you have to do training and missions for other Sage modes aswell?
    54. Will 1,2,3 Tomoe Sharingan only have Genjutsu or other abilities?
    55. How many Rasengan and Rasenshuriken do you plan to add?
    56. Do you think you can add a more advanced Mission system? not just going into different spots... like actually chasing the enemy?
    57. Will there be a simple Transition when you use a Dojutsu? like for example: The Orange stuff from Sage mode slowly taking up the top of your eyes and you get the eyes.
    58. What kind of Sword techniques will be in the mod?
    59. What other uses does Sealing have other than Sealing Tailed Beast and Sealing Enemy chakra?
    60. Will Almighty Push also push blocks along with players?

    61. What is the maximum range you can use Puppets for?

    62. Can you summon slugs to heal players?
    63. What will Infinite Tsukuyomi do?

    64. How big can Chibaku Tensei get?
    65. Can you make houses with wood release?

    66. Can you trap players with that wood release thing?

    67. Can you make a wood shield where you can protect yourself from things
    68. Will Earth Element: Decending Clay be in 0.9 release?

    69. Will Fire Release: Bisque Technique be in 0.9?

    70. Can you send jutsu into Kamui?

    71. Will it take a long time to send a big mob into Kamui?

    72. When you're intangible with Kamui, can someone still use Genjutsu on you?

    73. Are there any Special quirks to Genjutsu or is it just Blindness effect?

    74. So is Forbidden tab all just Sealing or are there other abilities?

    75. How will Lightning Chakra mode look and function?

    76. So can you use Genjutsu on Tailed Beast? like Tsukuyomi, Kotoamatsukami... If so then Killing Tailed beast will be no sweat.

    77. Will Genjutsu not work on you if you have a Tailed Beast?

    78. What are the abilities you have spent time working on the most? and abilities that you spent working on least?

    79. Will there be Evolutions to Kurama Chakra mode? Like Kurama Chakra mode 1, KCM2, KCM3.

    80. Will Kurama Chakra mode look reeeeealy cool? like exactly like in the anime?

    81. Can you merge Kurama Chakra mode with Sage mode?

    82. How much Chakra will Kurama Chakra mode give you?

    83. How will Chakra arms work?

    84. How will Death Reaper Seal work? will the Shinigami appear?

    85. Will That bird summon that Sasuke summoned be in the mod? and can you ride it and fly with it?

    86. Will Body Flicker work exactly like in the anime?

    87. Will Gale Arm be in the mod?

    88. What Can Final Form Susanoo do? Are there any offensive techniques for Susanoo instead of Defensive?

    89. When you use Amaterasu on someone, can you turn it off?

    90. When you use Amaterasu will you go blind?

    91. If you're from Choji's clan can you go Giant and enlarge your body parts?

    92. Can you share your Kyubi chakra with other people once you take full control of tailed beast?

    93. How much Chakra will you have with Kurama Chakra mode?

    94. Will Kurama Chakra mode be better than Tenseigan?

    95. What are some jutsu or abilities that can make a huge crater in a village or land?

    96. What are the best Strategy jutsu in the mod?

    97. Can Sage mode be mixed with any Cloak?

    98. Will the water from Frog Dimension that turns you into a frog be in the mod?

    99. So up to what level will Mob Farms be useless?

    100. (Sorry Math... I really wanted to break a world record here) Last question, Can you teleport Kunai into Kamui then teleport them back from a different direction? like Kakashi's combo in NSUNS4?

    101. Can you show us how Obito's Mangekyo Sharingan looks like in the mod?

    102. Can you pls show us how Kurama Chakra mode looks aswell?

    103. If you have rinnegan will you be able to toggle it on and off? I hope not.

    "Will" compilation once more. ;3

    1. Will Nine Tails Chakra mode glow in the dark?


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    Quote from Riggs300»

    So I was thinking about the mod and I started to ask myself what am I hyped up about the most I came to wanting Sussanoo the most what about you guys what are you most hyped for

    Well, I could say I'm hyped for the whole mod and not just a specific thing. I like games that you start off weak and grow and you become stronger not in one single way but any way you want and I thought that was really cool for the mod to do that.
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    Quote from yolo_112233»

    Please dont start to be "that guy" .... you get it -_-

    Sorry, I was just messin around. :3

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    Quote from yolo_112233»

    You literally said |Your drunk|, dude, that could be a kid, you never know.

    actually I didn't say "Your Drunk" I said "You're Drunk" ;)
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    Quote from yolo_112233»

    That sounded rude, in my opinion to be honest, i get it, i know it was a joke

    but some people take stuff like this offensively, and are kids, i know i'm making a pretty big deal about it, but please try to say stuff in a nicer way, and think before you post something.

    (probably made it way to big of a deal, but still)

    You gotta be kidding me... People have said much worse things before me. Honestly what I said doesn't sound rude to me at all, so I did check what I was writing and it didn't sound offensive to me at all since I put it in a joking way. I honestly don't understand what goes in people's heads anymore.

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    Quote from PrinceDaniel»

    Naruto is evil anime for kids.

    Go home you're drunk.
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    This is a set of questions from a long time ago that I forgot to repost. :3

    1. Would be cool if you could spar with Companions... Its pretty much like to see how strong you are and your development hence gameplay with your Companion.

    2. Could your Companion also get stronger? could you maybe train him? I doubt you'll make the companion system THAT detailed... Maybe this feature might be in the future updates to come?

    3. I might hate Sakura but I like her Strength Techniques, Are those gonna be in the mod? and if you punch the ground will it blow up the ground?

    4. So you're saying that all Mobs in the mod have special coding to match their techniques? or am I wrong? Will all mobs really have their own techniques and fighting style?

    5. So the lightning affinity moves will actually have like ACTUAL lightning, like flickering lightning effect? If I'm wrong correct me please... but if this is the case then thats a huge step-up from current version of the mod.

    6. So what I'm assuming Rasengan will work like is, If you right click the jutsu then the Item image that is being held in your hand will change into a 3d ball in your hand then you hit anything and it sends them flying? If I'm slightly wrong then would you mind explaining?

    7. So I remember that you said that against Taijutsu and Kenjutsu there is a hit chance right? What about Taijutsu against taijutsu? It would make Taijutsu more interesting if you didn't just spam all the time and its actually hard to hurt someone slightly in a taijutsu fight. Another thing that would be cool is that if someone who has superior Taijutsu than yours lowers your hit chance so you can bearly hit him at all with taijutsu but he can hit you atleast 2 times in less than 4 seconds. This actually prevents hacking on servers now that I think about it... Anyway, This appeals to the "Train Hard, become stronger" vibe you want from your mod.

    8. Will Sasuke's Sword be in the mod?

    9. (Repost) Will you be able to stand on Summons when you're not riding it? Like you could be chilling on Gamabunta's head looking at the sunset.

    10. No one has asked about Ketsuryugan, so imma be the first one. What will be the abilities of Ketsuryugan? Will it be powerful? can you manipulate blood?

    11. Will Sage mode come with the thing on your back that Naruto had?

    12. So do you think you'll Release Version 0.9 before July? or August? september?

    13. How will you aquire Raikage's Lightning Chakra Mode? and how powerful will it be? Will the Lightning Chakra mode have effects going around you, like Flickering lightning effect?

    14. You said a long time ago that there would be jutsu for Truth Seeker orbs right?

    15. Will Chidori-Sharp Spear be in the mod?

    16. Can you mix Sage mode with Nine Tails Chakra mode? But for it you need Really High Level points for Transformation jutsus (i forgot what it was called...)

    17. And the most important question of all of these... How will Sexy jutsu look?

    18. I have a plan for getting Mangekyo, how about you have a companion and you have sharingan. If you hit your companion 5 times then he will say some text and he will then say "Why you hitting me? Wanna fight?" if you say yes then you will fight... It will be a very tough fight and once you defeat him he will say his last words like "You were the best friend I ever had" then dies, then you get Mangekyo.

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