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    posted a message on The "Not So Seecret Saturday" Mod for Alpha 1.1.2_01 - "weekly" updates starting where Notch left off! [1.1.10_01]

    Do you happen to have a Discord server for this? Me and a friend would love to join!

    EDIT: Nm I'm blind as a bat.

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    posted a message on Dingo224's Alpha/Beta Modpack 1.7.10 (Old World Gen/Old textures & sounds/Harder AI/Hardcore Darkness/No hunger bar/No exp bar)

    Added to the pack!

    If anyone wants to join the server discord please message me!

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    posted a message on Dingo224's Alpha/Beta Modpack 1.7.10 (Old World Gen/Old textures & sounds/Harder AI/Hardcore Darkness/No hunger bar/No exp bar)
    Do you want to revisit old Minecraft with some added difficulty?
    Then this mod pack is for you!

    This mod pack brings all the good old features from alpha and beta, and brings them into the nice optimized state of modern Minecraft. This means enjoying all your nostalgia without the terrible glitches and multiplayer issues!

    What this pack includes-

    Old World Generation: Includes generator options for indev, infdev, alpha, and beta.

    Old World Lighting: Brings back the old greyscale lighting of alpha and beta. Not compatible with the 'Hardcore Darkness' feature. If you want to use this module, make sure 'Custom Colors" is set to 'ON' in your video settings/quality.



    Hardcore Darkness: Makes the nights and caves of Minecraft scary again. Not compatible with the 'Old Lighting' feature, which is still pretty dark in itself. If you want to use this module, make sure 'Custom Colors" is set to 'OFF' in your video settings/quality.

    Longer Days and Nights: Days and nights now last 10 minutes longer.

    No Hunger Bar + No Experience Bar: Brings back the old food restoring hearts system, and gets rid of the hunger and exp bars. I also found a way to remove those annoying experience orbs.

    Dropped Items No Longer Stack (Courtesy Of Mike33333333333375021)

    Old Sky Lighting (Courtesy Of Mike33333333333375021 )

    Old HUD Placements: Puts the heart and armor icons back where they should be!

    Old Textures and Sounds: Two resource pack options for alpha or beta textures and sounds. With this, you no longer have to turn off your internet so the old sounds won't get overwritten.

    New Mobs Removed:



    I will NOT be re-enabling any of these, even if there is a demand. You can re-enable these yourself if you so desire under the Bad Mobs configuration.

    Special AI: "Special AI adds a variety of new AI patterns to mobs, including: monsters idly breaking your light sources and certain blocks, an attack AI for "passive" mobs, mounting AI, and a pile of unique combat AIs to keep you on your toes!" I find this really brings back the feeling of being scared and unsure about fighting monsters in the game.

    Pre Configured: Easy all-in-one installation! All mods and configurations are already tweaked to accurately resemble minecraft alpha and beta. The ONLY settings you should mess with should be the resource packs, in which let you select alpha look and sound, or a beta look and sound.

    More Pictures-

    DOWNLOAD LINKS BELOW (Installation instructions included in readme.txt)

    1. New User- Download the base mod pack. It comes with the latest updates.

    2. Existing User- Download all updates. Failure to do so will result in an outdated mod pack that lacks fixes and features.

    Updates (Install all if you have already downloaded the base mod pack in the past)-

    Update 4 1/31/19- Adds Alltheitems and old sky ( Courtesy of Mike33333333333375021)

    Just re download the main file I'm too lazy to provide the update files gah

    Update 3 7/16/18- (Adds new features to the alpha and beta resource packs and removes some such as the modern particle potion and damage effects. Update also includes a mod config file tweak). http://www.mediafire.com/file/324ukreld5cbjt4/Update 7-16-18.zip

    Update 2 7/9/18-(Brings back old greyscale lighting system) http://www.mediafire.com/file/rno07x3vy3vta2v/Update Old Lighting.zip

    Update 1 7/8/18- (Brings back old HUD placement of hearts and armor) http://www.mediafire.com/file/7fcaerbiqxoq5qs/Update Hud.zip

    Base Mod Pack (Install if this is your first time using this Mod Pack)-

    Version 1.0.5 1/31/19- https://www.mediafire.com/file/vyhsvy2884dogod/Dingo224s 1.7.10 Beta&Alpha Modpack 1.0.5.zip


    Baby Animal Model Replacer by Mrlbby- http://www.mediafire.com/file/wed35m60g91doiw/BabyAnimalModelReplacer.rar

    Official Server- play.oldmc.xyz (Uptime- 7am-12am EST)'

    -This server utilizes the 'Alpha 1.2.0' terrain generation! Beta 1.7.3 terrain generation also exists as an optional multiworld that you can teleport to.

    -This server will be posting weekly world downloads here, so you can never lose your work!

    -NOTE: You must be using the complete UPDATED mod pack in order to connect to the server properly.


    Modpack and configuration put together by Dingo224

    Bad Mobs: By Darkhax
    CallowCraft: By Hilburn
    Convenient Recipes: By Jagm_11
    Hardcore Darkness: By Lumien
    Hunger Strike: By Jaquardo
    Old World Gen: By ted80
    Optifine: By Sp614x
    Special AI: By FatherToast

    Recipe Remover: By Roboguy90

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