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    posted a message on 🔮Mechania🔮 | A Magical and Technological Adventure! | Looking for Builders, Plugin/Datapack Makers, Graphic Designers, & More!

    Updated February 12, 2019

    NEW: Join our public Discord server ⮕ https://discord.gg/dwBDrp3


    Mechania is a unique realm consisting of distinct worlds filled with custom mobs, generation, and gameplay mechanics, all intertwined with the vast concepts of magic and technology (in non-fancy language, this is an adventure/survival public server powered by Spigot and Spigot plugins).


    To prepare for the launch of the server, we're looking for more unique developers to join our current team. A server is currently up and running and people are needed who are strong at building, plugin/datapack making, plugin configuration, server management, graphic design, and server promotion.

    • Builders are directly responsible for constructing the server's most valued landmarks of all shapes and sizes and must be able to work in small or large teams.
    • Plugin makers must be proficient in the Java coding language so that they are able to create Spigot plugins with functions and/or mechanics unique to the server.
    • Datapack makers must be proficient in creating and editing functions, loot tables, world structures, advancements, recipes, and tags in order to create mechanics unique to the server.
    • Plugin configurers do not necessarily need to know how to code plugins but will be responsible for editing the config files of existing plugins in order to balance gameplay or increase server functionality.
    • Server managers (currently closed for applicants) go above and beyond the duties of typical server moderators; they act as a liaison between the server's developers and players and verify that the operations of the various branches of development share common goals.
    • Graphic designers are responsible for creating commission-based digital (and maybe even hand-made) content that serves a purpose to the server, whether it be for promotion, branding, etc.
    • Server promoters use their advertisement and marketing skills to draw public attention to the server through the use of social media platforms.



    We use a number of different programs and websites to facilitate the development process:

    • Trello keeps developers updated and on the same page in terms of tasks that are completed, in progress, and upcoming.
    • Github is the go-to site for plugin makers and configurers to share their work so that it can be easily added to the server.
    • Discord allows developers to communicate with each other through text and voice chat.
      • You MUST have a discord account in order to be considered for a developer position but having a mic for voice chat is not required.


    Maturity is a crucial requirement for Mechania developers. Even though we have fun on a regular basis, there are times when a good deal of professionalism is required.

    If you think you'd make a good fit for our developer team, fill out the application here, then reply below that you've submitted it.

    Once we have read what you have to say, our head of operations, Diamondback, will contact you through Discord to let you know if you have been accepted.

    • As previously stated in the "Server manager" description, this is not an application to become staff on the server.
    • If you're looking to become a beta tester, a separate application for that will be released later; only fill this one out if you're looking to become a developer.


    Have a question? Leave it as a reply to this thread or contact Diamondback88#7793 on Discord and you'll receive an answer!

    Update: You can also join our public Discord server at https://discord.gg/dwBDrp3 to have your questions answered.

    Thank you for taking the time to read through this and we hope to see you as part of our team!

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    posted a message on 🔴The Realm of Diamondback (24/7 Bedrock Edition Realm - Custom Addons/Command Block Modules)🔴

    Welcome to the Realm of Diamondback!

    The Realm of Diamondback is a bedrock edition survival server with a small community looking for more players. Custom addons and command block modules are an integral part of the server experience and set it apart from other realms. Whether you are an explorer, builder, farmer, miner, or something entirely different, we are looking for you. Don't feel that you have to be an expert player in order to apply.

    Realm Rules:

    • Use common sense. This comprises many rules, such as being discriminatory, etc.
    • PvP is currently off unless Diamondback feels that it should be turned back on. It may be enabled temporarily for future events.
    • Do not grief, troll, or steal.
    • Modding/hacking/duplicating is forbidden except for MINOR vanilla glitches/bugs.
    • Do not fight with other players in public chat; if you have to settle a dispute, do so using /msg or /w.

    Realm Regulations:

    • Acknowledge the rules that other players set on their property.
    • Repair creeper holes.
    • Help others who ask for it.
    • Take down "floating trees," they should not be part of the landscape.
    • If you accidentally destroy a piece of someone else's property (for example, stepping on hoed soil), please do your best to reverse the damage. If the damage is too large for you to fix, contact the owner of the property immediately.

    As alluded to in the Realm Rules, special events will take place in the future. This includes races, quests, PvP battles, minigames, etc; if you have an idea for an event, feel free to suggest it!

    Realm Application:

    Copy and fill out the attached form as a reply to this post. If you know you are not mature, please do not send an application.

    • Age:
    • Gender:
    • Country:
    • Xbox gamertag:
    • Discord name and tag (if applicable):
    • Below, tell us a bit about yourself. Why would you like to join this realm? What Minecraft strengths do you possess?

    If you are accepted, Diamondback will privately message you with more details, including the invite code to the realm.

    Hope to see you there!

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    posted a message on ⚡️NeatoBuilds | Long-term Amplified Survival⚡️

    Your in game name: Diamondback88
    Your age: 15

    What you want out of this realm: I have been looking for a purely Vanilla server that has a mature community to relax and play on for a while now, and this looks like the perfect option. I also would like to make new friends and assist others.
    what you plan to do/build: From the looks of your server pictures, your public carrot, wheat, and sugar canes farms are not that large, so I would want to expand those. I also want to help other players build amazing things as well as start my own amusement park (yes, with roller coasters and everything).

    I could also take some great shaders pictures of things on the server ;)

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    posted a message on Amusement Park??? HELP WANTED!!!

    Fireball and Kiki, thanks for joining the team!

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    Hey, I made a video a few months ago showcasing the map!

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