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    posted a message on Slanting Fences On Half Blocks!
    It's still a good idea, though. It's not like they've added this, right?
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    posted a message on Slanting Fences On Half Blocks!
    Yeah I've always hated making ugly fences around things because they don't angle up/down. I know it's a blocky world, but even water and lava angle out when flowing.

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    posted a message on Transportation Portals
    Perhaps a survival version of the command block that is craftable and allows for a small list of commands such as broadcasting the time of day or in this case, teleporting you from point A to point B. Recipe could require the use of enderpearls for obvious reasons. I'm also all for finding more uses for lapis since the new flowers have rendered it fairly obsolete except as a decoration block.

    Perhaps 4-6 Lapis blocks, 4-2 ender pearls, and 1 redstone dust at the center to craft the block.

    Just a thought. Either way I support.
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    posted a message on Quicksand w/specifics
    Did you ever wish sand would actually flow? Ever thought there should be alternatives to traps in temples? If either apply I present to you Quicksand:I know other quicksand suggestions have been quickly shot down, but those were far too vague to be worth the effort. Here's my shot at how such a block might work:
    • Spawns in pits no bigger than 3x3 (randomly generated from 1x1 pits to 3x3 pits and everything in between) and always 3-4 blocks deep. Normally spawns with solid sand and dirt blocks from the top edges down to the bottom. (this allows you to always be able to dig your way out to escape)
    • Spawns are extremely rare and are only found in jungles, swamps, and near rivers with maybe the occasional/rare trap pit found in strongholds, temples, or maybe some new type of structure such as catacombs or a tomb.
    • Mimics regular sand in appearance, but with a slightly darker hue. (see screenshot in spoiler below)
    • You will descend/sink into quicksand slower than lava, but faster than cobwebs. (A pace slow enough that falling through a suspended column of 3 blocks will suffocate you.)
    • Similar to lava/water it acts as a source block and slowly flows outward.*
    • Similar to cobwebs you cannot ascend (swim) up out of it. (exception: see bottom of list)
    • Walking through 1 block deep quicksand pools will slow you down similar to soul sand/cobwebs (more/less than either?), but as stated above, you cannot jump out of it.
    • Water and lava can both flow over quicksand as if it were a solid block and quicksand flows overpower water/lava flows as it is thicker.*
    • All items and entities will sink into quicksand. (Entities will not attempt to path around it?)
    • Entities cannot spawn on top of quicksand.
    • Falling blocks such as sand and gravel will behave as if falling into water/lava (removing source blocks). -OR- Turn into items and sink to the bottom. (vote in poll!)*
    • Blocks light like any other solid block.
    • Only obtainable in Creative menu or from the use of buckets in survival/adventure modes.
    • Players can replace/destroy quicksand source blocks with solid blocks similarly to how you can with lava and water.
    • Enderman cannot pick-up quicksand source blocks, but can teleport out of it.*
    • Cannot create infinite source blocks using the same method as with water.
    • Signs, ladders and pressure plates affect quicksand source blocks the same way they do with water.
    • If the player has a lead (or rope) equipped and it is attached to a fence post, that player will be able to slowly pull themselves out of the quicksand.* (ability to jump out as long as the lead is equipped and attached to a post)
    • Quicksand partially consists of water, which allows sugarcane to grow next to it, but not on top of it.**
    Obviously the Minecraft community would find some creative uses for such a block regardless if it worked exactly as I suggested above.My thoughts:
    1. The benefit of having quicksand flow is in use with floating island creations, allowing for true falling sand.
    2. New variations in mob spawners/grinders as lava kills/burns and most entities swim up in water.
    3. New player-made traps for adventure maps. (see below)
    4. Okay I'm not that creative...
    What the block might look like: (updated!**)

    Made by combining the dirt texture with sand block texture. I didn't adjust hue that much, but it could be lighter, possibly to look a bit more like sand, but not quite. What do you think?

    Block comparison to sand/dirt.**

    Edit1: Made some formatting changes, so it didn't look like a mess and made the primary list in altering colors to try and make it easier to read.
    Edit2: Added screenshot and image of block and added poll.
    Edit3: Updated poll and made some small changes to the details. (*)
    Edit4: Updated block texture and added a new comparison image. Added a new feature to the list. (**)
    Edit5: Updated the poll

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    posted a message on Cobwebs in Spider Dungeons
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    posted a message on 1.7 Seed with 6 villages, 9 desert temples, 2 jungle temples, all 3 strongholds
    Quote from MischiefSC

    What do you find there? I'm tempted but right in the middle of another playthrough already.

    Your great spire magnified.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 13w43a is...Wait, What?
    Finally, I never was able to adjust to the newer boat controls. Kinda wish you could make sturdier boats that don't break so easily.

    Also, I'd like to think that some of those people asking what the red thing is are just trolling. They can't all be that lazy...
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    posted a message on 1.7 Seed with 6 villages, 9 desert temples, 2 jungle temples, all 3 strongholds
    Nice seed! I tried this with large biomes. Go to coordinates x -1093, y 145, z 3407 and take a look around.
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