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    posted a message on What Do You Think Will Be In The Big Update: 1.10
    You mean 1.10?
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    posted a message on Official Minecraft 1.8+ Update Notes and Discussion
    Here's the image from instagram if you want to use it.

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    posted a message on Official Minecraft 1.8+ Update Notes and Discussion
    The most excited I've been for an update in awhile.
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    posted a message on Why does everyone hate minecraft?
    The new updates usually change something we've come accumstomed to.
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    posted a message on "Fix Lag by Allocating More Ram!"? Untrue.
    I think I get better fps on 1.6.2 without OptiFine than I do on 1.5.2 with OptiFine, or at least it's pretty close. Didn't notice any lag.
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    posted a message on minecraft is screwed
    Quote from alup132

    The horses was to me, the best part! why waste lots of iron to make a track when you want to go somewhere when you can use a horse? They are about the same speed.

    I don't think that's a very good reason for horses to exist, honestly it's one of the reasons people hate horses. It almost completely destroys the minecarts, sure you don't have to use a horse, but why even use one if a horse is cheaper and better? They are completely unbalanced.
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    posted a message on Famous people who play MC
    I play Minecraft.
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    posted a message on I want things...
    I want to walk over hills...

    Natural half slab blocks, such as grass, so we can walk over hills instead of jumping. Or something else that naturally exists and let's us walk over small hills.

    I want to have more creative control...

    More single player world options/commands. In multiplayer you have a lot of options, some of these aren't available (as far as I know) in single player. We need more options to make better adventure/creative maps, such as disabling animals from spawning. Put it as an option during world generation or an in game command.

    It'd be helpful if we could change item lore (and all that fun stuff) without using NBTedit or something. I really dislike having to rely on mods to do this, because I want to use the new snapshots for the new features, but there's no point if my mods can't come with me (maybe resource packs or the mod API will fix this). Something like a magic anvil or a command would be great.

    I want more equipment...

    More weapons/armour to play with would be awesome. I made a post about this somewhere with a ton of ideas, like wool armour and steel equipment (made from iron), I really would love more stuff in between wood and diamond. I also would like different types of weapons and armour, like 2h swords, crossbows, gloves, etc. I know this isn't a rpg like WoW or something, but I think they would still fit in the game and expand the combat system.

    Which brings me to the next thing, the combat. The whole point and click thing can stay, it's good and just about everyone can manage killing stuff with it, but maybe add some new abilities like charged attacks, similar to the bow, but for swords. This really ties into the equipment part, because with more equipment there's more room for additional combat features.

    Make some rare finds with unique effects and lore, like increased health regeneration or something. Why not?

    I want more graphics options...

    It would be nice if OptiFine was a default thing, maybe as an "advanced" settings menu. This one doesn't bother me too much, but it would still be nice to have. Maybe you could even throw in some extra default resource packs to choose from, although this would probably delay some updates.

    I want more ocean content...

    Throw a fish or two in the ocean, something besides squids and clay. Although this would probably annoy me on my creative maps, since I can't make animals stop spawning, do it anyway. While you're at it, do something with fishing, make it better, add different types of fish or something.

    How about some pirates? Arrr!

    Don't add stuff directly from mods though, like dolphins.

    I want difficulty to be more than damage...

    Make difficulties actually do something. I don't play survival much, but I think the only difference is the damage you take.

    Keep it the same.

    Creepers don't destroy blocks.
    Zombies don't spawn more zombies.
    Skeletons not as intelligent.
    Mobs not aggressive unless provoked - some exceptions can be made.
    Item drop rates increased.
    Reduced damage.
    Harder mobs, if added, won't spawn.

    Same as current.

    Increased damage.
    More mobs.
    Item drop rates decreased.
    Spawn harder mobs, if added.

    World deleted when you die.
    Longer nights, shorter days.
    + everything from hard difficulty.

    It doesn't have to be exactly like this, it's just an example.

    I want other things...

    Campfires would be nice, not sure what they would do, but it would be better than netherrack fires. Maybe you could cook on them or something, who knows.

    Do something with the cauldron, it's pretty boring. Infinite water source (at least for vials)? You can already get an infinite water source with a 2x2 hole in the ground, so it's not really OP.

    I want things I didn't even know I wanted...

    Every update seems to add stuff I didn't know I wanted, but did. Keep doing that.
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    posted a message on Prevent Animals Spawning
    Not at all, because I want to use grass, not cover it up. I'll just wait until there's a game rule for it in single player.
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    posted a message on Prevent Animals Spawning
    Any way, asides from SMP, to keep all animals from spawning? I play on superflat and whenever I place grass down tons of animals start spawning.
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    posted a message on 1.6.2 Released!
    Quote from pogojumper123

    I should add Minecraft cars...

    but they are not likely to increase :(

    Wait, what?
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    posted a message on Do you think 1.6.1 is a success or a failure
    Quote from MICHAEL_BAY

    They do in 1.6.2. Please don't judge an update if you haven't played the latest version.

    This thread is discussing 1.6.1, just saying.
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    posted a message on Slimephobia
    Are you also afraid of magma cubes? Anyway, I think they're one of the more interesting mobs in the game. The only scary mobs are the ones that I'm not expecting.
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    posted a message on Your WEIRDEST Minecraft Habits
    I don't really do anything weird that I know of, but I always have cheats enabled regardless of what I'm doing. I always end up cheating in survival, so I get bored and delete the world after a few hours. I've only ever done anything legit in SMP, because I am unable to cheat for the most part.
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    posted a message on Help! The new 1.6 launcher causes my computer to force reboot!
    50 fps on Minecraft isn't good. OptiFine isn't updated as of this post, but have you used it before? It might help.
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