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    Quote from FlameCursed»

    Hello everyone.

    For the past hour, I've been searching for an apparently non-existent type of server. I've been looking for a survival, towny, pvp server. That's it. No kits, no minigames, no McMMO, no skyblock, no constant advertisements, no cosmetics, none of that. Just a traditional survival experience with towns and pvp. There once was a server named Kingscraft that provided this experience, but it has slowly died over the years and went down a few months ago. Think of this as an entreaty. I'm begging someone to refer me to a server than provides a more traditional and down-to-earth experience.

    Thank you.

    (If this is the wrong section, feel free to move it or let me know.)

    Hi there! I run a Semi-Vanilla 1.8.8 Spigot SMP server. All it has is essentials, groupmanager, warps, and factions! It is also on hard mode. We've had over 30 players already in its 4 days of running. There are no advertisements, no skyblock, no minigames. In terms of kits you spawn with stone tools - that's it. Give it a shot maybe?

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    Quote from BlueWolf118229

    Everything on Steam is free for April First too! OH WAIT.

    I :Ham: you.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Now free, beginning April 1st!
    Feels like an April Fools thing to me.

    Not sure if trolling.I didn't see the bolded April Fools thing. I now feel like an idiot xD
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    This may just be me being skeptical but those pillars look very WorldEdit-y.
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    I personally think that apple juice should be 3 apples over 1 jar. Makes more sense in my mind.

    (EDIT: Or 1 apple over 1 jar = 1 apple juice instead of the 1x apple 3x jar thing that gives you 3.)
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    Good luck with a 1x1x2 elevator, mate.
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    Quote from the_disorented

    i think that there should be no mods for the Xbox 360
    personaly i find mods unneeded, when i have mods like TMI i refuse to do the fun things in minecraft like go mining
    but thats me :tongue.gif:

    I don't agree with finding mods unneeded but I agree that the Xbox version should remain vanilla...
    By the way. I have a keyboard plugged into my controller. The keypad thing.
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    Quote from keefachu

    Hey everyone, i see SOME people are wondering how they can play minecraft with an xbox controller. Well i do.. on the PC version! I know its PC version, but regarding using an xbox 360 controller, its playable, even with the buggyness of using 3rd party programs to use controller.
    The only problem i have is crafting. BUT as you may know, autocrafting is being implemented to xbox version, so no worrys! Now unless your not used to using a controller, there's no reason you can complain about sensivity!


    It's nice to see someone who doesn't have tunnel vision on a topic and won't listen to anyone else. THANK YOU for showing this video, maybe it'll make some of these people stop complaining about everything. I believe the Xbox controls will be fine with Minecraft, and if it isn't? Hell, I don't care. I'm buying it anyway.
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    Quote from deadawesome

    there might be!

    I reckon you could somehow design a mod and maybe buy it with microsoft points?

    That'd be more like a DLC, and I don't believe a XBLA game has EVER had a DLC before.. but it is Minecraft. It's probable, but highly unlikely. The modding community will always be and always stay PC.

    It can be very difficult to mod a console, and trying to get mass amounts of people to do it would be digital armageddon, so I put my vote as no.

    I believe those who put "yes" simply have a lack of knowledge about how these mods actually work.
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    Quote from kreepurzrdum

    what is the stupidest thing you have ever done to get yourself killed?


    I tried to solo the Ender Dragon alone, with a wooden sword and one loaf of bread.
    That wasn't fun.

    Also one time, I built a minecart system over a lava filled ravine when a creeper blew up the tracks (that I forgot about... herp derp) and I just kinda rode my minecart along, and then down, and I had a toasty ending.
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