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    Quote from the_disorented

    i think that there should be no mods for the Xbox 360
    personaly i find mods unneeded, when i have mods like TMI i refuse to do the fun things in minecraft like go mining
    but thats me :tongue.gif:

    I don't agree with finding mods unneeded but I agree that the Xbox version should remain vanilla...
    By the way. I have a keyboard plugged into my controller. The keypad thing.
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    Quote from leon11r

    i actually thought about that it would be good if you right, clicked a cat to make it sleep. Agree :iapprove:

    Sleepy kitty ftw.
    But yeah I agree too. The amount of times I wanted to cut that thing open with my diamond sword when I went mining.... O.o
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    posted a message on Need help with redstone!
    Thanks to the both of you! I'll be sure to check those out.
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    posted a message on Need help with redstone!
    So. I really need help with redstone. I can only do the very basic redstone stuff and I'd like to be better with it and start building like operations and large piston structures.
    Are there any tutorial videos or maps or even just some text somewhere that can help me with my understanding?

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    Quote from Evanist

    (Oups... 1 sec, il go get a picture.)

    (And stupid ipad autocorrecter...)

    Not entirely sure... Is that Heroes of Might and Magic?
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    posted a message on Push "x" for as long as you can hold your breath.

    holy crap. brb dying from suffocation.
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    posted a message on Cobblestone
    I have 7+ million pieces of Cobblestone.

    [email protected]#$
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    "Will there be mobs..."

    Well yes. Duh.

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    posted a message on What mac is good out there for me?
    Quote from doid11

    I really want a macbook pro, But what OTHER good computer that is MUCH MUCH MUCH cheaper "Has to be a mac OR a Very good pc!"

    I heard the air is really good,But it sounds expensive!

    Christmas is right around the corner, I have little to decide.

    " I WONT CUSTOM MAKE A COMP! too time consuming!"

    Please answer, something nice and well priced!

    I assume you mean for Minecraft, or in general. In my opinion, and other's shared. I suggest you get a PC and not a Mac. PC is, in almost every way, better than PC unless you are a photographer or a director or a writer or something.
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    Quote from deadawesome

    there might be!

    I reckon you could somehow design a mod and maybe buy it with microsoft points?

    That'd be more like a DLC, and I don't believe a XBLA game has EVER had a DLC before.. but it is Minecraft. It's probable, but highly unlikely. The modding community will always be and always stay PC.

    It can be very difficult to mod a console, and trying to get mass amounts of people to do it would be digital armageddon, so I put my vote as no.

    I believe those who put "yes" simply have a lack of knowledge about how these mods actually work.
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    posted a message on stupidest ways to die
    Quote from kreepurzrdum

    what is the stupidest thing you have ever done to get yourself killed?


    I tried to solo the Ender Dragon alone, with a wooden sword and one loaf of bread.
    That wasn't fun.

    Also one time, I built a minecart system over a lava filled ravine when a creeper blew up the tracks (that I forgot about... herp derp) and I just kinda rode my minecart along, and then down, and I had a toasty ending.
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    posted a message on OK honestly...the NPCs
    Notch seems to expand on thoughts of modders, because modders have a very large eye in the community, where Notch really doesn't (although he does listen to the community a lot more than most Devs do). I see where he's coming from with the NPCs, but they are damn ugly and mostly useless except to see how many fully drawn back arrows to the face it takes to put them down. They [at this point] seem like a vehemet waste of time, again, except to pillage their town resources for my own.

    This is mostly directed to Teadude0987, but I was talking in general as well. :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Redstone (TUT) Map Learn Redstone in 5 min!!
    I am probably the biggest noob when it comes to redstone, and I don't believe I've ever seen anyone do anything like this before.

    Definite DL - and you get a diamond :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Wanna join my new Lets play
    Quote from CartertheWC9

    are you stupid???? I am the one who barely talks.... the others fenceblood and Aaran? Aaran is the loudest i am the one who is the quietest....

    Honestly dude? I didn't have a problem with you until you said that. You just seemed like a guy kicking off a Let's Play (which can be rough) so I didn't say anything. But as I scrolled down I saw this. And now I'm pissed like an Electrified Creeper.

    No one cares who's talking, if someone is talking. To the viewers, you aren't (metaphorically) 3 individual people. You are one unit who's goals are the same and talk about the same things.


    It's your Let's Play, so you can't honestly say (without being "stupid") "I'm the one who barely talks". You're not doing a very good job at your Let's Play if you aren't talking... unless you were like, born without vocal chords or something.

    My /rant is complete. :SSSS:
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    posted a message on Recording Software
    Well, if you're not going to use FRAPS, which basically EVERYONE should use because it's so easy and awesome and HD... then use CamStudio. I believe it's CamStudio 7 currently and if you don't feel like buying it, I found a serial somewhere on the internet which you can search up.

    Do NOT use Camtasia. That is an awful program.
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