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    OOOooooooo!!! It's like I'm in third grade again and it's Field Day! Except this time I'll try to be useful and not sit on the sidelines spitting on ants.

    Quote from "mrmagfohowru" »

    Anvils break glass

    Come on... why and how is this not already possible?

    Because it adds a level of realism that is not needed in Minecraft. And robs users of build options.

    Have the ability to set down one block and have it complete an entire row of blocks... ie. Have a stone block at one spot and set another block 50 blocks away and be able to fill in entire line.

    Someone stays current on their Etho videos.

    Fair suggestion... How would you implement it?

    Being able to place torches on the sides of fence posts.

    Again, why is this not already an option?

    Probably has something to do with how the two blocks connect to each other. Or rather don't connect. If you don't mind having floating torches, Sure! Make this happen.

    Using fences as a post that stays in post shape when placed on its side and not have the legs of the fence..<snip>

    Much easier to just make a separate block that does whatever you said.

    Along with this concept having 2 doors side by side would create a 2x2 door that opens like a regular door just opens 2x2 blocks inwards. (Do you get what I'm trying to suggest here?).

    Yeah, I get it. I supported this idea in the past. I don't think that opinion has changed.

    Along the same lines with doors... having the ability to chose how they open would be nice also... like sliding open from side to side, or sliding open up and down... also being able to see the (sliding doors), once they're open on the blocks adjacent to the doors.

    More problematic. What would you suggest the best way to implement this is?

    Breaking blocks of snow gives you back snowballs.
    It would help with taking out blazes because only being able to carry 16 at a time is a pain.
    Though it should be implemented that you cannot set down snow blocks in the Nether due to the heat.


    So you want snow blocks to drop as snowballs so you'll have more of them to combat Blazes, but you don't want to be able to place snow blocks in the Nether. Huh!? Isn't that a bit like cutting off your nose to spite your face?

    Besides break a snow block and it already drops as snowballs.

    And snow in the nether doesn't hurt anyone. No support on that one.

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    Quote from NoreMac_Ssog»

    I know this post is old but I would be happy to see Severs and Shaders

    Maybe on 8th-gen consoles. I doubt the 360/PS3 can handle even one Shader and maintain a redstone clock without tick-lag.
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    It's plain to see you are unaware of copyright laws.

    Authors of PC texture packs still own their property, even if they provide them free of charge. Without going to all the details, Microsoft and Sony do not have permission to use their content. It would still be illegal for either company to "allow" such content to be read/used. Making such changes to the console/game yourself is a violation of the terms of use and gets you banned.

    If it were "so easy" it would have been done already.

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    1. I don't know for certain but a lot. Possibly unlimited.

    I have an old Redstone Tutorial world I made with signs describing how/why things work (before Written Books were added). There's got to be about a hundred or so. Be aware that the text on a sign counts as an entity, so lots of "worded" signs will contribute to lag.

    2. Unlimited. Redstone dust is technically a block so there is no limit to how much can be placed.

    3. Unlimited. Glass is block.

    4. Unlimited. Carpets are blocks.

    5. Sixteen, last time I checked. Armor stands are entities so they must be limited in some way on the lower-end consoles. As entities, however, they function differently from blocks, such as sliding across ice and getting picked-up by minecarts.

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    The Host Options menu has been added to the game over two years ago, with some additions to it over that time. It's meant to provide easy-to-use options that mirror some of the more common console commands from the PC version.

    The latest update for the xbox360 was in April. You can find the change logs for all updates here.

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    Quote from trollingflames»

    no clear the memory cash, your worlds will remain intact, but if you truly care put the worlds on a portable storage device THEN delete the cash

    (i`m probably spelling cash as in a "computers memory cash was deleted)


    Just curious... you are obviously already on the internet. You didn't think to do 5 seconds of research before you misspelled the same word 4 times? Yet again I despair for the future of the human race. *sign*
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    You don't have any USB thumb drives?

    Well, they are fairly cheap. I recommend getting a 32G or higher. Should be around 8 bucks or so. Make sure you get a plain old "USB", not a USB2 or USB3 as the xbox does not support those. It will still work, but why spend the extra money if you won't get the extra speed, right?

    The drive then needs to be formatted to the console. Simply plug the drive into one of the USB slots and follow the on-screen instructions. When that's done you can now use the USB as extra storage. Move any world saves you want to keep onto the thumb-drive and then proceed with step 3 (or 4) above.

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    Good luck.

    Threads with multiple seeds listed tend to get shut down (for what I imagine is the stupidest reason in existence).

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    I always find it laughable when people agree with a suggestion solely because it would add "realism" to the game. You know, the same game with floating blocks, undead creatures, androgynous asexual animals, and magical enchantments.

    It seems they think "realism" trumps balance and/or utility. hrph!

    As for the OP:

    I don't like it. I don't want a "feature" that would cause more nuisance than any supposed benefit. Sand is non-renewable, and on the limited world size of the consoles it is also semi-precious. It's bad enough I have endermen stealing sand, I don't want anything compounding the "damage control" of my deserts.

    If I want glass, I'll make it myself. More likely, I'll just buy it from a villager.

    No Support!

    On the other hand, Katsuro's suggestion of a "glass sculpture" is very interesting. It could form on top of the sand block (leaving it intact) and would be a really cool (and rare!) decoration. THAT I can support. Great idea!!

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    As long as there are blocks above the water it shouldn't freeze. I don't think there is a height limit either, so you can throw those "cover blocks" way up there.

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