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Hello! I am Derpyguy Minecraft! I love to, well, you guessed it, play Minecraft! My favorite part is the concept of the game! I love to sleep, and my family and friends mean everything to me! My best qualities are that I am funny and creative! I have a youtube channel, and I love to post on forums! It is the only thing that calms me down. Well, I lied. I lie a lot, get comfortable! That and listening to music. My favorite type is by far glitch hop! I will usually post in the "Maps" section, as I like to play and make maps, but sometimes you'll see me somewhere else. Bye!


I love to do multiple things, like post on forums! Also, I love to eat, sleep, play Minecraft, make maps for Minecraft, and travel! I also love to listen to music, watch soccer, play soccer, and referee soccer! I prefer board games over card games, and love to play Monopoly! I hope you can grasp a little bit of who I am from this!

Location USA

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Skype Naw Naw Naw.. U Aint Bout get my skype