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    Food+ Mod

    Thanks for clicking on my mod thread and I really hope you all enjoy this one and maybe even download it so enjoy and there is a video at the end

    this mod adds 9 types of food that give you buffs once eaten

    All Food

    Diamond Apple

    Gives Regeneration 10 once eaten

    Lightning also strikes once eaten

    Iron Carrot

    Gives Resistance 5 once eaten

    Golden Steak

    Gives all Hunger back once eaten

    Nether Cookie

    Gives fire resistance once eaten

    Wet Potato

    Gives Water Breathing and Nausea once eaten

    Coal Chicken

    Gives night vision once eaten

    Stone bread

    gives slowness 2 and resistance 1 once eaten

    Strange Meat

    Gives Speed 10 and jump boost 5 once eaten

    Mystery Meat

    Gives A random potion effect(all of them are good)Once eaten there is also a slight chance of getting no potion effect

    List of possible effects

    Fire resistance



    Water breathing

    Strength(really rare)

    Lightning strikes

    Jump boost


    Night Vision



    This mod is a completed mod and can be used in a mod pack
    No known bugs
    Mod works for only 1.7.10


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    Potion Charm Mod

    Thanks for clicking on this thread this is my first mod and it adds charms that give you potion effects from vanilla minecraft.

    These are the charms

    Haste Charm - gives haste for 4 mins

    Lava Charm - gives fire resistance for 4 mins

    Water Charm - gives water breathing for 4 mins


    Night vision charm - gives night vision for 4 mins

    Earth Charm - gives resistance for 4 mins

    Strength Charm - gives strength for 4 mins

    Crafting: http://i.imgur.com/yHRZFug.png

    Regeneration charm - gives regeneration for 4 mins

    lightning Charm - gives speed for 4 mins

    Crafting: http://i.imgur.com/eyfBri1.png

    Jumping Charm - gives jump boost for 4 mins

    Now it gets complicated

    Lightning Charm and Jumping Charm gives hermes charm which is both of this boost improved for 4 mins

    God Apple Charm Lava charm Earth Charm and Regeneration Charm must be in same order as picture


    Mining Charm Haste Charm Night Vision Charm and Lava Charm and Diamond pickaxe create this charm must be in correct order


    Download Link



    The Hermes Charm was broken and wasn't rendering properly so its a gem
    I suggest you get not enough items to make crafting easier
    Thanks for Downloading and feedback is always nice
    version required is 1.7.10


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