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    posted a message on [Updated 1.2.5] Edencraft ✦Survival & Creative Server ▬ Friendly ▬ Greylist ▬ 24/7✦
    IGN (In Game Name): derpjuki
    Why do you want to become a builder on Edencraft?: It looks like a awesome & friendly server!
    Real Age: soon 16. <<<:
    Do you Enjoy this server?: I don't know until I try it out.
    Whats your favorite block in Minecraft?: Does furnace counts? <:
    Tell us something about yourself: (For Example, What you like to do? Hobbies? Something Unique?, don't worry we aren't creeps ): I like to make new village somewhere in servers, & I really love shipping my precious diamonds & gold in minecart.
    Where did you hear about the server?: It's a legit awesome server ever. o_o I'd like to try, really. <3
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    posted a message on 1.1 SmartCraft [SmartMoving] [Closed Temp]
    IGN: Derpjuki
    Age: Almost 16
    Maturity: Pretty mature, since I dislike griefing, and stealing.
    Why you'd like to Join: I need a server so I can partner up with another players and build my house to show off how good I am. Plus playing alone is boring!
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