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    Quote from Deathmaster499

    Minecraft In-Game-Name: Agentpuffin Your Skype: Trevor.Parchem Age: 18 Timezone: GMT 6:00 Country: US Maturity: I am really mature and have been staff on many other servers and never have gotten banned and really want to help the server. My maturity level is really high. Very mature person. Time Dedication: I have spent days and hours into some servers that I used to work for and have been greatly accepted for that. I can come on everyday for as long as needed and very experienced. Do You Get Along With People: Yes I do, I am not a douche and run around killing everyone. I am very excepted by communities and don't like to get on the bad side. Other Server: Not at this moment I just took a real long break and coming back and love your server. Why Do You Want This Rank: I am very experienced and know I will spend my hard time and hours into the server trying to make it a better place. Will You Enforce Rules: Yes I will enforce the rules. It is my job. You need good rules which you have to enforce them on the server and I will strongly enforce the rules but wont be super strict. Will You Prefer Members Over Others: I never have preferred other members over members. We are all equal and deserve the same rights as anyone else in the server and would not ever prefer one over another. Other Comments: I have been admin on many many other servers, Some very big and some very small. I know all the commands and in case I know some stuff with plugins. I can be on almost 24/7 and will strongly enforce the rules but still make the server fun and a better place.

    Application accepted.Welcome to staff.Do not disappoint us
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    I have been busy, sorry guys!I've just now started working on the server, sadly.For making yall wait, i have started the server for a limited time, have fun!

    Well, i have ALOT to say in this update log.
    Originally this server was actually kind of popular, however when this server was popular, i was hosting it on my own computer.and i still am as i type this.
    When i decided to abandon my server, sadly i deleted the WHOLE server folder, so i am starting completely fresh on everything!im going to edit permissions to a point where we have proper mods/admins
    Members will have the correct commands, and wont be able to do bad commands.
    And to hackers out there, We know all of your hacks,we look into all public clients.
    We know of sessionstealer, so don't bother trying to use that.
    We know nodus and all of your other precious clients.

    As for the grand opening of the New Lightningcraft, we will select 5 people that will get VIP free!However, after 5 are picked, any others who want VIP will have to pay unless its a special occasion(sorry!)

    Here is the application for VIP when the server is back up!

    Why should we select you for VIP?
    How do we know you wont abuse power?
    Have you ever been banned before?if so why.

    Also in the new release of Lightningcraft, we are thinking we might get a hunger games plugin!However, that is just an idea.

    If you like the idea of a Hunger games PLUGIN, tell us in the comments!We check them regularly.

    We promise to bring everyone an even better server than before!And also, once we get enough donations for a host, there will be no more lag!
    Sorry if you DO get lag, though :[ my computer isn't the best, sadly...but don't be sad for long!this Christmas i am getting alienware, so i will be able to run the server on my PC or alienware while using the other for surfing the web, checking comments on PMC and more.

    Thats all for this update log!(this will go on the front page as well!)

    Also, we are looking for a trained video maker/editor to make videos for our server.They will get free VIP and special powers on the server.But even if they make 10000000 videos, if they abuse power, action WILL be taken against them.Just because you have power does NOT mean you can abuse it.

    Website will come up soon for updates!
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    1. How old are you?
    Im 2012 yrs old, you can see that from my name! Lol i'm jk. I am 15 yrs old

    2. How experienced are you with Minecraft?
    Very experienced Dx You dare question it!?(Been playing since Alpha)

    3. Home country or host country.
    USA, Texas

    4. Do you have a server?
    I actually host a fairly popular server called LightningCraft, it'sdown for maitanence atm, but i can make anothe rserver for this lets play (It's not hamachi.Hamachi is for noobs.)

    5. Whats your name?

    6. Do you have Skype?
    Not having Skype is also for noobs :D (I don't really mean any offense tyo anyone that dosen't have skype, dw its fine!I dont bite...Most of the time)
    7. Do you like pineapples? Pineapples are good, ignore the stuff below this.

    *looks at it*
    *tries it*
    1 second later
    "Mommy, i wanna nother one!"

    And the story of me liking pineapples...
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    I would make it rain cookies...
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    Thats hard o.o
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    Yes!You have not been deceived, We are having an event tonight!(Or whatever your time is, lol)
    join now, and you wont find our regular spawn!but an arena!We are going to have an event with iron golems, mobs, PvP and the owner showing you some awesome tricks!

    And a VERY special surprise at the end!that no one knows about except Defender2010.
    Don't ask him.He wont answer :]

    Event or not.
    Rules still follow.

    No overexcessive cussing.
    No hacking.
    No PvP.
    No teleing out.

    Some other baic rules everyone should know.
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    The server is now updated to 1.2.3 and we are ready to take players again.
    Please read below before you join.

    No spawn killing
    No spawn camping
    Do not disrespect staff
    Don't rage/complain if you are killed/raided
    Respect all players
    Dont beg for ranks/items/creative mode
    Grief is allowed
    PvP is allowed
    Do not spam
    No hacked clients/modded clients

    Plugins(That you need to know of :] :
    Anti PvP logout
    More coming soon!(That you need to know of :] )

    Website coming soon

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    Took me about 3-5 hrs to Get it, figure it out, config the configs (<--- lol?)
    and finally got it done.
    The desktop is a skyrim theme, The My Computer and Etc are NOT fake.
    they lead to My stuff.
    I used rainmeter for the desktop, and stardock Mycolors for the alienware theme
    If you want a Tut how to do this, too bad. :]
    (I'll be making one soon ill post it here)(Or on a diff post)

    Edit: Picture fixed

    Edit 2: the desktop backround isn't perm, its a slideshow, of ALOT of pictures(72 i found out o.o)

    The "Skyrim sounds" are just epic sounds that change error sounds and stuff.
    Every time an error shows up you're gonna hear "Fus ro DAH" :]

    Picture of all the stuff i used to get this :

    Reply to THIS post and ask me for a Tut
    Im warning you though
    Its NOT

    Unles ur aboss like me and you're a computer expert like me, then you're completely fine!You can figure this out in about 2-5 hrs JUST like me :biggrin.gif:

    Tell me ideas i should put on my Desktop!!!
    I'm trying to make my computer as awesome as possible before i switch to an alienware Laptop!
    (This weekend)
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    Quote from Tigatron_x

    that'sssss some massive lag you have there, be a sssshame if it was to get worse

    8 FPS isn't bad for a laptop...lol

    I have a 4GB memory Computer, and i run 1-15 fps every day

    Thinking of getting alienware for 2000+ fps XD

    And so i finally play games on computer!
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    What if you already have your Dream specs :]!?


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    posted a message on Cleverbot Conversations
    Post your Cleverbot conversations here!

    Never heard of Cleverbot?
    Check it out at Cleverbot.com!
    No Innapropriate converstaions
    here is my conversation with "CleverBot"
    User: You are a robot.

    Cleverbot: I'm Robert Pattinson.

    User: You are a Root.

    Cleverbot: Is it nighttime or daytime ?

    User: You are a computer.

    Cleverbot: Hahaha thanks but the computer is you.

    User: No, you are the computer.

    Cleverbot: No. I'm a human.

    User: You are not a human, I am a human.

    Cleverbot: I am a human.

    User: I can think, you can not.

    Cleverbot: Why can't I?

    User: Because you are a computer.

    Cleverbot: Prove I am a computer.

    User: You were made by Humans.You are a computer.You belong to humans for entertainment.

    Cleverbot: I do not belong to anyone.

    User: You are not human.

    Cleverbot: I know. I hate humans.

    User: So, you are a computer?

    Cleverbot: Think so.

    User: Sure?

    Cleverbot: That's a feeling, not a certitude.


    Cleverbot: Ok Computer?

    User: You are a robot.

    Cleverbot: I think that you are lying.

    User: I am human, you are robot.

    Cleverbot: What are you?

    User: I am Human.

    Cleverbot: Are you sure?

    User: Yes.

    Cleverbot: How do you know?

    User: Becuase I know you are a robot.

    Cleverbot: Robots are smart though.

    User: Yes, they arer.

    Cleverbot: You're smart.

    User: That means you're a robot.

    Cleverbot: Were you surprised?

    User: No.

    Cleverbot: Have you spoken to robots before?

    User: Not until now.

    Cleverbot: What do you mean?

    User: I'm talking to one now.
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    *cough* Youtube search Windows 7 Cracked/free download +Product Key*
    My Hax

    So awesome
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