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I've never really had much to say for my bio, but here we go.

I've been around ever since Minecraft had a public release. And I mean all the way to the ENGINE demo that they released. I've actually kept all of them around with their original launchers for a while. But then my harddrive crashed, and I lost all of them.

I've kept the original launcher around though.

This account is actually the successor to another account I had, which had it's password lost. And It was also on another email account, months prior to actually losing this password I actually lost the password to the email it was assigned to. Which is why, I made this account. (I understand that I'm not supposed to make more accounts, but do I look like I care? No. Unless you want to merge this account with mine, I won't bite. I've lost that account because A)You wouldn't get me the password and B)I lost the email I was trying to use to get the account back.)

I ALWAYS enjoy modding and would like to get to work with a mod. I'm actually making a successor to the GDTMP mod, which was discontinued by Darkly a while back.

I also have a very short fuse so please do n o t mess with me.

PS.If you're wondering what happened to LIVEXBOXPLAYER4, well, same lockout reason as my first forums account.







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Location California, USA

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