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    Quote from refrainfromit

    How exactly does multiplayer work? Is it like bluetooth? Or do I have to have them both connected to the internet?


    So far it only works for LAN (Local Area Network)

    SO you need all the devices that are going to play together on a LAN, you don't have to be connected to the Internet, just make sure they are all connected to the same network. I also have thought it may be possible for one device to host a network and connect that way, so if you are on the move you can play anywhere, although I have not tested this.

    1. Have one of the devices start a game, ensure that 'server is visible' option is on, you can check this when you are in game and press the arrow back button or menu button on your phone

    2. Then on the other devices select 'Join Game" it will begin to find other games on the LAN network.

    3. It then should show any games it finds. It will show the name you set on the options and IP address of the game started on the other device

    4. Select it and you will join the game.
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    I can double confirm that the HTC desire works, Galaxy Tab and the GS2 work. HTC though needs to be put on lower quality for best performance.
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    I'll record some multiplayer footage once it comes out on Android. I've got a Desire, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Samsung S2 to test on. So I'll test it out when it comes out.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.8 unplayable on Mac 10.5.8
    It seems its not the Operating system. I've got 10.5.8 and running 1.8 fine. I believe it could be Open GL and/or the GPU cards. I know my friends with old white Macbooks running the Intel integrated card are having troubles running 1.8.
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    posted a message on Crashes on Mac version 1.3
    Ah okay, I'm not the only one. Same problem here.
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    Same problem here, I click create map and it crashes.
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    posted a message on Why Notch should worry about the people who already own MC
    I've been a dedicated supporter of Minecraft since 2009. I've been a paid member for almost 2 years now. There hasn't been a single time where I have regretted Minecraft as a purchase, I've been patience and waited for updates.

    I understand the newer people who could potentially leave due to bugs and lack of updates could hurt future sales, but I can say I highly doubt it.

    At the current rate in which Minecraft is progressing I can only see it becoming bigger and bigger. I think only issue to be regarded is that people need to understand that this game isn't finished its in BETA.

    And if all else fails trying to explain this:

    ...It's better late than never.
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    Quote from tomi1337 »
    That was pretty sweet actually, if you can make the player model like the one in minecraft, this would be epic.
    And i got to say, i didn't find any easter eggs tough i watched it twice :biggrin.gif:

    Haha, Thanks.

    The easter eggs are subtle problems with the animation, look carefully at the environment
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    Hey all, I've finally (and badly) Finished the short animation I have been working on. I think this will be the last animation I will ever do as you may tell, I'm not a good animator. Anyway, enjoy the animation

    Random Facts:

    Made in: Blender 2.49

    Edited in: Imovie HD

    Music: Piano 2 (Minecraft)

    Thank you to JabJabJab for the kit

    Also there are various Easter eggs in the short, see if you can find them.
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    posted a message on Mo' Creatures - v12.0.0 for Minecraft 1.12.1!! Now Opensource!!
    Hey these are really cool,

    I was wondering I have some models already made, do you want them? that way you can make them into mods as well :3

    You can check them out here:

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    posted a message on The Beggar's Thread the Sequel: Electric Boogaloo.
    Any beggers here still after the game, why not try and enter this contest to try and win a copy:

    Details here:

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    posted a message on Chance to Win a Copy of Minecraft!
    Click here to see the contest details:

    Or otherwise read on:

    With a recent funding I have decided to run a contest. Here's how you can win:

    1. Create an original piece of art related to Minecraft
    2. Use whatever medium or software you want, make sure its not strange or anything
    3. Submit it to [email protected] for a chance to win!

    Make sure to submit it by the 31st of December 2010

    Winners will be notified and gifted soon after the contest ends. (Gifted Alpha account)

    Thanks, and good luck to any contestants.
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    posted a message on Defaultsound's Concepts, 3D models inside
    Hey all it's been a while

    But I've got this for you:


    Inspired by one of notch's posts
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    posted a message on Left 4 Minecraft
    Nice stuff, keep it up :3
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    posted a message on MB3D Cinema Toolkit (ALPHA 1.4) (BLENDER)
    Quote from CobraA1 »
    Blender? Isn't that the one with the "everything is a button, even if it isn't" interface?

    . . . and note to Logitech MX users: Make sure you create an exception for Blender. It does use the middle mouse button.

    Gonna have to figure out Blender all over again.

    It's not that bad, yes in the older versions it does require some understanding of the hotkeys and shortcuts, but besides that its not too hard to learn.

    Also I've been modeling in Blender (Not using your tool though) thought I would post somethings up here.

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