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    Quote from coolmanik»

    What I see is the path made from hay bales. That'll be a lot of food for the player...

    Hmm hay bales are good path blocks. I guess I could have a rule saying that you can't turn hay into wheat. Also here is one with brightness up:

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    Wow I wonder what happened to Soup he hasn't posted in sooo long. I hope he's alright.
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    Quote from HUGHmungous100

    This question probably gets asked a lot, but what would you guys recommend I do to get into map-making? It's something I've wanted to do for a LONG time, but it honestly seems so... intimidating to me.

    Also, I agree with Titan of Secrets, Fang's Uncle Sam hat is awesome.

    I just started making my first map like a week ago. Even if I'm new to this I'll give you some advice.
    1. HAVE FUN!!!!!!
    2. Do you really want to do this?
    3. Install the software you need (e.g. World Edit, MCEdit, etc)
    4. Go with what you feel.
    5. Think BIG
    I think that's it!
    P.S. Sorry for the double post. Stupid new MCF with no connected posts.
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    posted a message on FIFA 2014 Hosted by Minezil! Version 1.0, a 1.8 minigame (Use the latest one)
    Why august? Just so it's after the cup?
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    I dug a 32x32 hole all the way to bedrock. With stone picks.
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    Finally someone like me!!!! Man I always want to build an amazing base with everything but i just roam from spawn building holes in the ground along the way. Although on the very first day I make a little hut then go straight to strip mining and normally get 1-10 diamonds on the first to third day. Then start to roam while doing my favorite thing along the way: caving.;D
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    So this is going to be a decaf survival journal. The reason I call it "decaf" is because I'm not going to use any potions, golden apples, beacons, or any other items that will give me buffs. I have wanted to start a survival journal for a long time so here it goes. By the way this better be good.
    Entry #1:
    Man I hate swamps! I even spawned in the water!

    Ok let's see what's in the bonus chest. The reason I did a bonus chest was because I didn't want to have to start from the VERY beginning.

    Wow best bonus chest ever!
    I think I'm going to head off in this direction.

    Yes! I scaled the mountain! I also got a lot more wood, some stone. and some coal.

    I think I might settle down right here!

    So I think this is pretty good right? I added some support beams after so don't judge this one too much. I have always wanted to build one of these houses. Oh by the way I intend to expand this A LOT!

    Oh I see you zombie! Luckily I have a door right?

    This is the inside of my first house. I hope it's good.
    Entry #2:
    Between entries I did some strip mining ( which I forgot to screenshot) and I also pushed some cows into this makeshift pen.

    Yes! I climbed this mountain to see if there were any sheep in sight. But man this view is amazing! See the circle? Well you can probably get a quick glimpse of a normal pre 1.7 forest.

    My house looks good on that mountain right? Well you can see how high up this mountain I'm on is.

    I explored around a bit more and I found them! Right next to spawn as well! I can finally make a bed!!!!

    Yes a bed! I can sleep!

    So I slept and saw a few skeletons under my trees or in that little pool of water. And skeletons mean bones and bones mean bonemeal and bonemeal means . . . I can grow my wheat and that means I can breed those cows and get renewable source of food! So pretend I left for a minute right then. So I managed to kill those skeletons and get 1 bone only 1 though - those stingy skeles!

    Can you guys tell me if you like the circles? See ya next time!
    Ooops wrong picture nooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
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    So I was messing around with the new slimeblock/piston mechanics and I found a ghost block glitch.
    In this post I will tell you how to make it.

    First put a piston and a slimeblock down like this:

    Then make a small 1-tick pulse machine next to the block in front of the piston and have the signal go to the other piston like so:

    Make sure that there is a hole underneath the slimeblock. If there is a block under the slimeblock it will pull that block and the glitch won't work. Hole underneath:

    After you do all that place a redstone block where that sign was and the redstone block will become a ghost block.

    VERY IMPORTANT READ: This doesn't always work and may take a few tries.
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    How many seeds do ya pay him? You should pay the minimum wage of 10 seeds a day. If not I'll have to report you to the M.U.P.A.P ! (Minercaft Under Paid Animal Police)
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    I've been messing around on youtube and stuff about caving. So does anyone know any caving tips tricks and overall cool stuff to do with caving, getting ores, and possibly abandoned mineshafts? This is also slightly directed at MasterCaver.

    - Decaf :DPA: :DORE:
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