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    posted a message on How do you feel about rabbit meat?
    I don't see why not. Even if I were the opinion that rabbit meat is bad (and I'm not) I wouldn't have an issue with it. It's just a video game, and there are far more disturbing things in videos games. It seems like a very minor thing.
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    posted a message on Wow, is 1.7.10 Laggy!
    Quote from ORabbit

    Well, 1.7.9 lags terrribly for me, and if it lagged any worse the game would outright stop dead. So I'm not seeing much a dif between 1.7.9 and 1.7.10. I just do a couple of perfomance boosting work-arounds on my PC and just deal with it.

    They need to devote the next 12 updates to optimizing the game. Seriously. My PC meets Mojang's rec'd reqs and it lags this bad even though there's plenty of free memory and the CPU usage isn't that high. The problem is definitely with the game. Well, with Java too. Becuase Java is horridly slow and it sucks stinky toenails.

    That's a myth. The lag has nothing to do with Java. The game would be an extreme resource-hog even in something like C++.
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    posted a message on 1.7.10 messes up your world!
    Quote from GameRecker77

    I can understand HardCoreRobots frustration here. That kind of feature would be relatively simple compared to other things they have implemented.

    That's besides the point. The developers are people, and he's acting as if they've committed some terrible crime by not implementing what he suggested.

    The issue with his suggestion, by the way, is it's a silly concept, in practice. Let's say you have a server, with a world they've had for ages. A normal situation, right?

    Now, let's assume they would like to test snapshots. That's also a normal situation, right? So assuming his suggestion was implemented, how would the game treat the world that they're trying to bring over to a snapshot? Would it say no, because the versions don't interact properly? That's not good.

    Now, let's assume the opposite. A snapshot server wants to evolve to the full release of 1.8. How would it treat the snapshot world coming to a new update?

    The issue here is a tricky one. How could you implement this, without disabling players or, by extension, server owners?

    I think a warning would be nice. Which exists. Anything further than that is too complicated and will do more damage than good.

    Another big issue I had with his post, was that he acted as if Mojang is somehow less intelligent for not implementing such a diluted mechanic. I wonder what they means for his intelligence. If Mojang is stupid, what is he?
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    posted a message on 1.7.10 messes up your world!
    Quote from hardcorerobot

    Amazing how that much incompetence exists in coding this game, doesn't it?

    How freaking hard would it to be to save data in a file so that the wrong version of Minecraft can't open the world?

    How hard is that??????

    Yeah, of course they are. That's why they're coding professionally for a living and you're sitting here on these forums pretending you know what you're talking about.

    Since you're clearly so intelligent, please, explain to us in the crudest manner you can (pseudocode, perhaps?) how Mojang could do this. We'd all love to hear how you've got that all figured out.
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    posted a message on Seamless slabs removed in 14w25b
    Quote from hardcorerobot

    The whole thinking behind stones is ridiculous.

    When you break stone you get cobblestone (broken stone).

    Yet the very same pickaxe manages to break perfect blocks of granite, andesite, and diorite without needing to craft or smelt those?

    Putting rocks onto a stick to make a pickaxe. You should totally have to drill a hole in the rock first. /s

    People need to stop trying to play the realism card, it doesn't belong here.
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    posted a message on Mojang Announcement: EULA, and Servers
    You guys have got to be kidding me. Seriously, this thread is full of so much ignorance it hurts.


    The new EULA is an improvement over that.

    If you can't understand that SIMPLE CONCEPT, I'm surprised you have the ability to run a server at all.

    It's no wonder Mojang doesn't post here anymore.
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    posted a message on Mysterious New Underwater Content
    From Jeb_'s instagram:


    He says he's working on something *new* for Minecraft.

    I see at least 2 new block types, and one of them gives off light.
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    posted a message on "Seecret friday update?"
    There's no secret friday update coming, it's just a reference to alpha.
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    posted a message on Where's the next snapshot?
    Quote from Chameleonred5

    But they do. There's no point in talking about their non-obligation, because whether or not they could stop at any time, this is what they are doing now. Them creating material means it is subject to complaints, regardless of price and regardless of whether they will stop in the future.

    I need to correct you there, sorry. Just because something is subject to complaints, does not mean those responsible have any obligation (moral or otherwise) to anything. There's no connection there. Everybody will complain about something, if a complaint warrants an obligation, then everybody is screwed. They don't have any obligation, at all. This isn't a popular concept, and that's fine, because popularity has nothing to do with the correctness of a concept.

    Before somebody shouts mindlessly, "that's just your opinion", I'd like to say, no, it is not. It is a statement that Mojang has made repeatedly. It is not "just an opinion", and even if it were, some opinions are completely and totally based on nonsense, and some opinions are based on fact and reality. The concept of Mojang having zero responsibility to continue sending out updates is the correct one. You may not like, you may think it's wrong, and hell, it may be downright disagreeable as a business practice, but it's completely and totally their own decision to make, even if people disagree.

    Anyways, on topic, there's supposedly a snapshot tomorrow, at least according to TheMogMiner.
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    posted a message on If Mojang was trying to be more realistic with the minecart changes...
    Quote from KingzofDawn

    Guys, this is a snapshot. Derailing's a bug possibly because of the speed the Minecarts are going at.

    Dinnerbone already said this was a bug.


    I mentioned it being a bug a page back, and was promptly ignored. :P

    I love how people on these forums get upset over something and immediately complain about it before doing any extra research.
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