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    Presenting you my gas carrier vessel minecraft model. The scale is 1block=1m. Total work time so far is about 80 hours using creative mode on SMP server. All interriors are modelled precisely.

    Some details were ommited because of inability to recreate them without breaking the scale. Hope you enjoy.
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    posted a message on [24/7]*Swinecraft*-RP-Survival [30 slots]
    Swinecraft had been up for more then 7 months now. We have very community playerbase, extending beyond minecraft.
    All server-related info can be found on our server forum.
    Server forum: http://swinecraft.no-ip.org

    SwineCraft is starting new map on 15/10/2011. Be sure to drop by and check our forums if interested.

    We are looking for mature motivated players, who will blend well into our growing community.

    Looking forward to seeing You on our server.
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