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    posted a message on Flan's Mod 5.5.2 Update : 1.12.2, 100s of new Skins! : Helicopters, Mechas, Planes, Vehicles, 3D Guns, Multiplayer, TDM, CTF
    Awesome! Since i've been playing this, i've had a reason to mine loads of coal! I also like how much work goes into building the planes, keeping things relatively balanced!

    Any plains to add a cargo type plane, one that drops a chest full of supplies?
    And/or a parachute?
    Maybe also a fuel converter, so you can use charcoal or lava?
    Or a two person bomber - has two extra bomb slots and a gun turret for the co-pilot/gunner?
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    posted a message on Looking for a Fallout Server (Underground Living Only)
    if you use the biome terrain mod, you can set the height of the ground to about where the clouds are by default, adding 40 blocks to the ground depth (or more if you tweek it)
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    posted a message on Need server plugins
    Sounds like he's looking for something that can post "realtime server and map information" to a website, so you can see who is currently playing and have a live view of the game map

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    posted a message on I'm Looking for an Ore redistribution MOD

    there was a updated SMP version, but i cant find the link, it effects the landscape but also has very easy to tweak ore distribution options. I'd highly recommend any ore changes be tested in single player mode first, so you know wether or not it's over kill or too barren
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    posted a message on Looking for a mod or an idea
    wish i bookmarked it, but there was a really cool map on here a few days ago that had something like an arena for gladiator-like combat. the person build a near rounded area where the fights took place, with 6-8 door ways leading under the spectator seats. inside these little alcoves were two monster spawner boxes (prolly imported with MCedit?).

    I think if you put a few small skylights over the places where spectators/monster spawns are, it might help prevent them from coming in duiring the day.
    But if they still keep coming during the day, try enclosing the entire arena like some sort of 'thunder-dome/cube' so daylight wouldn't really be much of an issue, so much as it could be considered the arena's hours of operation?
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    posted a message on [32x][1.10.2][Custom Models] StugAce's ROMECRAFT Version 16
    Quote from StugAce »
    Quote from HagenBraun »
    It's good to see your pack keeps improving. A little hint: If you are looking for a good Roman font for your banners and images, give Trajan a try. I'm sure you will like it.
    Oh, and while your texture pack is good, your Latin could use a little work :tongue.gif:

    I'll give it a look, thanks! Also, my Latin is perfect, whatchoo talking about? :tongue.gif:

    Nunc Roma est aurea!
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    posted a message on Spawn point reset
    you can use MCedit to move the player's current position or the spawn point (among other fun things)
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    posted a message on ★ The MMORPG Project 4.0™ ★ [Closed]: Moved on to The Island
    Minecraft Username: Deathray56
    Age: 25
    Do you speak good English? (Y/N) yes
    What's your native language? English
    Why do you want to become a member on this server? sounds like fun
    You will be given the ability to use fire; do you understand it's not a toy, and should not be used to burn the leaves off entire forests? yeah, its also unsightly, causes lag and destroys wood that could be better used elsewhere
    Give a good example of a way to use fire that is not server-destructive: in-home fireplaces
    Have you read all the rules? (Y/N) yes]
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    posted a message on Share your BiomeTerrain Mod v10.x + Settings
    I checked for other mods, but didnt see anything that could let you further tweak cave settings. The biome terrain mod is great, but doesnt seem to have a setting for adjusting something like the cave's height or length, only their frequency.
    I wanted to have caves with twice the default ceiling, but the default width, with some being completely exposed to the sky (like little canyons). maybe even a few that are partly flooded, unlike an underground lake or a water block.
    is there even a way to do this or is there another mod that can handle this? if not, could it perhaps be considered in a update for this mod?
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    posted a message on Share your BiomeTerrain Mod v10.x + Settings
    Quote from dave11 »
    Quote from MrZunz »

    The oldest map settings in this thread, like Moon River, have a different Replace Block section than the newer ones. Apparently the mod changed at some point there in the beginning.

    In fact there are more things missing in those older settings, Cave and Hell variables at least are not in the ones posted on the first page.

    the was an update after the original person who made the mod went inactive. im not sure exactly what else changed other than the new tree types no longer work in the last version, but thats prolly why your seeing a difference.
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    posted a message on Gold Rush Alaska
    would you really want that guy working your mine?

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    posted a message on [MOD]Roads!v1.3[MC Beta 1.5_1]
    Quote from Dixie »

    More practical or easier to impliment method:

    The player could use a new tool similar to the hoe but one that is meant for creating paths. And use it to create a path wherever the player wishes by simply removing the grass [but also creating transitions between blocks of different elevations] maybe using a lighter shade of dirt texture to indicate it is very dry and trampled, or dusty. Then the game just has to keep track of those specific blocks in a group and a timer counts down how long before one of the blocks gets walked on by a player or mob. So long as atleast one of the blocks gets used before the timer is up the path stays. And the timer resets each time a block in the path gets stepped on.

    i think this method would be easier to do than having the game try to track every path the player or players take, as it only needs to track the specified blocks the player(s) set the road on

    great idea, this would be handy on a SMP server with distant settlements
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    posted a message on -MetalCraft-
    can you use something like MCedit to create a schematic of the ore clusters you were talking about? if so, you could use those clusters the way the game inserts dungeons but at a higher frequency with a random selection of 20 different formations.
    if there is a way to get diamonds to only spawn under coal bearing mountains, and occasional gold blocks forming in springs and waterfalls that would be really cool, but i highly doubt it's currently possible.

    As far as i can tell, the game seems to generate the land and ore placements first, then runs it's cave generator (and thats how sometimes you find a single block of coal in a cave roof/wall). I figured this was erosion
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    posted a message on Useful new materials
    this is pretty neat, but could you use steel tools/armor?
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    posted a message on new mod for multiplayer

    I had a similar idea for mining silver and using a coin press (crafted item) to mint coins, but im not a skilled coder

    edit -
    looks single player...
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