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    Hey i have just started building my server up,i am looking for admins supermods and mods .check out my post.
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    Quote from AustinPlaysMC »
    My good friend PurpleArmy, Me, and a few other guys have been working hard on our brand new server for a couple days, whether it be on plug-ins, buildings, or anything else. We think we've gotten to the stage where we could use some testers to test our server, and even tell us what you like / don't like. We are only thinking of letting about 3 or 4 testers in at the moment, so act quickly if you want to test! Here is the application, just copy and paste it, and post it here:

    ♦In Game Name:Death_rider20
    ♦Why do you want to test it:To help you guys create a better server for everyone
    ♦Do you plan on sticking with this server?:Yes,(if i get accepted)
    ♦What do you plan on doing if you get in:
    Well bulding first of all,but if you have a admin position avalible i would love to become one.I have had previous admin experince in a pvp server,and i am able to use worldedit quite well.PM me if i am accepted,

    PurpleArmy will choose the applicants soon, so hurry if you want in!
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    Quote from thatoneguy650 »
    PMs responded to. We are still looking for some dedicated builders. I am on now.

    Hello i would like to join
    i have had previous experince as a admin running world edit.
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    Current server status is: ONLINE
    Server IP address:
    If you have any questions please email me at [email protected]


    IGN: Death_rider20

    Why you should be on the server?.I would like to contribute to the amazing server you currently have,any help you need i will help you step by step.

    Do you have any experience running a server? (EX: being a mod or being a owner)Yes i was a server admin for quite a while,i am able to use the world build pluggin,exc..

    Could you show me some of your most awesome buildings? not right now


    Why did the chicken cross the road? To prove to the possum it could actualy be done
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    [quote=atomiccow]I host an established server with a very active community. I am seeking to beef up the admin team, but im looking for certain things. We offer a plugin rich environment, so knowing any of our plugins would be a huge benefit. We have multiple openings right now on the moderator team. We also have a single position open for an worldadmin. They are the top of our ranks, thus, this will be considered carefully. I am basically looking for a partner to host with. I am already paying for and maintaining the server from the backend, I need someone who wants to handle most of the in-game aspect of administering while giving me feedback about the backend. i will still work ingame as well, i currently do, i just need help. Please fill out the below if your interested. Do not apply if you are under 16, sorry.

    Name: Death_Rider20
    Email:[email protected]
    Do you have Skype/MSN/etc:yes i have msn,skype
    Past Experience (admin & plugin):Yes i have been an admin on a server,with world edit,and multiple plugins.
    Why you want to join my staff:I would like to inprove your Mc world,by creating a great overall atmosphere.Also to Inprove your server by working alongside you, working step by step.
    How many hours a week do you play MC:20+a week.
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    Hey join my server just look for the post by deathrder20. March08
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