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    posted a message on 1.8 Updates: Changing the Chests
    Light update is not gitchy, and clouds are affected by the sun light! There is also a chest hidden behind a cacti!
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    posted a message on [WIP] [1.5_01] MineRag: Ragdoll Physics for Minecraft
    Quote from HeadB0x [F1N »

    Well, if they did glsl shaders (Depth of field), there could be a chance that this could work.

    GSLS shaders.
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    posted a message on [IDEA]Weeping Angels mob.
    Quote from Pentigan »
    Will probably be hard to code "Is player looking at mob", I like the idea (Seen both the episodes 10th & 11th) and this would make a really awesome addition to the world. One suggestion though, maybe instead of "Only move when not seen or level 0 light" make it "Only move (And spawn) when below (Just below moonlight level)" And have it deal contact damage at 1.5 x zombie damage and when paused (due to light being placed) is suspectable to any type of pick (at the normal speed for that pick for redstone ore).

    In minecraft, you have to code the model. You can't just import it. You must write it. The problem actually is not the AI because of this ^.

    EDIT: I edited item 6.

    EDIT 2:
    Will probably be hard to code "Is player looking at mob"

    It actually is "Is mob at player sight", because it is not actually his head, but yes a camera. That's how a game work. And that actually is not that hard. The hardest part will be to model it, to make it's AI, and to make it invisible to the player while in a place with level light 0 (by that i mean maing it unspotable. If that word even exists.)
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    posted a message on [IDEA]Weeping Angels mob.
    I decided to start moding minecraft, and I chose the following mob as my first modification. If i get 25 + thumbs up I will start learning some java. It will look like this:

    Open in a new tab to see full image.

    And now some ideas for its behavior, noises and etc...

    1) it should have a relatively large view distance.

    2) It should only spawn underground. That doesn't stop it from following you to the surface, however, so if you find one, either kill it there or seal it up.

    3) They should be able to freeze by looking at eachother. You'd actually have to watch the Doctor Who episode to see what I mean.

    4) The only way to kill the is with a diamon pic.

    5) They will be able to destroy torches just by looking at then for more than 12 seconds.

    6) if they are at light level 0 (the darkest possible) they won't be spoted and will keep teleporting towards the player.

    7) They will not move until they spot the player.

    8) They can teleport and destroy torches behind glass.

    9) When spoted they "call for backup". This backup will try to kill the player.

    Banner added:





    Thanks to:

    Piecjr - for teaching me how to make small images!

    My new keyboard - for not being crappy!
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    posted a message on Best 3D modelling software for minecraft?
    The topic self explains itself.
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