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    posted a message on looking for people to help with the hunger games server!
    I can help if you want.
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    posted a message on Hunger Games looking for staff.
    Howdy! I don't where to start but I'll give it a shot! My name is Jean (yes I was born in France...) I'm a male. I'm Australian (not the outback Australian kind). I'm 21 (born the 26th of May 1990). My goal on the server is to keep it a family friendly server! This includes keeping it cheating free. I don't cheat and I'm the kind who don't swear (on MC that is). I've been Moderator on 2 other servers but the server crumbled. But I have the knowledge of how to know who greifed, I know if people are X-Raying and yeah. To sum up think I could be great help! I would be happy with any position (forum, in-game). I hope I haven't been writing too much Bye
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    posted a message on Can a custom made server (10gb ram, intel i7) run 24/7?
    Can a custom made (10gb ram, intel i7) run 24/7? And how much people can it hold? Will it burn the computer? Please help. I am talking about a Bukkit server, and I have fast internet.
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