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    Hello I am Deadly_Dream Ive been playing minecraft for many years now and have always wanted a mod just for me that would change the look of miecraft no matter what i do.

    Request: A mod that makes minecraft hyper realistic. For example blocks broken will break into shards, sounds will echo based on the blocks surrounding the player (dirt makes a softer echo than stone and wool has no echos. You get the jist. Anyway this mod is for the current version 1.16 and , if possible, be compatible with the LB Photo Realism Texture pack. or any for that matter. Also if the mod creater is willing to keep this mod updated and set up a support line for any bugs found there would be an extra payment that will be discussed.

    Budget: $50 max for the mod itself based on how well and how much the mod takes care of. Negotiable.. A monthly payment for support and updates will be discussed.

    TimeFrame: ASAP but take your time dont rush. i dont want to take up your life for a game.

    Contact Info: Discord: DeadlyDreams247#7090

    PS More specifics will come if contacted.

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