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    Auto posted two posted. Deleted other
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    FYI you know im Mellolemon right?
    So i cant even answer these:
    #1 Why were you banned? For pretty much walking and taking something out of a chest because it wasnt locked - PvP not griefing. Called raiding
    #2 What makes you think we should unban you? Because you wrongfully banned me
    #3 Will you do what got you banned again? No walk i guess. lol
    #4 What would you do if you were in my shoes? You should apologize to me for wrongfully banning me
    #5 Who do you want to apologize to? No one because i didnt do anything wrong
    #6 Are you willing to lose all your items to be unbanned? I didnt take anything so i have nothing to lose..
    #7 Why do you break rules and think you will get away with it? I didnt know getting into someone elses town without breaking anything once would get me banned. Or getting me tped away and looking thru someone items because you tped me there, would get me banned.
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    I didnt go back to Mongolia.... I was sitting in the spawn. Also the way that you are in the top 50 is because you bribe people. "Go vote now and get 250 gold"

    "You were banned for cheating. It had nothing to do with the towns. You also were not in an admin town you were in Mongolia and there are no staff members in that town so you obviously have no idea what you are talking about.

    On 2nd hand we have plugins that catch cheaters and that is what you were doing so enjoy your ban and have fun finding another server."

    You said i was cheating before now the story changes? Lmao seems like you cant even get your facts right.

    Also the only thing i was going in Mongolia was walking around! So you banned me for walking around? At least you are not getting the full story also. Yeah i placed lava but it disappears so no harm. I took something out of a chest of the town you tped me to and right when i took it he said give it back. I didnt even have one second to give it to him before i was sent to jail.
    You need to get your facts right. I was only in Mongolia once. I didnt take anything from Mongolia.
    Also if you let me spawn i can show you where i am at to prove you wrong.
    Right now the only reason i am banned is back you dont have your facts right.
    Now what Death? What do you have to say to that?
    I didnt take anything or grief anything from mongolia.
    I took something and didnt have time to give it back - u jailed me before i could.
    I was only in the town once.
    So what now death? Now that you know the truth. Or are you going to continue to lie?

    Also you said i was "noclipping and griefing"
    I didnt grief anything. I was walking around in their base. So still going to lie?
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    Umm i have no cheating items. U banned me for no reason. You lie to other players. I was just sitting in the town and someone from Mongolia tped me to another location. So that is cheating. Then i got put in a jail killed by you. After that i just was sitting there not doing a thing. I got kicked for no reason. Then i joined again and got kicked and banned. For no reason. Stop your lying dude.
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    I suggest not going to this server. I randomly got banned for entering someone else town. Want modding or hacking. We came into the town from underground. Extremely unfair server. Admins abuse their powers for no reason. They are not legit in making their town also.
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    1: In Game Name (IGN): Mellolemon
    2: (optional) Age: 20
    3: (optional) Gender (male or female): M
    4: How did you find us: Forums ofc
    5: How long have you been playing Mine Craft: A couple of months
    6: Did you vote for the server? yes
    7: What servers have you been banned from: None
    8: What would you tell me if I asked what your Mine Craft playing style is: Redstone creations
    9: Did you read the rules: Yes
    10: Do you agree with the rules: Yes (You should add with admin runs. No killing unless god mode is off)
    11: Why do you want to play on this server: I already started to play
    12: How often will you be on this server: Daily
    13: Is there anything else you would like to add to your application? Not right now but my other friend that is currently in school will be making on of these later. His name is krystic.
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    posted a message on [1.6.2][Forge/Survival]Silvania: Ultimatum - WE HAVE RETURNED! ☢CUSTOM ATL MODPACK☢PvP☢ECONOMY☢FTB-STYLE MODPACK INSTALLER!
    User name*: Mellolemon
    Location/Time Zone*: USA/Est
    Did someone refer you?: Nope
    Minecraft Version (eg 1.8.1)*: I switch between 1.7 and 1.8.1 (Because my friend hosts a server in 1.7 still because of plugin issues and we just have fun and play with redstone on that server but mostly on 1.8.1)
    Land/Town: Loxley
    Job: Blacksmith
    Bio*: About a 20 year old that is quiet a alcoholic bum. One day he went off exploring. Thing he noticed he was walking along a beach. Water crashing up on the sand. Next, he felt the ground shake and thought he hear tiny screams. He took one more step and the ground under him fell and he blacked out. When he woke up he thought he was having a dream. He is sober now and opens his eyes and couldn't see anything. He feels around and touches something that seems to be a torch. He places it on the ground and it was. The torch brightly shown the cave. Many dead people were laying on the ground. Along with them there were pickaxes and blocks of iron, stone, and some gold. He picked up the gold and found more torches. He placed them around the cave. He noticed more TNT and figured that is what caused the crashing of the sand above him. He removed the TNT. Wishing he had something to drink. Although, he was an alcoholic, he was still smart and disabled the TNT. He went back and sat down on the sand. He looked around the cave and notices a strange looking rock. This rock didnt have yellow, tan, or blue in it. It had a color he had never seen before. It was the color red. He walked over to the rock and picked up a pickaxe off the ground. He hit it once and it brighten up. Made him jump then the brightness went away. He wanted to know what was inside that rock so he started to beat it. The rock was so bright it was lighting up the room. Finally, the rock broke and it scattered all these items over the place. At first glance he thought it was red gems. He gathered them and started to carry them. While walking he tripped over some sticks making him drop the new red "gems" once the hit the ground he saw them line up and stick to the ground. He thought back to when he was hitting the block and how it glowed when he hit it. So he had an idea and placed one of the "gems" on a stick. Once he did that he realized that they arent actually gems. They are made from some dusty material from the earth. Then the new type of torch began to glow. He was so thrilled and happy. He found something new. He connected the new torch to the other trail of the red dust and noticed it also made them glow. He decided to call it redstone dust because the rock he found it in was red and the material was a dust type. To this day it is now used to power many different items in the world. All thanks to one drunk man.... [end]

    (P.S. any spelling or grammar mistakes in the passage above is my mistake ofc. anyways i am sorry for those mistakes because i am not a fan of any time of English even tho i am american. I am more of a math person. Thank you)
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    Minecraft Username: Mellolemon
    Why You want to Be this Rank: What are the ranks xD
    What's Your Minecraft Specialty: Redstone
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    Ign: mellolemon
    Experience with redstone: Alright i guess
    Rating of your redstone expertise(1-10): 3
    Do you know Logic: Pretty well
    Pictures/Videos of your creations:

    I have a 3gb vid but im uploading it tonight when i go to sleep
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    posted a message on [24/7][BRAND NEW]Brand New Awesome Everything server[Creative][Survival]
    ign: Mellolemon

    Anything else you would like me to add?
    I like redstone
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    posted a message on 24/7 Creative Wickedsick.us - Need Builders and Admins
    Quote from SlaphappyNinja5

    my in game name is nin1 and i would be a good admen,i like to build airships, and i have a mike to use four skype. and thank u 4 taking the time 2 reed this

    But you cant spell :rolleyes:

    Anyways I work with redstone and i am an admin for another server. Waiting for it to reach 1.8 >.>
    I know how to use world edit commands and op commands quite well.
    IGN: Mellolemon
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    Quote from AspectDoRi

    What the heck? I just build what ever, and don't have fun with it? Denyed! Also, I cannot accept people who don't have screenshots guys. BTW : Me, and Crestfallen are the admins of this server.

    Well i dont think you just want a picture of a wall >.> Or do you want to see the redstone behind it?
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    IGN : Mellolemon

    Played on any previous building servers? Not really building but i built things because i was made admin

    What is the theme of the server? Well the theme of the server was kinda like a umm i dont know i just built things but it wasnt a building server

    Do you enjoy community projects? If im not working on my own project

    Screenshots or videos?: None sorry

    Short bio of yourself: I love redstone. It is so fun to play with. Boom.
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    Ill join im in right now under the name of Mellolemon
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