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    Hello Traveller! Are you looking for a new adventure? Then you've come to the right place! We are a small team of creative Roleplay lovers and are looking to share our Ideas and Roleplays with you guys! Our server is still at a very early Stage but we're working on it daily. The only thing we can't fix on our own is the lack of an active playerbase, with just a handful of players it's difficult to find bugs and issues so we can solve them. That's where your task starts, we need you! If you're looking for minecraft Towny Survival with a focus on interactive Roleplay in an awesome Medieval Fantasy setting with an almost complete Lore, then make sure to send me a message on Discord (@Aniki#8004) and i will introduce you to our own little world :)

    Thank you for reading this. If you have any questions then again, just ask on Discord.

    Take care!

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    I figured it was time to update this:

    -Towny is added and almost fully operational.

    -We are right now implimenting a protection

    and Lock plugin for ingame security

    So the server will be ready to let some people in soon.

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    Greetings fellow adventurer, I am Dazren, one of a handfull of people that currently play on a Medieval Fantasy based Roleplay server.

    The server is still in a very early state, however i think the best progress is made when lot's of people unite! That's why i created this post here, to find people who are interested in joining and helping develop a very young Minecraft Roleplay Server.

    Maybe i should say a few words about the server itself. It is a survival based Minecraft server with player constructed, handmade Towns, Kingdoms and of course lot's of Roleplay! At the moment two Kingdoms are being constructed, with most likely plenty more to come in the future.

    Plugin wise it's a fairly Vanilla server, we have Essentials and will add Towny soon so we can get an Economy started! :)

    Now if you wish to join, don't expect to be part of the Staff team immediately and gain OP e.t.c.

    All we are looking for is a community that enjoys to play Survival minecraft and Roleplay!

    So if that is your kind of cup of tea then feel free to join! :)

    Anyway, enough of me rambling about things that could happen, what is most certain is that we need PLAYERS!

    So if you are interested in a new Adventure, feel free to send me a message via Discord @Dazren#8004

    Thank you for your time, have a nice day! :D

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