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    Would it be possible to bring back the old End Portal rendering (where if you look in different positions, you see different parts of the void the End Portal contains) using a resource pack? The new rendering... makes me a little nauseous.

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    Last Updated: 1/31/13
    cole2's World: Survival Server
    Hey! It's the Nether Trio! (DrRelling, TNTminator, firemaster47)
    A demonstration on the colors of portals.
    Me with a buddy. And I slice myself in the head. :3 (DrRelling, Collin3301)

    Oh, look! We made a bedroom near a portal!

    He got griefed! :angry:
    Technic 1.0
    ._. everything's on fire.
    I see stars XD
    Mushroom House
    LOL Nostalgia!In the sky and in space...It's a giant chicken I tell you! A GIANT CHICKEN!
    A tower made by myself! (feat. Humans + Faction Flag)

    Little Maids Mod

    Minecraft: The N00b Adventures Server
    Townington pictures:
    Gaylord_Steambath's Sky Dome:

    Not so friendly to me...

    The arena where jailed people fight for their freedom. (I don't wanna die!!!)

    My hometown, The Village:

    It's my house!

    Other pictures:
    Showing off my cape:

    Is Chell on top of a barn? o_o

    This is the top of the tower of Gaylord Steambath

    New Year's Day

    Project Ares Server:

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    (NOTE: I didn't read the replies, so I MAY be repeating someone.)
    New Method Of Anti-Grief:
    /gamerule mobGriefing 0
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