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    Thanks for the reply. I am still around and modding, however this mod hasn't gotten very much love over the years. I started work on "More Swords 3" which is a conceptual remake to make the mod more fun and interesting, however this remake has taken a lot longer than I expected. I've recently announced in an update to the main thread that I will be working on More Swords: Legacy, which will be a direct port of the existing version for those who have nostalgia for the current version of the mod. I am hoping to release Legacy some time before the end of June. It will be released on CurseForge, and I will be announcing the update on Twitter when it happens.

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    I am really sad to hear that the forums will be archived and closed soon. This place played a really important part of my teenage years, and is also partly responsible for me pursuing my interests in software development.

    Thanks to everyone for the memories.


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    Hello everyone o/

    With the Minecraft Forums going into an archived state, I felt it was fitting to leave you all with one last update. To start things off, I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who used my mods and took a chance on them. I started modding just over 9 years ago, with More Swords being the first one I released publicly. Back then I was a young kid with no programming experience. I've since grown a lot as both a person and a developer. I believe that modding and the Minecraft Forums are both partly responsible for me pursuing the field of Software development, and I am very thankful for that.

    Before I end this farewell, I want to announce More Swords: Legacy, which is a new and upcoming project I will be releasing. Legacy is going to be a faithful remake of More Swords 2 for newer versions of the game, along with support for mods like Just Enough Items, and Enchantment Descriptions. I changed a lot of things in More Swords 3, to balance the mod and make the content more interesting. While I stand by those changes and plan to continue working on it, I also understand that some of you just want the nostalgia of the original version. I will be releasing this project to CurseForge when it is ready, and I will be announcing it on Twitter.

    If you would like to continue following me and my projects, I have a Twitter and a public Discord server. You can also find all of my mods on CurseForge.

    So long everyone, it's been a good run. o/

    More Swords Mod provides a magnificent chain of lustrous new swords that expound upon the foundation of Minecraft weaponry. Razor sharp swords of magic as well as stronger, more practical blades!


    All texture packs listed here are not maintained by myself and may be out of date. Issues should be reported to the respectful pack author and not to myself or this thread. If you have made a resource pack addon for this mod and would like it featured here please send me a private message.

    Myserieden 32X by Myserieden (Download Author)

    Sphax PureBD Add-on by PantherX (Download Author)

    MeinKraft Add-on by BlauMannLP (Download Author)

    Dokucraft Add-on by Prophecy_Wrecker (Download Author)

    Faithful Add-on by Dangeresque486 (Download Author)

    Sword Info

    Dawn Star
    Durability: 1286

    Vampiric Blade
    Durability: 812

    Durability: 645

    Draconic Blade
    Durability: 1089

    Eye End Blade
    Durability: 1580

    Crystaline Blade
    Durability: 570

    Glacial Blade
    Durability: 680

    Aether's Guard
    Durability: 1796

    Wither Bane
    Durability: 1869

    Damage: X99999
    Durability: 9999999


    Ignite: This enchantment will set damaged mobs on fire doing damage equal to that of the enchantment level. If a creeper is hit it with this effect it will instantly go into ignition mode. This enchantment has a cap of three levels and can only naturally be applied to the Dawn Star.

    Sparks: This enchantment will do 3 fire damage to every mob within 2.4 blocks of the target mob will be set on fire. Both the target mob and the user of the effect will not be set on fire however nearby players can be set ablaze. This enchantment has a cap of 1 level and can only be naturally applied to the Dawn Star.

    Feast: This enchantment has a chance to restore 0-3 durability when a mob is hit. The amount restored is multiplied by the level of the enchantment. The cap for this enchantment is level three and can only be naturally applied to the Vampiric Blade.

    Vitality: This enchantment will consume 256 durability when used and in turn give the user several buffs such as regen, insta health and extra hearts. This enchantment has a cap of 1 level and can only be naturally applied to the Vampiric Blade.

    Venomous Aspect: This enchantment will poison target mob. The effect will last for seconds equivalent to the level of the effect. It's worth noting that many vanilla mobs such as spiders, zombies and skeletons can not be poisoned rendering this effect useless. This enchantment has a level cap of 3 and can only be naturally applied to the Gladiolus.

    Absorb: This enchantment has a 5% chance to restore 0-2 hunger points when a mob is hit. This enchantment has a level cap of one and can only be naturally applied to the Gladiolus.

    Keen Edge: This enchantment increases the damage of the sword by 1 for each level of the effect. This enchantment has a level cap of three and can only be naturally applied to the Draconic Blade.

    Scorn: This enchantment will double the damage of the sword by 2 when used in dimensions other than the surface world. This enchantment has a level cap of one and can only be naturally applied to the Draconic Blade.

    Ender Pulse: This enchantment will warp the player where they are looking when used. This effect has a range of 18 blocks per level. This enchantment will damage the item by 50 points every time it is used. The player will also take 1 damage in fall damage. This enchantment has a level cap of three and can only be naturally applied to the Eye End Sword.

    Ender Aura: This enchantment has a 15% chance of activating when the player is hit. When activated the player will warp to a random mob within 30 blocks. This mob may not always be friendly. If no mob is found then the effect will be canceled. This enchantment has a level cap of one and can only be naturally applied to the Eye End Sword.

    Greed: This enchantment has a 7% chance, multiplied by the effect level, to drop 1-3 extra points of exp when a mob is hit. This effect has a level cap of 3 and can only be naturally applied to the Crystalline Blade.

    Wisdom: This enchantment does nothing, I accidently broke it. :/

    Frozen Aspect: This enchantment will slow damaged mobs for 3 seconds per level. This effect has a level cap of three and can only be naturally applied to the Glacial Blade.

    Frost Wave: This enchantment will slow mobs within 2.5 blocks of the target mob for 1.5 seconds. The target mob and the user will not be frozen however nearby players will feel the effect. This enchantment has a level cap of one and can only be applied naturally to the Glacial Blade.

    Ascension: This enchantment will propel targeted mobs upwards into the air. Hit the mob before it hits the ground to make increase the launch aspect of the effect exponential amount. This enchantment has a level cap of three and can only be applied naturally to the Aether's Guard.

    Descension: This enchantment will cause the player to fall at a much slower rate than normal. To activate the effect press and hold shift. This enchantment has a level cap of one can can only be applied naturally to the Aether's Guard.

    Consuming Shadows: This enchantment will blind the target mob for 1.5 seconds. There is also a 12% chance that the wither effect will be applied for a second. The values for this effect are increased with every level. This enchantment has a level cap of three and can only be applied naturally to the Wither's Bane.

    Decay: This enchantment will apply the wither effect to the target mob for just under 4 seconds. This enchantment has a level cap of one and can only be applied naturally to the Wither's Bane.

    Stealth: This enchantment will cause the player to become invisible when activated. Unlike the potion of invisibility this effect will not give off particles and has no time limit or duration. To toggle this on or off simply right click with the sword. It's worth noting that swords and armor will still be visible while this effect is enabled. This effect has a level cap of one but can not be obtained naturally and is linked with the Adminium Ark.

    Extinction: This enchantment will kill all mobs on the map that are an instance of the target mob. For exam ple if you break a vanilla boat using this effect, all vanilla boats on the map should be deleted. This effect will not target players. This effect has a level cap of one but can not be obtained naturally and is linked with the Adminium Ark

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Does this mod work on servers?
    A: Yes this mod is designed to work with the client, lan and server in mind. It should also work with Cauldron.

    Q: I am getting a crash with this mod, what should I do?
    A: Please make a comment containing a copy the logs and upload them to a text sharing site like hastebin, or alternatively paste it in a forum spoiler. Sadly Minecraft and modding in general is not as stable as we would all like and these types of issues come up every now and then.

    Q: Can you add a sword or enchantment that does _____________?
    A: I am constantly looking for new ideas that can be added to the mod. If you have a suggestion feel free to leave a comment with your idea.

    Legal And Mod Packs

    This mod is provided as is without any warranty. The source code for this mod is made publicly available on GitHub and is free for anyone to use for the purpose of learning, you may not compile the code of this project and include it within your own project without advanced written permission from myself, you also may not distribute modified copies of the project or parts of the project without my permission. You may not host files related to this project on your site without permission from myself.

    Modpacks:If you would like to distribute this mod in a mod pack you may do so as long as the pack meets the three requirements. If the following criteria are met you can publish your pack with out getting a direct pm for me. I have the right to change this in the future however that is not likely to happen. If you need proof of permission for this mod you may screenshot this spoiler.

    -The pack is not distributed behind an ad site such as adfly or adfoc and is not being sold or used to generate profit. Packs may sell their own brand name merchandise such as clothes without breaking this rule.(example FTB store)

    -The pack site or page includes a public list to all of the mods within the pack as well as credit to the mod authors and links to their respective page(s). (Donations/Twitter/Patreon/Website/Forum page)

    -The pack has permission to use every mod contained within the pack.


    Starils: The original author of More Swords Mod.
    The DNSTechpack: Hosting my downloads and always being there for me.
    Thisguy1045: Artist of several textures within the mod.
    VydaX: Artist of several other textures within the mod.
    InsectKing142: Artist of the Dawn Star

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    Wawla is a Minecraft mod that greatly expands upon the functionality of Waila. Wawla provides users with a lot of various bits of information to help improve the over all modded experience. Wawla aims to document the vanilla game, and also bridge the gap between Waila and many other popular Minecraft mods. You can find extensive documentation for this mod on my site.


    This mod requires Minecraft Forge, NEI and Waila to run.


    Due to the extensive amount of features included within Wawla, I have had to move documentation over to my own website. My site is frequently being updated with the new features, and will reflect the features within the mod as soon as updates are released.

    Questions and Answers:

    Q: What does this mod do?

    A: This mod is an addon for Waila. The purpose of this mod, and Waila, is to give players a tooltip which contains information about the block the player is currently looking at. These mods can be extremely helpful when playing with a heavily modded minecraft modpack. Due to the enormous amount of features within Wawla, I have had to move documentation to my own website.

    Q: Will this mod work on servers?
    A: Both Wawla and Waila take advantage of client and server code. If Wawla is installed on your server, users that use the Wawla mod will receive much more accurate information. Wawla is a client-side optional mod, meaning that if it is installed on your server, players will not need it to connect, however they will need it if they want to use the features it provides.

    Q: When on a server some information is wrong or missing, what's wrong?
    A: This is an issue related to how data is synchronized in minecraft. When a player is on a server, the only data given to that player is what the server considers necessary. Because of this, some information may be missing or wrong, if the server does not have this mod installed.

    Q: Can you add support for the _______ mod / Can you add _______ feature?
    A: I would love to add more support and features. If you have a suggestion make sure to leave it in the comments and I will see what I can do!

    Q: What is your stance on mod packs?
    A: Please read my section on modpacks.

    Legal and Modpacks:

    This mod is provided as is without any warranty. The source code for this mod is made publicly available on GitHub and is free for anyone to use for the purpose of learning. If you would like to include this mod as part of a Mod Pack you may do so without obtaining written permission from myself, provided the following criteria are met.

    • The pack is not distributed behind an ad site such as afly or adfock, or being sold.
    • The pack site/page has a publicly visible list of all mods within the pack, and specific credit is given to all of the mod authors.
    • The pack has permissions to use every other mod already within the mod pack.

    Darkhax - Lead developer and maintainer of the Wawla mod.
    ProfMobius - Lead developer of Waila and MCP team member.
    Lclc98 - Several small contributions to early versions of the code base.
    Ghostrec35 - For helping with some ASM stuff.

    Additional Thanks:
    The Pixelmon Team - For being friendly and supporting of Wawla.
    Adaptivity - For helping with the translations.
    ViKaleidoscope - For helping out with the translations.
    Mrkwtkr - For helping out with the translations.
    Dmod - For helping me out with the gradle scripts.
    Tterrag - For being friendly and keeping things good between Wawla and WailaPlugins

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    It's been such a long time since I've checked this place out! So many old faces, and also a lot of new ones x)

    For those who haven't met me, or just don't remember, I was 15 when I joined as a moderator for the mapping and modding section in late 2013. I retired in late 2016, almost on the same day I joined! I retired for a few reasons, the biggest being the trouble of balancing life, school, all my mods, and moderating.

    A surprising amount has happened in the year or so since I retired. I've launched roughly 25 new mods on CurseForge, and it has basically become my full time job. I've also helped build MCModDev (MMD) Discord server, which currently has over 1700 members. A lot of my work with MMD overlaps what I regularly do with mod development, so It's surprisingly not as big of a time drain as I thought it would be, although it has it's rough spots.

    The biggest change of all though, is probably Jared. Him and I started dating seven months ago. I normally don't do long term or serious relationships, in fact this is my first one. So it's all new and weird lol. He's a modder like me, he maintains CraftTweaker and ModTweaker mostly, but also does a bunch of misc stuff. He was once pretty active on here so some of you may know him, wouldn't surprise me if he had an infraction or two ;p

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    There are currently no hooks allowing you to put your plant in the vanilla flower pot. LexManos has suggested before that this will likely never be added to Forge. As for the model, you need to change the render type. Look in the class of any block which uses that model, and search for something like getRenderType which returns an integer. This is used to change block models in 1.7.10.

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    Most people dig out the floor of the spawner and place water blocks there. You can use flowing water to push the zombies into a single location. From there, most people will create a water elevator that lifts the mobs up 22-23 blocks and then drop them down. Mobs will automatically jump if they are in water, so if you have a pattern of water and air/sign blocks you can get them to float up without suffocating them. The point of the drop is that it lowers their health to 1 to 2 health, allowing you to hit them with a sword for exp and drops. There are other designs where people use potions of healing or tnt to kill the zombies.

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    Hello, I am Darkhax. Some of you may already be familiar with me through some of the mods I have worked on, and others may know me from my work as a moderator on the forums. I have been developing Java applications and Minecraft mods for over five years now, and over that period of time I have created a lot of tools and resources for other developers to use. It's been several years since I have dedicated time to writing in depth tutorials, however with the rise of 1.9 I feel this is the perfect opportunity to start writing tutorials again. If you have any questions or requests please feel free to comment on this post. Please do not send me emails or private messages with modding questions, I would like to keep my private messages open for moderation related messages and business related messages.

    1.9.4 Tutorials

    1.9.4 Resources

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do you use tutorials.darkhax.net and not the Minecraft Forums?

    While the Minecraft Forums has an editor with a lot of features, it lacks some features that are essential to my tutorials. These features being the ability to add code highlights, and the ability to add raw HTML into my posts. The forum editor can also be unreliable if you edit your post a bunch of times. Using my own site also allows me to track how many readers I have, and get a rough idea of what countries they are from.

    I have an idea for a tutorial, can you please make it?

    I am definitely open to suggestions for tutorials, however it takes a fair bit of time to research and write each tutorial. I also want to avoid basic tutorials like "How to make a new Item" or "How to make a new Stair Block". Another thing I want to avoid is highly specific tutorials that would only be useful to a few people. If you are looking for a tutorial on something weird and new, I am definitely the right person to ask.

    What are some of the mods you have worked on?

    I currently have an extremely long list of mods that I have worked on, but I do have a few which may be noticeable. Wawla is an addon for Waila and Enchanting Plus which is a new approach to the enchantment table. I also make a few random mods like Additional Banners which adds some new banner designs and Tesla which is a modern approach to a cross mod power API.

    How can I help you?

    The best way you can help me out is by sharing my tutorials with your friends. By using links to my site in forum post responses and social media you help improve the ranking of my site in various search engines. The more traffic my site gets, the easier it will be to maintain and cover the associated costs. Another way to help me out is to add darkhax.net to your adblock white-list if you use one. The ads on my site are meant to be unobtrusive and family safe. If you really want to support me you can sponsor me on Patreon.

    Special Note

    If my tutorials help you with your mod, please consider sending me some screenshots of what you added. I is very encouraging as a tutorial writer to directly see how my tutorials are impacting the community. I have already received a few screenshots and shutouts on Twitter and it really fills me with determination. <3

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    I didn't bring this up earlier, perhaps I should have though. While it's nice to use Curse Voice because it's an in house product, I personally much prefer Discord. While Curse's info-graphic shows Curse as being the better option, we all know that it is highly biased, and doesn't accurately represent any of the alternatives.

    • Discord can provide clear audio with up to 30% packet loss.
    • Discord has a much cleaner UI, the UI for Curse is cluttered, and filled with a bunch of irrelevant things that make it much harder to navigate.
    • Curse chat is really messy, group chats are mixed directly into your contact list, with no intuitive way to separate them. I have been using the favorite feature to have my groups in a different list.
    • Discord has been much more open with the community. The actual developers are frequently talking about what they are working on publicly. They even discuss suggestions and feedback on reddit on a near daily basis. Not to mention the entire Bot/API scene which they have been great about. Curse on the other hand is generally a stone wall with little to no discussion about anything. Curse in general is really bad about discussion and feedback, there are several things that nearly every dev asked for during the MC CurseForge beta, and several years later are still in the land of soon(tm).
    • Curse Voice seems to have quite a few weird bugs. I have had my muted channel list be cleared twice now since we have made the switch. At this point I have just given up on being able to efficiently use CurseVoice for communicating with others.

    While it might be selfish for me to complain about, using Curse Voice for forum communication has been a very negative experience so far. I honestly believe that using IRC was much more efficient.I already have the Curse Voice app installed because of my projects on CurseForge, however I have been trying to use it as little as I possibly can.

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    MCreator is very limiting in terms of what it will allow you to do. You can probably create this effect by writing the code yourself, however the redstone wire code is in no way simple. If you want to do something complex like redstone wire you should learn how to code and write the mod yourself. If you insist on using MCreator, you will have much better luck using their forums.

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