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    posted a message on Can't start a lan world. Failed to open via UPnP error.

    Running 1.12.2 Java edition (modded and unmodded), windows 10, firewall on and off, allowed minecraft, discovery on and off, network set to private and public, can ping other computers on the network. Other computer(running win8) can start LAN worlds. Any ideas of what else to check?

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    posted a message on Anyone know where the crash files for windows 10 is stored?

    I checked with google after not finding a second minecraft folder in roaming. Turns out it's in local folder. But no dice for finding the crash logs in there and I couldn't find anyone asking before. I crash every 20-30 minutes and just would like to see what is happening when that happens.

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    posted a message on Using Lily Pads to Grow Lily Flowers [with concept image]
    Quote from Coalshower»

    Yeah I mean, how would that hurt right? And I am pretty sure that:

    Lapis Lazuli = Sapphire
    Sapphire = Gem
    Gem = Magic

    And that means, Lapis should not be for aesthetics, but more on for magic.

    How in the world does Lapis Lazuli equal not Lapis Lazuli? More importantly, how did you get a metamorphic rock blend to equal a crystal.

    Side note more of an opinion;
    Lapis has been used to make Ultramarine dye for at least 500 years, so it being used for magic instead of aesthetics is very confusing.
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    posted a message on Low FPS minecraft, new launcher, low RAM and CPU usage.

    Out of no where minecraft has 10~20 FPS(months ago). The RAM is between 150-300 of 1011 MB (ram usage is below 60 for entire machine) and CPU is 50-70 sometimes it spikes to 80%. The issue is got those kinds of numbers running modded clients (30-50 mods), while running a server from the same machine i was playing on. Server had two people.

    It's not related to the new launcher as i was running the server from the new launcher, no texture packs, just one day low fps.

    I've tried uninstalling\reinstalling; minecraft, java, drivers, restarting computer, ccleaner, manual cleaning, defragging, virus checking, restoring to previous points blow air into the laptop, and updating everything (tried optifine no changes).

    When i install mods the FPS drop even further eventually reaching 0, but the RAM and CPU don't change to match the FPS drop. i know it is unmodified help, but this is strange to me so i think it may help.


    Is there a way to force minecraft to use the ram and CPU that it is ignoring?

    Does anyone know what program i can use to view GPU speeds while i use minecraft, instead of testing the speeds.

    Any other advice ideas.

    System details.

    Toshiba satellite C855

    Intel pentium CPU B790 @ 2.30 2.30

    Ram 4.00 GB

    64 bit OS Windows 7 home premium.

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    posted a message on [1.6.2] [ADV/RPG] Amidst the Clouds

    Two criticisms;

    The gamemode and rules button (IMO) should be moved closer to the spawn; I changed my gamemode, went to hollow woods, collected a mushroom, two books, traded with villagers, and killed several spiders before I noticed the lower level, had i not i would never have found it.

    The villagers push each other off the edge of map. I recommend putting a fence around the top of the first world.

    Also is there supposed to be a nameless librarian under the first island?

    Aside from that amazing map, too bad i have to redownload to finish the side quests.

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    posted a message on [ADV] Eronev Mansion Adventure [1,000,000+ Downloads!] 1.9 Verified. The Classic Pumpkin Adventure.
    //i.imgur.com/Oc1cM5v.png" width="" height="" alt="" />" align="" class="cs_aimg_">I won't find all the Gold? I ended up with three extra blocks and 4 ingots.I managed to keep the button from the last room of the pyramid, found a protection II golden pants off a zombie, Ben's diary, and Mechanics redstone torch, the rest should be obivous. There is a few of places still in the map I could easily jump over, A main one being, you can throw a ender pearl down a hole in a bedrock box, accessed from the mansion in the best ending area, get the gold from there, use a creeper to blow a hole in the wall of the mansion, and go out the back way , go to the Forest out post and jump over to to the best ending.I was thinking of doing a creative run through make sure i got everything, but I feel I got enough stuff.I played the Complete V1.2 So I'm not sure if these things are fixed.
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