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    AFAIK some shaders for Optifine can do that (partially).

    I also made a mod called light overhaul for that back then (1.7.10 only), but it's everything but stable. Lightning is difficult.

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    New version with major rewrite is out! I could need some testers for the new features.

    Major features:

    • Easier to use backend, might have introduced a few bugs. Should make porting the mod to new MC versions a lot easier.
    • Sunlight can be colored now, for example when using stained glass blocks as windows (does not yet work when light shines on the glass from the top. But be aware that white sunlight overrides the colored sunlight, so you need to close off an area with stained glass.
    • Of course stained glass also colors torches, glowstone and so on!
    • Bigger lightsources! 32 blocks instead of just 16. For now they don't have a crafting recipe, so creative only. They might be reworked later on, but they work already.

    There are a few known issues at https://github.com/DarkShadow44/CptsModdingLight/issues, but apart from them, please tell me errors you encounter!

    Downloads are now at CurseForge: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/light-overhaul

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    Quote from Robijnvogel»

    C 1.7.10 is a good start, but you should know that a large portion of the modded community has moved on to MC 1.12.2 by now. So if you want it to be used, added to modpacks and get up-to-date modding help from the community, a more recent Minecraft version might be preferable. ;)

    That being said, good luck!

    Thank you! I'm aware that 1.7.10 is ancient by now, but there's still a lot of mods which are not updated to 1.12.2 by now - and maybe never will. So for the meantime I'll stay on 1.7.10. That said, for 1.12.2 a rewrite would be necessary, and I simply don't have the time and reason to do that (for now).

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    Colored Light For Minecraft!
    Please do not report mod-rendering issues to other
    Mod Developers. Thank you!

    What is this?

    This is a custom continuation of https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding-java-edition/minecraft-mods/wip-mods/1445251-1-7-10-beta-wip-colored-light-progress-and.

    No idea how long I'll keep at it, but some fixes are certain.

    Downloads and Source

    Downloads are on CurseForge:


    Found a bug? Want to Chat?

    Please report bugs and requests in this thread or at https://github.com/DarkShadow44/CptsModdingLight/issues

    If you wish to report a bug with the mod, please be sure to include...

    • The version of the ColoredLightCore (CLC) you are using
    • The version of Forge you are using
    • The crash report (preferrably via Pastebin) generated by the error
    • Depending on the error, an image of the problem

    Also, DO NOT INCLUDE 100 MODS IN YOUR CRASH REPORT! If you have a mod conflict, please find the offending mods before submitting a bug report. I'd like to hear about the crash, and we can look at the issues on a close basis...

    Original Post

    px]Colored Light For Minecraft!

    What is this?

    Colored light has been well sought after, highly debated, and a seemingly complex addition to Minecraft.
    Lot's of people have claimed it's impossible, hard to do, or won't run well.

    I hereby provide a counter example:

    I've been working for quite some time, and there are progress posts littered about the forums.
    This post will serve as a center point to refer to. If you want to see my progress, stick around and I'll be sure to keep you up to date on my progress.

    What is this trying to accomplish?

    I am trying to add three separate channels of colored lighting within blocks, so that they appear to spread around and mix Red, Green, and Blue channels!

    1. Obviously the mod needs to operate at a high level of efficiency, otherwise it won't run well. We're paying close attention to our state of efficiency, and love hearing feedback on your experience here!
    2. All blocks that produce light will still behave the same! Torches will still have a light value of 14, but they may be colored differently. Same with redstone torches. Same lightvalue, but their color may look a little different after you install this mod!
    3. Worlds that use colored light will remain backwards compatible with vanilla Minecraft. (except for the missing Block ID's from the now absent colored lights) We aren't trying to ruin your save, or anything like that. (Please make backups though. If you accidentally lose your save because of a mistake we made, we can't do much to fix it, so make backups just to be sure)

    Now, I must immediately say that while this mod relies on base Minecraft edits, We've been writing this in the Forge Environment. Forge has allowed us to test the lighting methods, while also giving us easier access to the Decompiled Minecraft source. The mod will likely stay as a Forge Mod for the rest of it's existence

    After having several conversations, this will most likely stand as a separate, stand-alone API, much like the CodeChickenCore. I might be able to get some help with a couple of method hooks in Forge, but they aren't necessary. The API can be used relatively easily.

    How does this work?

    We added three 4-bit color components for each block (bit crammed in a block's the lightvalue field) These three channels represent a blocks Red, Green, and Blue light.

    With this simple change came a great number of problems with things that weren't expecting extra bits of information in the lightvalue, so we went through, and edited all of the methods that weren't happy. This coremod is a collection of edits to two primary systems:
    The Vanilla Lighting Engine - To now support color, and the spreading of color
    The Rendering Engine - To render the color on top of your favorite blocks!

    Why choose RGB over Y'CbCr?

    RGB tinting is already implemented. I simply used what Minecraft was expecting. While it uses more RAM and packet chatter, it was the easiest way to start thinking about the whole project. I am not opposed to moving to a more compact data system that uses the already existing vanilla brightness, but It's not a high priority on the list at the moment.

    edit: When it's all said and done, OpenGL speaks RGB. I think I'm going to keep it, over Y'CbCr, simply because it works already ^.^

    If you happen to know how to rewrite computeLightByType and updateLightByType using Y'CbCr while keeping all of the functionality, go right ahead! I'm very open to this idea, and a pull request accomplishing this task would be a welcome addition. All credit will be given where it's due.

    What about performance?

    Well, we know that performance is of top concern, however you can't go about a project like this without impeding some performance somewhere. Currently, the two large areas that were modified have become slightly more complex.

    The Lighting Engine takes a bit longer to spread light values around - I've written a brand new one from scratch to stay as efficient as possible!

    The Rendering Engine now implements a custom Vertex and Fragment Shader to place color over other vertexes. This was an easy way for us to write it "one time" and have it apply to a lot of places all at once. This is a cause for some mod conflicts, as the shader core and other "shader themed" mods may conflict directly, and there are also rendering mishaps when you load this mod with other custom blocks, such as the chisel mod.

    That's right... OpenGL 2.1 is used heavily. This means that while we share the same OpenGL requirement that Minecraft has... we may stop on a graphics adaptor here or there (looking at YOU intel) because we simply use a couple more things in the OpenGL 2.1 toolkit that Minecraft doesn't use itself.

    Overall, if you have some sort of GPU, then the core won't be a huge hit to performance, but if it is, try running fast lighting and see if it improves. Feel free to post in the forums about your change in performance. I'm interested in what you have to say!

    If you have a lot of trouble, I'm trying to make sure that I stay compatible with Optifine and Fastcraft, (and I honestly recommend that you run those mods anyway). You'll be able to reclaim some of the frams you lose here, while maintaining the rainbow!

    So why isn't it out of Beta yet?

    There is a ton of work to do. I have several bugs that I have to hunt still, and a lot more functionality I'd like to add! Again, it's still a work in progress. Feel free to hang around, and discuss what you see. What you like and what you don't like, and I'll be sure to hang around myself and answer what I can!

    Current TODO list:

    1. There are still a couple Lighting Engine bugs lying around - I know of a few, and if you can repeat a couple steps that break how lights show up in your world, I want to hear about it!
    2. A significant amount of mod and rendering conflicts - A couple of which break the GLstate... so I need to clean up my end before a formal release.
    3. Rave Lights - nuff said

    Special Thanks:

    • TheMogMiner implemented his own Colored Lights before, then was hired by Mojang! Having gotten lost in some implementation, he stepped in and was incredibly helpful! Thank you for helping out the project when I was stuck!
    • Heaton84... for pretty much anything that just happened with the 1.7.2 update! Thank you for your time and effort put into getting this project along with the new systems!
    • Murray, for basically everything in 1.7.10 on the rendering side of things. He showed up with a couple of pull requests, and then made a whole bundle of nice additions with his work in the Shader! Give him a huge thanks for his work on the new system.
    • Nocte's shown some interest and has supplied incredibly helpful knowledge about Minecraft's internal workings.
    • Kovu's been around and has helped out with a bit of testing, and his knowledge of Git was quite nice to have on hand. A major contributor for the ASM packaging. Thank him for the easy installation of the core mod!
    • StraightDigger and I've been pming each other quite a bit, and we discuss where the mod's going, and how it might behave. Expect to see excerpts from our conversations show up as answers to any questions you might have!
    • Xeronut has been on the up and up testing out everything, and maintaining this incredibly impressive list of compatible mods. Thank you so much for your time and effort! A list like that is incredibly helpful!
    • A quick shout out to Galatic Muffin and the Colored Glass/Light Forum thread. If you haven't seen that, make sure to check it out!
    • Avarisc and Glitchfinder have been working together on the smooth lighting side of things. While their work has come and gone, they did a ton of amazing work, and deserve a lot of credit for it here!

    Latest ColoredLightsCore for Minecraft Forge 1.7.10 - Does not run with Forge 1339 or later.
    Moved to Curse! - https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/colored-light-core

    Warning: Make Backups before you go running this please.

    List of Mod Compatibility:

    Recent Notes:

    • Optifine should work
    • ShaderCore is not happy at all.... and I don't know where to begin. Hopefully, someone can help me out here.
    • Atomicstryker's DynamicLights are almost compatible, but they cause update bugs (which I need to fix) and the lights aren't colorful due to his implementation. Hopefully I can do something about this.
    • On that note: The lighting engine will cause a hiccup or two once in a while... If you see something weird, just break a block, or place a light to cause another light update. If you found something that's repeatable, and you don't like it, report it as a bug!
    • Colored Glowstone spawns in the nether now!
    • Rave lights don't randomly change colors... nor do they light up at all... I intend to do something fancy here... but I need to sit down and learn a bit more about OpenGL before I can do anything like that
    • "Black Lights" were fixed recently! Let me know if you find anymore!

    Expect bugs, and poor performance. And have fun!

    Old Versions:

    These are not worth running, but are here by popular request...
    1.2.2 - http://www.mediafire.com/download/x78xmp5912tg8er/ColoredLightsCore-1.2.2.jar
    1.2.1 - http://www.mediafire.com/download/r3k45h8a845yt13/ColoredLightsCore-1.2.1.jar - http://www.mediafire.com/download/j5thct8w1h2ctsm/ColoredLightsCore- - http://www.mediafire.com/download/wgp9hcygwd13vpq/ColoredLightsCore[].jar - http://tinyurl.com/n6wq9vj - http://tinyurl.com/k5eekds

    *Reporting bugs old versions will most likely incur a brief response saying that this is fixed. No I will not port features down to old versions. Please enjoy the mod for what it's worth, but refrain from posting bugs from incomplete work.
    Thank you

    Where's the Source?

    If you want to see the code, or are interested in working or offering advice, go ahead and PM me. We have the code set up as a Git Repository, and it can be applied to an FML/MCP workspace.


    More Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/jSnQy

    Forum Signatures:
    We've got some awesome Signatures courtesy of StraightDigger. Make sure to give him a +1 for the awesomeness!


    Head to My Settings->Signature, then click "Toggle Editing Mode"

    Paste the code you want in there, and enjoy!

    Texture Packs:
    We've got some awesome texture packs for those who want something a little different!
    Here's one that has high resolution 128x128 stone-looking textures for all of the blocks

    Credit: Schlingman

    And this one does a great job by adding 15 high resolution Lamp Textures that look a bit like SPHAX would!

    Credit: Ruyan

    Found a bug? Want to Chat?

    Post here in the forums if you have a crash report, and I can read through it when I can. Feel free to ask any sort of question, and we also registered an IRC channel on espernet! So feel free to hop in #ColoredLightCore if you get a chance, or need some more help.

    If you wish to report a bug with the mod, please be sure to include...

    • The version of the ColoredLightCore (CLC) you are using
    • The version of Forge you are using
    • The crash report (preferrably via Pastebin) generated by the error
    • Depending on the error, an image of the problem

    Also, DO NOT INCLUDE 100 MODS IN YOUR CRASH REPORT! If you have a mod conflict, please find the offending mods before submitting a bug report. I'd like to hear about the crash, and we can look at the issues on a close basis... But I'm tired of reading through mile long logs filled with clutter.


    I don't think I'm going to work on this mod very much anymore.

    I will continue maintaining the git-repo, and I'll make sure the build server stays up... If anyone submits a PR, or wants to develop/make changes to the mod in a significant way, the door is wide open. I'll review code to the best of my ability, and make sure things stay the same, but I simply don't have any motivation to spend hours of my life learning Java + ASM.

    Since many of you may not know what that is... I'll try to give you guys a 2 second low-down:
    Minecraft by itself doesn't have colored lights... or any ability to color lights in its unmodded state. So my job is to stop Minecraft from loading, grab the classes that handle light calculations, light data, world saves, etc, and modify them. This modification is usually hacky to some extent, and requires a deep understanding of how Minecraft's rendering pipeline works, as well as interactions between modified classes, and the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). There are some libraries that can help modders make changes like I was doing: (ASM) And I was able to use Forge to create a Core-Mod that would alter Minecraft as it was loaded into RAM.

    If everything works, you get to see colors, and your worlds are STILL backwards compatible.

    The issues that I kept on running into are twofold.

    1.) I don't know ASM that well... and how I need to use it to satisfy the JVM... It's a LOT of guess + check. Doing simple things like adding variables could take me hours if I didn't know what was going wrong. Here are the 17 lines of code that set the default sunlight color variable in the world class. It's not simple stuff... and writing that kind of code isn't fun for me either. I'm sure there are better ways of doing it... and I simply don't want to find out anymore.

    2.) I don't know NEARLY enough about OpenGL. At first, I wasn't using much of OpenGL to add color to the world, but it became increasingly clear that I'd need delve into OpenGL and shaders to get everything to work. I don't have a clear understanding still... Murray and a couple others were able to start the implementation, and we got most of it working. So while I can see what's going on in the current setup, I don't know how to rewrite a "better shader" or fix the issues that currently exist in the pipeline. (This is what causes so many issues with Optifine and the ShaderCore)

    So... what does that mean?

    I'll make sure things compile. And I'll make sure to help anyone who wants to show up, and start turning wrenches and writing code. But... my interests have moved on. When Minecraft moves to C++ (the Windows 10 release thing), I might look at it again, but I don't need more Java right now... especially ASM + Java... It's not a very useful skill for what I do (embedded systems developer/engineer) and I'm sad I have to break it to you all. It hasn't been all bad, and I've had moments that were a TON of fun!

    I hope we can still be friends,



    The Colored Light Core shall hence forth be classified under the WTFPL.

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    Quote from lilggamegenuis

    1) ok you should PM the mod author so he can add or make a option for that
    2) i mean DarkShadow3 who was the original creator of ragmod for Gmod who has been offline for a couple years now
    this guy: http://facepunch.com...er.php?u=143314

    1) I already did, just waiting for a response.
    2) Ah I see. Well, no, I am not. :D
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    Quote from lilggamegenuis

    1 how would we add that into java?
    2 you wouldn't happen to be related to ds3, would you

    1) That's something the mod author must do. AFAIK Minecraft doesn't cull faces at all, and this code enable culling of front faces. You need front, I tested it in another program.
    2) What do you mean ? ds3 ? :huh:
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    Quote from lilggamegenuis

    just change the bone id to some other number with a pmd or pmx editor

    Yeah, that works, too. But the visual bugs are harder to fix. The mod doesn't cull faces, but the Lat models have a few faces which are black, but normally get culled because they you only see their back. The mod doesn't cull, so there are black strips in her face.
    Two options:
    1) in Hooks.java add "GL11.glEnable(GL11.GL_CULL_FACE);GL11.glCullFace(GL11.GL_FRONT);"
    2) delete the regarding vertices of the model
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    posted a message on Custom Steve Model Animations
    Just a small information, the Lat-Model doesn't work because it uses special RigidBody settings.
    Some of them are not linked to a bone, the bone ID is -1. Java interprets it as 65535 and crashes with an IndexOutOfBounds Exception (PmdLoader.java:readRigid).
    The program catches the Exception but skips a few lines - due to the missed code it crashes later with an NUllPointer Exception.

    If you fix that, it crashes in CS_Bullet.java in a few places, again IndexOutOfBounsException because of 65535.

    And once it doesn't crash anymore, the model get's loaded incorrectly. Don't know why, but it has some strange black artifacts in her face... :/
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    Why don't you just cheat them... ? <_<
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    posted a message on [Alpha] The Aether II: Genesis of the Void (The Festive Update! Presents, new companions, and more!)
    The industrialcraft addon nuclear control is causing this id conflict. Either adjust its config or the one of the aether II.
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    posted a message on [Alpha] The Aether II: Genesis of the Void (The Festive Update! Presents, new companions, and more!)
    It's still not for 1.6.4... only 1.6.2...

    I Keep crashing ): Maybe cuz Forge wont let this mod work with the others

    Well I have 127 mods, one of them is the aether. So no problem ;)
    Just post the crashlog and we can help you.
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    posted a message on If You Made a Mod Come Here!
    Yeah an it will take forever and a day until they find your thread...
    You HAVE to cantact them if you want to make a mod packet.
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