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    Hi guys! Im Dalandan and i'm looking to recruit members for a minecraft smp me and my friends are making. PLEASE READ THE FULL POST TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE SERVER

    How to Join the SMP:

    To join, you must first join the discord: https://discord.gg/R2yuN5bUrD. The IP of the server will be in the discord. After joining, you need to state your Minecraft username under the correct channel, and wait for any admin to add you to the whitelist. You will be contacted once you’re added. You are also encouraged to state your aternos name to be given access to start the server whenever it is online. More info about how to join will be in the proper discord channels. This server is currently brand new. Please be respectful to the members of the server. We are currently using aternos to host the server so apologies for any slight lag. We are planning on moving to a dedicated server hosting site once the server grows larger

    More about the SMP in question:

    Firstly, there is one main rule. NO HACKING! Next up, you create your own rules! In this server, there will be no 1 ruling entity. Server members are encouraged to create or join their own faction/community. Each community is encouraged to make their own rules regarding their members or to their community. A community will have jurisdiction wherever they set up a base. If other players break the rules of a certain community, they will be punished with a ban and removal from the whitelist. (Examples: Griefing and stealing is allowed on default, HOWEVER, if a certain faction specifies griefing or stealing is NOT allowed under their community, you are not allowed to steal or grief their bases. Breaking any rules will result in a BAN. Faction leaders are encouraged to take videos and screenshots for proof of any wrongdoing. To check the rules of a faction, go check their rules on the discord channel.)

    Mods in the SMP:

    There are a few, minor mods included in the server, usually with the purpose of improving the vanilla experiences. The mods under “Servers & Client” are REQUIRED to be downloaded to be able to play on the server. Mods under “Client Side Only” are not required, but ENCOURAGED to be downloaded. Server side only mods are not needed to be downloaded. If you don’t know how to download mods, there are tutorials that can help you in the discord server. The mods included in the server are:

    - Servers & Client: (Required to download)

    Serene Seasons

    Alex’s Mobs

    Buzzier Bees

    Extra boats

    Upgrade Aquatic

    Savage and ravage



    Vanilla Boom

    Abnormals Core (Dependant)

    Citadel (Dependant)

    - Client Side Only: (Encouraged to download but not required)




    Inventory Tweaks

    - Server Side Only: (No need to download)

    Quick Teleports

    Quick Homes


    Fast Leaf Decay

    Mods Download: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1C_84-b9fetvWCNrc49mE9aIkwKshVvD3

    See you there! :D

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